Allie Vs The Giant Robot Shoplifters From Space
TFA. Ever wondered how the Decepticons find food for Professor Sumdac?
fandom:transformers  genre:gen  genre:outsider!pov  length:1-2k 
24 days ago
Birds of Passage
Lucifer is back in his Cage, but one averted Apocalypse doesn't mean much in the face of another, more human one. Sam Winchester, the Archangel Gabriel, and a man millennia out of his own time have wandered into a small Kansas town, where they get to deal with tree thieves, suspicious sheriffs, shady characters, political in-fighting, looming starvation, and the occasional pagan deity passing through. It's just one damn thing on top of another after The End of the World.
fandom:spn  character:sam_winchester  character:gabriel  pairing:sam/gabriel  fandom:jericho  genre:crossover  genre:apocalypse  length:50-100k(novella) 
27 days ago
Fic: i have a rendezvous with death
Harvie doesn't know what to make of the man who saved her, or his great, yellow-eyed hound, but one thing's for sure: there are stranger things in this rider-ridden world than haunts.

(Post-Apocalyptic SPN with an immortal Sam and Dean.)
fandom:spn  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  genre:gen  genres:au  genre:outsider!pov  genre:apocalypse 
27 days ago
Fic: There's Only One Sure Thing That I Know
Dean doesn't even get halfway through explaining before Bobby starts laughing. When he lets himself think about it for more than five seconds, Dean can almost see Bobby's point: he's faced down demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, angels, and Satan himself and now he's been defeated by the God damn Midwest.

(Dean gets stuck in Ohio with Castiel for 6 months and they get together)
fandom:spn  character:dean_winchester  character:castiel  pairing:dean/castiel  length:20-25k 
27 days ago
Transformers Liveblogs/Reviews
Bayformers Fan (CaptainSlayer) watches and reviews various Transformers series
fandom:transformers  reviews 
august 2018
A Hazy Shade of Blood and Breath - SleepsWithCoyotes - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Will Graham is called out to assess the most recent in a string of killings, but for once he can tell this is not the killer's design. The killer, super-impressed with this, follows him home. Now Will finds he needs a crash course in the care and feeding of brainwashed assassins, and thank god he has a former surgeon on speed dial, and also dogs. Because this situation clearly needs a lot of dogs.
fandom:marvel_universe  fandom:hannibal  genre:crossover  character:james_buchanan_barnes  character:will_graham  character:hannibal_lecter  status:still_updating 
march 2018
Human Nature
“The problem,” John said, “is that he really has no concept of money.”

Beside him at the table in the diner, Marie exchanged a long look with Akram. Tall and sturdily built, with a head of tawny, curly hair, Marie Sanchez had retired years before John had, going private with some security firm, where she was presumably finally paid what she was worth. Unlike John, who was in an old shirt and jeans, and Akram, who wore a tattered jacket over slacks, Marie was fashionably dressed. Nice clothes, cute bag. Big enough to hide a pistol, of course.

“You’re the only person in the world who could possibly think that’s a problem,” Akram finally said. It had been over a decade and a half since they’d first met, a lifetime ago in Afghanistan, and the translator didn’t look like he’d aged much. Just a little more silver in his sideburns against his solemn face. “You really haven’t changed, John.”
fandom:john_wick  character:john_wick  character:santino_d'antonio  pairing:john/santino  genres:au  length:30-35k 
march 2018
Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
A mysterious condition spreads among the Autobots and Decepticons, prompting the strangest truce in the history of the eons-long war.
fandom:transformers  character:ensemble  length:50-100k(novella)  genres:au  character:optimus_prime  character:megatron  character:ratchet 
march 2018
Hissing Fauna
Clint sighed again and scratched his head. “I can already tell you are going to be huge trouble,” he informed the kid, “But believe it or not I am not in this to make your life hard, or whatever. It’s just, this is some really intense stuff, and I don’t think--”
He was interrupted by an intense scoffing noise and no break in the stone mask of fury the kid’s face had become.
He tried again. “All I need is for you to tell me what you were doing with--” He was interrupted again, this time by the barest glint of some sharp object the kid was trying to use to cut through the bola ropes.
"Fuck it,” Clint decided, and just tranquilized him.
fandom:marvel_universe  fandom:dc_comics  character:clint_barton  character:damian_wayne  character:ensemble  genre:gen  genre:crossover  status:still_updating 
march 2018
The Exiled
Leia has tried everything to help her baby son. She has turned to every expert on the Force she knows-- all but one.

