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Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts by unpretty
A DC universe where moms are awesome and raise their kids right. Now with more melanin and queerness. Also, Gotham's in Michigan and Metropolis is in Connecticut. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Fics are in chronological order but are all standalone.
fandom:dc_comics  fandom:batman  length:100k+(novel)  character:bruce_wayne  character:superman 
march 2017 by bernards_books
Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar! by julad
When Pete met Clark, Clark was eating his mother's daffodils. Pete was only three at the time, so he didn't know they were daffodils, but he did know that they tasted bad, and that Clark was gonna be in really big trouble.
fandom:dc_comics  fandom:superman  character:superman  genre:gen  length:2-3k  genre:outsider!pov 
march 2017 by bernards_books

Rather than being killed by Doomsday, Clark is badly wounded, and infected with kryptonite that has been corrupted via Doomsday's blood. In the aftermath of the fight, with nobody realising the extent of the damage, Clark and Bruce attempt to build something like a working friendship, with Bruce shrugging off the alterations in Clark's behaviour as post-traumatic reaction from having been nearly killed, until Clark, who has been giving in to urges to take what he really wants regardless of the cost to other people, decides to take something he's been wanting since the fight: Batman.
fandom:bvs  character:batman  character:superman  pairing:bruce/clark  warnings:dub-con  status:still_updating 
march 2017 by bernards_books
Sometimes I wish I could fly, Like a bird up in the sky - fresne - Superman (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the Racebending Challenge. For the challenge to depict a white character as a chromatic character, Kryptonians are black and Kal-El landed in Kansas in the Action Comic timeline.
Chapters include:
~In the heat of the summer, Kal-el wakes to himself.
~Lois Lane laughs with all the irony that her body can hold. Her body can hold a lot of irony.
~It's a party and Lois Lane's wearing the Justice boots.
~Diana peace-emissary would have no unspoken truths.
~Out of order chronologically (given the Diana story), but Kal and Lois participate in the March for Jobs and Freedom.
fandom:superman  character:superman  character:lois_lane  genre:racebending  rating:well_worth_reading  length:8-9k  rating:3/5 
june 2014 by bernards_books
Mithen - Series: Two Forms, One Soul
When Dick Grayson asks Clark Kent for help, Clark finds his old friend Bruce Wayne strangely changed. Can he unravel the mystery of Bruce's mysterious behavior--and his own inexplicable and sudden attraction to the man?
fandom:dc_comics  character:batman  character:superman  genres:au  pairing:bruce/clark  genre:vampires  rating:well_worth_reading  rating:3/5 
august 2012 by bernards_books
Seanchai -
So for tonight, a DC Toonverse/Smallville/Comics au snippet. Clark/Lex/Lois, because they'd make for a gloriously snarky OT3. Technically, this is part of a much larger AU that I may someday write more of, but this stands on its own.
fandom:dc_comics  character:superman  character:lex_luthor  character:lois_lane  pairing:clark/lex/lois  sub-genre:threesome  rating:pretty_decent 
september 2011 by bernards_books
Music of the Spheres
"The Music of the Spheres" is a series set in the combined universes of "Batman Begins" and "Superman Returns." It posits a situation where Superman and Batman are the only costumed heroes in the world, meeting for the first time. A few key notes:

--The series begins very shortly after "Superman Returns" (technically, the first meeting takes place in the middle of the movie) and shortly after Batman Begins--The series takes "Batman Begins" as its departure point. "The Dark Knight" was released after the series started, so those events don't happen as they do in the movies (in the case of Harvey Dent, they're quite different).
fandom:batman  fandom:superman  rating:pretty_decent  character:batman  character:bruce_wayne  character:superman  pairing:batman/superman 
september 2011 by bernards_books

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