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Chimpanzees hold secret to ultimate comfy bed, says expert | World news | The Guardian
“Chimpanzee beds are designed to envelop the body, which is why they are so comfortable,” the 43-year-old primatologist said. “They’re also built high up in the trees, so they rock with the movement of the branches. You could say they are the prototype of a baby’s cradle.”...

Zamma plans to spread the joy of proper sleep by making his beds commercially available.

At just 1.6 metres long and 1.2 metres wide, the bed sounds ill-suited to taller people, or those who fidget as they try to find the right sleeping position.

But, according to Zamma, that is not a problem encountered by chimps, who enjoy blissful, and largely motionless, sleep even with their feet sticking out.

“Just saying it is comfortable is not enough,” said Zamma, who decided to nap in a chimp’s bed in Tanzania’s Mahale mountain range during a research trip in 1999. “It removed all of the tension from my muscles in a way that ordinary beds don’t – that’s the effect of lying on something that takes into account the natural shape of the body,..."
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