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Need To Know
Jack loves working the Federation timezone. You meet the most interesting people.
fandom:torchwood  fandom:startrek  character:captain_jack_harkness  length:10-15k  kink:interspecies 
march 2018 by bernards_books
Multi-Fandom Crossover Fanfiction Exchange - (Merlin/Torchwood) The Hamlet Effect for tania_sings
Summary: And so it came to pass that, on the third day of the second week of the sixth month of his time in Camelot, Jack Harkness came face to face with the Great Dragon for the first time.
fandom:merlin  fandom:torchwood  character:merlin  character:captain_jack_harkness  character:ensemble  genre:crossover  pairing:merlin/arthur  pairing:jack/ianto  rating:well_worth_reading  length:8-9k  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books
dw_cross: Doctor Who / Star Trek: Driftwood
Jack had a tendency to call the odds and ends that slipped sideways through the Rift “driftwood.” Most of these items were neither drifting nor wood, but it was an apt term nevertheless. Because, like driftwood, the items tended to come from the same shipwrecks, caught in the same eddies.
fandom:torchwood  fandom:startrek  character:captain_jack_harkness  character:ensemble  genre:gen  genre:crossover  rating:pretty_decent 
september 2011 by bernards_books
sam_storyteller: Condition of Release, 1/5
Summary: Jack has studied the Cybermen for forty years, and he's damned if he'll let one take any of his people away from him without a fight.
Notes: This was inspired by Tomb Of The Cybermen and The Invasion, two Classic Who episodes which indicate that Cybermen have the power to control human minds. The mythology of the Cybermen is complicated and contradictory, but a remarkable constant remains their desire, their need, for a human collaborator to ready the way for them.
fandom:torchwood  character:captain_jack_harkness  character:ianto_jones  genre:gen  genres:au  warnings:dark_themes  character:ensemble  rating:well_worth_reading  rating:3/5 
september 2011 by bernards_books

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