(Ben and Grandpa go camping)
fandom:star_wars  character:darth_vader  character:leia_organa  character:kylo_ren  genre:gen  genres:au  length:20-25k 
march 2018
A groundbridge accident strands Ratchet in an unfamiliar body in a world that is frighteningly familiar...and terrifyingly different. A misstep will mean death, still more so when Ratchet realizes that his 'accident' was anything but, and that the world he loves is in terrible danger.
fandom:transformers  character:ratchet  character:optimus_prime  character:ensemble  genres:au  pairing:optimus/ratchet  sub-genre:inter_dimensional_travel  length:10-15k 
march 2018
Rank Hath Its Privileges
Poe is undercover with the First Order, making good progress on his duties to the Resistance, but one of the privileges that officers in the First Order are expected to take advantage of is that of claiming a Stormtrooper for their bed.

FN-2187 knows he shouldn't have met the officer's eyes. Being chosen by an officer is the easiest way for a Stormtrooper to die.
fandom:star_wars  character:poe_dameron  character:finn  pairing:finn/poe  length:8-9k  genres:au 
march 2018
Next to him in the rented Buick, under the neon of a half-lit motel sign, Holden decides Bill Tench is just another thing to interrogate.
fandom:mindhunter  character:holden_ford  character:bill_tench  pairing:holden/bill  length:4-5k 
march 2018
Show You Where It's Dark
Holden's late night musings take an unexpected turn. He's never been good at keeping his mouth shut.
fandom:mindhunter  character:holden_ford  character:bill_tench  pairing:holden/bill  kink:dom/sub  length:1-2k 
march 2018
Heretic Pride
Like most Republic citizens, the Naberries have never spent much time thinking about the Jedi. But that changes with the birth of their daughter Ilaré.

(Or, the AU where the third Naberrie daughter is a Jedi, Padmé offers Naboo as a sanctuary for runaway slaves, Shmi is a conductor on the Tatooine freedom trail, and Anakin jump starts a reformation. Or maybe a heresy. It all depends on your point of view.)
fandom:star_wars  genre:gen  genres:au  character:anakin_skywalker  character:ensemble  status:still_updating 
march 2018
Long Nights
Cybertronian childbearing is a long process. For the Decepticon who would be a warlord, it began before the Exodus. Formerly a drabble series.
fandom:transformers  character:megatron  character:optimus_prime  character:starscream  character:soundwave  pairing:megatron/optimus  pairing:megatron/starscream  pairing:megatron/soundwave  status:still_updating  genres:au  sub-genre:sticky  kink:mpreg 
march 2018
not a thing to stop us now
“There’s so much I need to show you. Wait until you see this vine—”

“Is it the croissant?”

Peter grinned. “No, a better vine. There’s this cat, and a bucket of water—”

“I hate this,” T’Challa mumbled under his breath.
fandom:marvel_universe  length:1-2k  character:t'challa  character:shuri  character:peter_parker  character:tony_stark  genre:gen 
march 2018
Megatron just stared at him through the cell door with a strange expression and didn't say anything. "Well?" Optimus said, half furious and desperate. "Will you promise not to hurt any Autobots escaping if I let you out?"
fandom:transformers  character:megatron  character:optimus_prime  pairing:megatron/optimus  genres:au  length:25-30k  sub-genre:sticky 
march 2018
A Rare Bloom
When Shuri finds evidence that the heart-shaped herb might still be growing wild in Jabariland, T'Challa and M'Baku embark on a quest to find it. As the journey takes them deep into the mountains, though, their newfound trust—and growing attraction—is tested.
fandom:marvel_universe  character:t'challa  character:m'baku  character:shuri  length:6-7k  pairing:t'challa/m'baku 
march 2018
All the Stars
When M’Baku was eighteen and had grown taller than his father and his father’s father, he saw the golden city of Birnin Zana for the first time. The sun was setting over the mountain’s teeth, drawing harsh lines over the huge sculpture of a panther, prowling out of the rock.

