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Proof that our kids can heal from Autism - BioMed Heals
To the naysayers that say nothing is medically wrong with a child with autism, please run a organic acid test (OAT). That is all I ask. Run the test and then come and talk to me. If you can tell me the information you receive doesn’t shock you… I will honestly be surprised.

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august 2018 by bekishore
The Most Honest, Simple, Pure, and Painful Truth About Achieving Success - Siddha Performance
The person who asks for tips [ reg success / to succeed ] is the very same person who isn’t going to follow any of them.


Success is a natural byproduct of hunger.


I am saying that the reason that you are where you are is because you are okay with being where you are.


When you absolutely despise where you are. When it’s suffocating you. When it simply is no longer acceptable to you, you will act.


The source of your greatest momentum will not be the happiness that pulls you, but the pain that pushes you.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Uncompromising - Siddha Performance

Accept nothing.

Nor is there a need to fight against it.

Recognize it as false. And move on.

Success and failure are false ideas.

For it is only the person that hopes for success that gives birth to the idea of failure.

And hope is the empty sort of calories that will keep you hungry forever.


Society can proclaim and cry out and prescribe to the masses if it so pleases.

But when it passes me, it will see in my eyes that I am a lost case. That there is no just point in opening its mouth. That it is far better served to proselytize the willing.

And leave the Wild and Unwilling to their own devices.


If I have a loaf of bread, I am happy to “compromise” half of it with you.

But if I have a vision, do not come near me. For I will not compromise a single drop of it, in order to fit into your neat and fabricated idea of “being practical.”

Practical is the way to Get. It is not the way to give up!


Because you believe that compromise is for the benevolent.

My dear friend, compromise is for the things that don’t matter to you.

Compromise is for the things that hold no value.


The “friend” who is a compromiser has no need to come my way. For I will not compromise with my insistence upon surrounding myself with those who are Uncompromising.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Why Human Beings Waste Time - Siddha Performance
is it possible for him to live a life in which he is engaged or inspired or in concentration at every moment during the day?


The answer that an individual gives to this question will determine the path he wishes to walk. Whether it is the path of time wastage, or the path to unending concentration/inspiration/engagement.


I ‘m interested only in matters of the heart. I find the brain to be incredibly overrated.

The truth is this: Possibility and impossibility only arise once the question is Sincerely Explored.


What if the concept of boredom suddenly vanished?

What if tomorrow was going to be a day that you had truly never seen before?

The truth, my friend, is that we live on the outskirts of life. We spend our entire lifetime deliberating whether or not we should enter the mysterious void.

To be resolute in entering or resolute in avoiding it would be far better than a life of ambivalence.

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july 2018 by bekishore
A Glimpse Of Death Opens A Man's Eyes - Siddha Performance
But occasionally something shakes him. A sudden death. A calamity of some sort brings things into sudden perspective. He is shaken from his complacency and he is forced to confront the moment. But eventually, the drama of the event fades, and so does he, back into his well-worn existence.
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july 2018 by bekishore
I've Got Some Things to Say | By Romelu Lukaku
Let me tell you something — every game I ever played was a Final. When I played in the park, it was a Final. When I played during break in kindergarten, it was a Final. I’m dead-ass serious. I used to try to tear the cover off the ball every time I shot it. Full power. We weren’t hitting R1, bro. No finesse shot. I didn’t have the new FIFA. I didn’t have a Playstation. I wasn’t playing around. I was trying to kill you.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Master, Can You Not Journey With People For Free? - Siddha Performance
S: What is the Truth, Master?

M: If I tell you, you will consider it. As you consider it, you will either believe or not believe. If you believe it, you will not have understood. If you do not believe it, you will not have understood.


S: I still would like to hear it.

M: I have no interest in wasting my words, student. Curiosity does not inspire me to reveal anything to anyone.


S: I am frustrated . . . And also envious, Master. In a way, I find myself angry with you. You have done nothing to me. But I am frustrated that I have not found the answers, despite years of effort. And I am angry and envious that you have. Why should these come to you and not to me? Please forgive me, Master.


S: Then why does the Truth come to you and not to me?

M: Because I am more serious than you.

S: That is indeed head-on. The universe does not give lee way, I suppose.

M: Why should it, student? Why should it give its most glorious riches to one who is not sufficiently sincere? This world is full of pretenders, my student. Every day they beg to have an audience with me. They say lofty things. They feign sincerity. If I agree to seem them and begin to speak of what it will take to realize the Truth, they make all kinds of excuses. They cannot do this. They cannot do that. They will have to wait until the time is right. Someday they will return. True sincerity, being All-in, the willingness to beg, borrow, and steal if one must . . . Such humans are one in a million, student. One in a million.

