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WordPress › Support » Change user roles
I ran into the same problem and thought I'd post the solution (for me at least).

I moved a bunch of individual WP sites to a network configuration and thought I had updated all of the databases to properly reflect the new configuration. On one site inside the network, I couldn't select a user role when adding a user (same as the original poster here).

NOTE: Where ## is written, enter the blogid in question. In my case, it was blogid 22 so I would use wp_22_user_roles.

As it turns out, in wp_##_options, I hadn't updated the option_name wp_user_roles to wp_##_user_roles so WP assumed that no roles were available for new users.

Changing the option_name value from wp_user_roles to wp_##_user_roles fixed it!
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june 2013 by berendes
WordPress › Support » User role drop-down doesn't show roles
Thanks! I figured it out... just an incorrect reference in one of the tables to wp_role_capabilities when it really should have been wp_BLOGID_role_capabilities. (or something like that!)
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june 2013 by berendes
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