“What do you see?” his grandmother had asked.

Even in the twilight of her life, Ngozi stood light-footed on the narrow stone ledge outside the tunnel inset to the sheer cliff. She wore a longbow strapped to her back and no other weapon. In all eighty years of her life no one had ever gotten close enough to her in battle to scratch her.

“The city of our enemies.”
fandom:marvel_universe  character:t'challa  character:m'baku  character:ensemble  length:35-40k  pairing:t'challa/m'baku 
march 2018

“So you two are having sex!” Shuri yells.

From the bed, T’Challa looks up, face blank. His stack of papers lowers a fraction.

“We are?” he asks drily, “M’Baku why didn’t you tell me? I would’ve put my book down.”
fandom:marvel_universe  character:t'challa  character:m'baku  pairing:t'challa/m'baku  length:3-4k 
march 2018
A Morning in Vienna
N'Jadaka is having coffee a block away when the signing of the Sokovia Accords is interrupted by a bombing.
genre:gen  length:1-2k  fandom:marvel_universe  character:erik_stevens/n'jadaka  character:t'challa 
march 2018
the truths we build ourselves
“I’m pretty sure I asked for you to let me die.”

“You did.” There’s an odd look of contrition on T’Challa’s face, and it makes Erik suspicious, uncertain. Yet the show of regret is a comfort, somehow, it soothes some part of him that is screaming still for all the things the world deprived him of.

“Was I… unclear?”
fandom:marvel_universe  genres:au  character:t'challa  character:erik_stevens/n'jadaka  character:shuri  genre:gen  status:still_updating 
march 2018
dying beasts & boundless sky
T’Challa turns his back on the body for one moment. When he looks again, Erik is gone. Down the savanna, in a small village outside Birnin Zana, Bucky Barnes wakes up.
fandom:marvel_universe  genres:au  character:james_buchanan_barnes  character:erik_stevens/n'jadaka  pairing:erik/bucky  status:still_updating 
march 2018
i'm a trust fund baby you can trust me
Erik has a plan, a plan he's been following since he found his murdered father. Graduate school is just another step along the way. The last thing he's expecting is the exchange student lying about his name to knock him right off track.


The au where Erik and T'Challa meet when they're 20 and 19 respectively and it changes an awful lot of things.
genres:au  fandom:marvel_universe  character:erik_stevens/n'jadaka  character:t'challa  pairing:t'challa/erik  status:still_updating 
march 2018
The Holy Relic Job
A man walks into a bar, only it's not a bar - it's the newest base of operations for the Leverage crew.

And it's not just any man - he's the Winter Soldier. He's looking for something, but he doesn't know what it is.

He's not leaving until he gets it.
genre:gen  genre:crossover  fandom:marvel_universe  fandom:leverage  character:james_buchanan_barnes  character:alec_hardison  character:parker  character:elliot_spencer  length:5-6k 
march 2018
this life (all I know)
"We will take him,” M'Baku said, shrugging. “The Jabari could always use another set of hands. If he decides to hurl himself off a cliff instead, that’s none of my business.”


Erik tries to put his life together after surviving his fight with T'Challa. M'Baku helps. In his way.
fandom:marvel_universe  character:m'baku  character:erik_stevens/n'jadaka  pairing:m'baku/erik  length:6-7k  genres:au 
march 2018
Dig No Graves
"I'm here to kill you, Terminator," Tony said slowly, "does that compute?"

The soldier looked up at him with wide blue eyes and no expression. "Okay."

Tony froze. "Okay," he echoed. "I tell you I came here to kill you and your response is 'okay'?"

"I am being decommissioned," the soldier said, and for one horrible moment Tony thought he actually seemed relieved. "I understand. I will comply."