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july 2018 by bekishore
How To Leave People Stunned And Mesmerized - Siddha Performance
It’s not the other person’s mind that sees you, nor is it his or her intellect.

It is his Spirit!

And Spirits are mesmerized when they encounter an Enlightened Spirit.

I’ll say that again: Spirits Are Mesmerized When They Encounter An Enlightened Spirit.


The point is: It is The State Of Your Mind that determines your daily experience of life.


It is the state of your mind that determines how much wealth you amass.

It is the state of your mind that determines whether you come off as luke-warm or Downright Captivating to those who buy your products and contribute to your empire.
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Secret Training That Bestows Instant Enlightenment Upon Any Man Or Woman Who Touches It - Siddha Performance
In that glorious masterpiece of a film, Bravheart, there is a scene that comes to mind.

William Wallace, the leader of Scotland’s resistance has been captured and imprisoned by his enemy, The English King. During his imprisonment, the woman who would be the English Queen comes to visit Wallace in prison.

She says to Wallace, “Sir, I come to beg you to confess all, and swear allegiance to the king, that he might show you mercy.”

To which Wallace replies, “If I swear to him, then everything I am is dead already.”


Never in all my life have I attempted to coax any man away from his sensibilities. Never have I attempted to “motivate” anyone. For if I do, then I am dead already.


I respect Tony Robbins for some of his insights, for some of them are undeniably correct. But his attempts to “motivate” and “energize” and “scream” and “dance” are sugar highs that leave a man by the time he reaches the parking lot. It is silly. And completely fruitless.


Never try to awaken a man who wishes to stay asleep.


For years I wanted to know what the zone was. As I look upon my shelf I see at least two books on “the zone.” They spend 300 pages saying that time slows down and things become effortless.


The zone, my dear friend, is a state of No-Mind.


So what does this mean for you?

What it means is that when a man who undergoes a special training to learn to Stop Thinking, he gains Clarity.

He gains Atmamun (the mind of the spirit).


And when you converse with a family member in this glorious state, your family member falls in love with you all over again.

When you speak to a business associate or an employee or a prospective client in this state, your words and your presence send a signal to the person’s mind that you are a Stalwart and a Master for whom they would do anything.


Put succinctly: The inability to curb involuntary thought is the single most pervasive Cancer of all mankind!


Devote one small part of your life to this one single training, and as sure as the night follows the day, all of the things listed above will become your living reality.
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Innocent Warrior - Siddha Performance
The most pervasive idea throughout the world is the idea that “if you do This, you will get That.”

If you buy into this idea, then why don’t you go to the supermarket tomorrow, pay for your groceries and tell the cashier that months or years into the future, when they get around to it, they can deliver your groceries to you.


The only God you will ever have is You! And instead of exploring him, you abandon him in search of one who lives in the stars that are (conveniently) millions of miles away.


An innocent journey is one that is walked with the heart and without the mind.

The heart says Go There! And the mind says What if something happens along the way?
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Nectar - Siddha Performance
If I didn’t have a family, I wouldn’t have any need for money. And I could find my Nectar in a comfortable and secluded cave at 18,000 feet in the Nepalese Himalayas.

I only want to speak and work with World Class Individuals. Because they make for the most interesting conversations. They tend to be bent toward the Unusual, Rare, Legend, Greatness, Best in History type things.
nectar  888  kapil  gupta  now  wow  family  money  himalayas  himalaya  interesting  conversation  subtract  legend  rare  greatness  unusual  history  best  time  lost  urgent  urgency  normal  normalcy  0 
june 2018 by bekishore
Giving and Taking Criticism — Chappell Ellison
I firmly believe you can be a critic while being kind and open-hearted.

I don’t even care if that sounds naive.

Most people think the number one goal of a critic is to judge whether work is good or bad.

They are wrong. #imo

The number one goal of a critic should be to make things better. That’s it. None of this binary good/bad stuff. Lots of people would disagree with me on this.
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may 2018 by bekishore
Ta-Nehisi Coates: Kanye West in the Age of Donald Trump - The Atlantic
It would be nice if those who sought to use their talents as entrée into another realm would do so with the same care which they took in their craft.

Michael Jackson did not just destroy his own face, but endorsed the destruction of all those made in similar fashion.
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may 2018 by bekishore
Lobe - Deep Learning Made Simple
Lobe is an easy-to-use visual tool that lets you build custom deep learning models, quickly train them, and ship them directly in your app without writing any code. Start by dragging in a folder of training examples from your desktop. Lobe automatically builds you a custom deep learning model and begins training. When you’re done, you can export a trained model and ship it directly in your app.  tool  cool  ml  deep  learning  simple  wow 
may 2018 by bekishore
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