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Gal Shapira on Twitter: ""Money is not important." You'll never hear a wealthy person say this. Money rules the world. You can't live well without it. Everything you need and want costs money. Health, food, a roof over your head, transportation... Ever

"Money is not important."

You'll never hear a wealthy person say this.

Money rules the world. You can't live well without it.

Everything you need and want costs money.

Health, food, a roof over your head, transportation... Everything.

Don't be ignorant.
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november 2019 by bekishore
"My Experiences with Fukuoka and Low Input Organic Farming" by Narayana Reddy - YouTube
principle is the same ... wo hurting 1) mother earth 2) soil organisms 3) ...

problem ... everyone wants to make quick money with a huge amount

am only 82...

in 4 acres - 900 trees...

happiest moment in life !?
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march 2019 by bekishore
Wealth: The Toxic Byproduct | Melting Asphalt
If you feel guilty for making money, your moral compass is pointing in exactly the wrong direction — 180-degrees from what is right.

Earnings are a measure of the good done for other people, not evils done against them.


The point is, money spent on consumption is toxic — value-destroying. This is true even in our daily lives, without the literal magic window. Every time we spend money on a yacht or an iPhone or a nice jacket or even food, we're taking something of value from society and using it for our own purposes.


Earning money (via production) is good for others. Spending it (via consumption) is bad.
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january 2019 by bekishore
How To Leave People Stunned And Mesmerized - Siddha Performance
It’s not the other person’s mind that sees you, nor is it his or her intellect.

It is his Spirit!

And Spirits are mesmerized when they encounter an Enlightened Spirit.

I’ll say that again: Spirits Are Mesmerized When They Encounter An Enlightened Spirit.


The point is: It is The State Of Your Mind that determines your daily experience of life.


It is the state of your mind that determines how much wealth you amass.

It is the state of your mind that determines whether you come off as luke-warm or Downright Captivating to those who buy your products and contribute to your empire.
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july 2018 by bekishore
QA Sample - "Are the paths to spirituality and wealth mutually exclusive?" - YouTube

1. truly enjoy the doing
2. makes some contribution positive to this world / planet / other human beings / adds valuable to life / increases consciousness on the planet

if these 2 things come together > as a by product, some material wealth also comes

OK to enjoy the material forms of wealth that comes
OK to give away
Enjoy house/car is not non-spiritual

attachment / excessive pre-occupation towards the attainment
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november 2015 by bekishore

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