(Or; Tony learns the Winter Soldier killed his parents and goes on a search for revenge, but ends up learning how to heal instead)
fandom:marvel_universe  character:tony_stark  character:james_buchanan_barnes  pairing:tony/bucky  status:still_updating  character:ensemble  genres:au 
march 2018
No Way Out III
Dean and Sam are on the trail of a demon in Arkansas. Behaving a lot like a serial killer. Enough that it attracts the attention of the BAU. Because more attention from law enforcement is, of course, exactly what Sam wanted in his life.
fandom:spn  fandom:criminal_minds  length:20-25k  genre:gen  genre:crossover  character:dean_winchester  character:sam_winchester  character:ensemble 
march 2018
Need To Know
Jack loves working the Federation timezone. You meet the most interesting people.
fandom:torchwood  fandom:startrek  character:captain_jack_harkness  length:10-15k  kink:interspecies 
march 2018
Prehistoric Fantasy Book Recs
“Prehistoric fantasy” stories make up an interesting niche within epic fantasy, combining popular fantasy story elements with aspects from stories of escapist realism. Imagine a riveting tale of woodland survival—finding water, fashioning protection from the sun, tracking game—with the implications of an epic quest—expansive vistas, wild magic, and finding out your efforts make a lasting impact on the course of human history.
february 2018
time to change the road you're on by wreckageofstars
The end of the Clone War is near - the fall of the Republic even nearer. Anakin Skywalker, caught up in the events that lead to the rise of the Empire and the loss of everything he holds dear, finds himself sent nearly two decades into the future.
Ahsoka Tano, still coming to painful terms with the true fate of her former master, is - not exactly happy to see him. But the Force works in mysterious ways - and the future is not nearly as set in stone as they've been lead to believe. Multi-chapter AU, Rise of the Empire/Rebels-era.
fandom:star_wars  character:anakin_skywalker  character:ahsoka_tano  genre:gen  genres:au  genre:time_travel  status:still_updating 
march 2017
The Belonging You Seek by WiliQueen
A chance discovery gives Luke and Leia a glimpse into who Anakin was, and leads them to more than they ever expected. More questions, more answers... and more family.
fandom:star_wars  character:luke_skywalker  character:leia_organa  character:ahsoka_tano  genre:gen  genres:au  status:still_updating 
march 2017
AFK: a critrole MMO AU by Shippeh
Vaxildagger whispers: casual guild [Vox Machina] looking for serious new members to fill out mythic raid group, need healers/DPS
fandom:critical_role  character:ensemble  character:vex'ahlia_vessar  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  pairing:percy/vex  genres:au  length:50-100k(novella)  genre:modern!au 
march 2017
It Might Sting a Little by CurrieBelle
Everyone in Vox Machina must have pierced ears so they can use the magic whisper earrings. Ergo, an ear piercing fic that turned into a Percy character study, because of course it did. Set just before the stream, right when Vox Machina's about to get their keep, parade, and council seats.
fandom:critical_role  genre:gen  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  length:1-2k 
march 2017
bullseye by peradi
Poe Dameron, the Resistance’s Most Handsome Pilot (voted as such five years running), is baffled. A word which here means he is in a fucking desert and his last memory is going to sleep in his bed which, last time he checked, was not a fucking desert.
Poe travels back in time and meets Luke Skywalker. Things are confusing.
fandom:star_wars  character:poe_dameron  character:luke_skywalker  pairing:luke/poe  genre:time_travel  length:3-4k 
march 2017
Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts by unpretty
A DC universe where moms are awesome and raise their kids right. Now with more melanin and queerness. Also, Gotham's in Michigan and Metropolis is in Connecticut. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Fics are in chronological order but are all standalone.
fandom:dc_comics  fandom:batman  length:100k+(novel)  character:bruce_wayne  character:superman 
march 2017
Bats and Birds (and Avengers) by unicorngirl
When Clint and Natasha come across a hurt teenage boy they have no idea just what the Avengers are in for.
fandom:marvel_universe  fandom:dc_comics  fandom:avengers  fandom:batman  character:ensemble  genre:gen  genre:crossover  status:still_updating 
march 2017
Shadows by brotherkashaw (firstnameagent)
“What about you, Percival?” she asks. “First person you ever shagged?”
For a split-second he can feel his mind reaching back, searching for the memory, and hitting a wall; and even though he knows what’s behind it, knows he could leave it closed, in that second he pushes it aside.
fandom:critical_role  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  character:vex'ahlia_vessar  warnings:discussion_of_sexual_assault  length:1-2k 
march 2017
Safety by eponymous_rose
In the early days of their adventures, the members of Vox Machina get to know their gunslinger.
fandom:critical_role  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  character:ensemble  genre:gen  length:6-7k 
march 2017
An Understanding by anemptymargin
Gilmore and Vax come to an understanding, a secret is revealed and walls begin to come down
fandom:critical_role  character:vax'ildan_vessar  character:shaun_gilmore  pairing:vax/gilmore  length:1-2k 
march 2017
Remorseful by resonant_aura
Disturbed by his inner unease, Vax makes a foolish choice and has to pay the price. But what he owes--and to whom he owes it--is not what he was expecting.
fandom:critical_role  character:vax'ildan_vessar  character:shaun_gilmore  character:keyleth_of_the_air_ashari  length:6-7k  pairing:vax/gilmore 
march 2017
Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar! by julad
When Pete met Clark, Clark was eating his mother's daffodils. Pete was only three at the time, so he didn't know they were daffodils, but he did know that they tasted bad, and that Clark was gonna be in really big trouble.
fandom:dc_comics  fandom:superman  character:superman  genre:gen  length:2-3k  genre:outsider!pov 
march 2017
the way i feel will remain the same by nighimpossible
This, this is torture. This is Vax cracking him open and Shaun letting him. And it’s sick, truly, because Shaun would rather have Vax here, in his bedroom, unattainable and heart wrenching, than anywhere else in the world. At least here, Vax is safe. At least here, the only person getting hurt is Shaun.
They’ll have to see how long he can survive like this.
fandom:critical_role  character:shaun_gilmore  character:vax'ildan_vessar  character:keyleth_of_the_air_ashari  pairing:vax/keyleth  pairing:vax/gilmore  pairing:vax/keyleth/gilmore  length:3-4k 
march 2017
To Sustain by spirogyra
Summary: "I live as long as Whitestone lives."
Hindsight makes the statement inspiring rather than a prophecy of doom.
fandom:critical_role  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  character:cassandra_de_rolo  genre:gen  warnings:torture  length:10-15k 
march 2017
the game is already lost by altschmerzes
Summary: Five times Taako manages to get a hug from one of his friends without having to actually admit that he wants a hug, and one time he flat out cops to it.
1. Taako hates being cold and wet. He's both, thanks to an inconvenient river. Magnus is a human furnace, and thus it begins.
2. Waking up feeling inexplicably lonely, Taako tries to goad Magnus into bickering with him in a bid for some company. He gets the company, at least.
3. Angus is almost hit by a rogue cart, Taako deals with being idolized and trusted by a kid he doesn't think he deserves the faith of.
4. During a fight, Taako almost dies, and Merle gets to practice his healing skills.
5. Magnus has a nightmare, Merle nearly loses Magnus after a fight, and Taako finds himself on the other side of things.
+ 1. Merle casts Zone of Truth, Magnus is a good friend, and Taako makes a confession.
fandom:taz  character:taako_taaco  character:merle_highchurch  character:magnus_burnsides  genre:gen  length:9-10k 
march 2017
Rewritten Destinies by robinasnyder
Summary: Finn wakes up on Tatooine after escaping from Kylo Ren. He can't get in contact with Rey, Luke or the Resistance, but he trusts the Force to get him home. In the mean time he's befriended a small family and is trying to figure out the best way to get the boy, Anakin Skywalker, back to Luke so he can get training. What Finn doesn't realize is that Kylo Ren woke up on Coruscant and has been petitioning someone else to train Anakin Skywalker.
fandom:star_wars  character:finn  character:kylo_ren  character:obiwan  character:quigonn  genre:time_travel  genres:au  status:still_updating 
march 2017
Just Before Dawn by NevillesGran
Summary: [We all know Vax would make any deal with anyone to keep Vex alive and well. Or...close enough to alive and well.]
Percy isn't sure he'd noticed before, that his hair has turned white.
fandom:critical_role  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  character:vex'ahlia_vessar  genres:au  pairing:percy/vex  genre:vampires  length:1-2k 
march 2017
What Happens in Vasselheim... by indigoire
Summary: Based on the otp prompt "Imagine your crack pairing telling their friends that they are now dating." Only, the term "dating" is taken very loosely. A very quick look into what these two getting together might be like.
Spoilers for episodes 89 and 90.
fandom:critical_role  character:grog_strongjaw  character:taryon_darrington  pairing:taryon/grog  length:<1k 
march 2017
For Love of the Hunt by acidtonguejenny
Summary: If she’s hard on Nil, it’s because she understands more of him than she wants to. The thrill of the hunt, the surge of pride when her prey finally goes down after a long fight. The hot, smug satisfaction of taking an enemy unaware.
Most of her hunts end in sparking husks and dimmed lights: her targets are machines. But sometimes she hunts men, and no matter how much she wishes otherwise, her blood pounds the same.
fandom:horizon_zero_dawn  character:nil  character:aloy  pairing:aloy/nil  warnings:bdsm  length:2-3k 
march 2017
Gilmore's Glorious Gift by CowboyBootsAndHuntersHelper
Summary: It wasn't Scanlan who fell in the second battle against Raishan.
Gilmore wasn't there to stop it, but by the Gods he won't be sitting by and doing nothing now.
fandom:critical_role  character:shaun_gilmore  character:vax'ildan_vessar  genres:au  status:still_updating 
march 2017
Deception, or, Bear Necessities
Summary: In which Percy gets bitten by a were-bear, his avoidance strategy works as well as it always does and Trinket is there to help.
fandom:critical_role  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  genre:gen  genre:werecreatures  length:2-3k 
march 2017
stop making me like you by baehj2915
Summary: Scenes from the Kaylie & Scanlan Road Trip We Will Never Get to See
A few weeks after the VM break up, depressed gnomes with complicated feelings are traveling.
fandom:critical_role  character:scanlan_shorthalt  character:kaylie_shorthalt  genre:gen  length:2-3k 
march 2017
Thinking Too Much by coraxes
Summary: Romance and love and sex are all tangled up for him--he knows people who can do casual sex, but he’s never been that way. Vax is an all-or-nothing guy.
But…maybe he can change that. He can sleep with someone who he knows he loves. He doesn’t have to make a thing of it.
fandom:critical_role  character:grog_strongjaw  character:taryon_darrington  pairing:taryon/grog  length:2-3k 
march 2017
Thicker than Water by dimircharmer
Summary: The most stressful week of Percy's life so far starts like this: He falls into a river, and wakes in a Druid's campsite. Stop me if you've heard this one before.
Or: Percy tries to befriend the feral druid he found in the woods, keep his family safe, and get to the bottom of the accidents targeting the de Rolo family, with varying degrees of success.
fandom:critical_role  character:keyleth_of_the_air_ashari  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  genre:gen  character:ensemble  genres:au  status:still_updating 
march 2017
Twist and Turn by esama
Summary: Graves isn't Grindelwald's first unwilling guest. Who else has better cause to summon a Master of Death than the man who wants to take his place?
fandom:harry_potter  character:percival_graves  character:harry_potter  genres:au  genre:gen  sub-genre:master_of_death!harry  sub-genre:powerful!harry  status:still_updating 
march 2017
the Futurist by esama
Summary: Tony wakes up in a literal pool of bad decisions and past mistakes.

In which Tony time travels into his own body just after his parent's death.
fandom:marvel_universe  fandom:iron_man  character:tony_stark  character:ensemble  status:still_updating  genre:time_travel  genre:gen 
march 2017
Initiations by pagerunner

Tary's study of Vox Machina's portraits has led him to a few interesting questions. And possibly some misapprehensions. Vex and Percy, as it turns out, might not be the best ones to set him straight. Takes place some time after Pike and Tary's conversation in episode 89.
fandom:critical_role  character:taryon_darrington  character:vex'ahlia_vessar  character:percival_fredrickstein_von_mussel_klossowski_de_rolo_iii  length:2-3k 
march 2017
Misethere by astolat
Summary: Emhyr was looking at him for once, with a strange expression. “I have misjudged you,” he said, sounding irritated actually: how dare Geralt surprise him.
“I get that a lot,” Geralt said.

The one where Emhyr sex-pollens himself for political gain.
fandom:witcher3  character:geralt_of_rivia  character:emhyr_var_emreis  pairing:geralt/emhyr  genre:sex_pollen  warnings:dub-con 
march 2017
Blooded Crown by astolat
Summary:“You need not thank me,” Emhyr said. “I have an ulterior motive.”
It annoyed Geralt to be surprised. He should’ve known from the start. “Yeah?” The words came out with a little bite. “Have another daughter you need me to track down?”
“If I wished to hire you, I would hire you,” Emhyr said. “No: I want you to come to my bed.”
fandom:witcher3  character:geralt_of_rivia  character:emhyr_var_emreis  pairing:geralt/emhyr  genre:fake_relationship  length:20-25k 
march 2017
Incomplete by astolat
Summary: I had often wished for the chance to meet His Imperial Majesty, of course, but hardly under these circumstances. I’d really envisioned something more along the lines of a command performance for the court, or perhaps a ceremony of decoration as a Master of the Arts.

Geralt and Emhyr get together, told from Dandelion's POV
fandom:witcher3  character:geralt_of_rivia  character:emhyr_var_emreis  character:dandelion  pairing:geralt/emhyr  length:25-30k  genre:outsider!pov 
march 2017
Cursed by astolat
Summary: Geralt was reasonably sure this was the worst damn day of the worst damn month of his life, and it hadn’t hit bottom yet.

In which Geralt is cursed, and only fucking the Emhyr will break it.
fandom:witcher3  character:geralt_of_rivia  character:emhyr_var_emreis  pairing:geralt/emhyr  warnings:dub-con  length:8-9k 
march 2017
Never Did Run Smooth by astolat
Summary:“Uh,” Geralt said, staring down at the glass bowl. “Ribbit,” said the frog.

The one where Geralt is tricked into completing a ritual that necessitates he marries Emhyr
fandom:witcher3  character:geralt_of_rivia  character:emhyr_var_emreis  pairing:geralt/emhyr  genres:au  length:10-15k  genre:arranged_marriage 
march 2017
Lost Countries by WerewolvesAreReal

The war with France has been oddly quiet of late, which is good (though frustrating) news for Temeraire, newly-trained and just learning to patrol the English coast. Meanwhile Laurence meets an amnesiac Frenchman in Dover and takes advantage of the covert's idleness.
fandom:temeraire  character:laurence  character:napoleon  pairing:laurence/napoleon  genres:au  length:9-10k  genre:amnesia 
march 2017

Rather than being killed by Doomsday, Clark is badly wounded, and infected with kryptonite that has been corrupted via Doomsday's blood. In the aftermath of the fight, with nobody realising the extent of the damage, Clark and Bruce attempt to build something like a working friendship, with Bruce shrugging off the alterations in Clark's behaviour as post-traumatic reaction from having been nearly killed, until Clark, who has been giving in to urges to take what he really wants regardless of the cost to other people, decides to take something he's been wanting since the fight: Batman.
fandom:bvs  character:batman  character:superman  pairing:bruce/clark  warnings:dub-con  status:still_updating 
march 2017
Garden in Dol Guldur
Summary: "If you wouldn't mind it terribly, I would like to take a small detour south on our way through Mirkwood."

The one where Bilbo grows a harvest of orcs
fandom:lotr  character:bilbo_baggins  character:gandalf  genre:gen  length:1-2k 
march 2017
Reaper and Soldier: 76 share all the same old haunts. Crossing paths was an inevitability.
fandom:overwatch  character:gabriel_reyes(reaper)  character:jack_morrison(soldier_76)  pairing:reaper/76  length:10-15k 
august 2016
Code: Safe Word
Roxanne calls time-out on Metro Man day before the death ray happens. Then she tries to explain bdsm and roleplaying to Megamind. Sort of. (Hands-on explanations are best, right?)
fandom:megamind  character:megamind  character:metroman  character:roxanne_ritchie  pairing:megamind/roxanne  genres:au  genre:darker_than_canon  status:still_updating 
august 2016
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