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The Room Of Devotion - Siddha Performance
I said to him, “Because you have not yet decided to walk the True Journey. And do not for one second assume that I am telling you to walk it. That would not be genuine. Each person, if he wishes to become a Bruce Lee, must arrive at the point in his life in which he slams his fist on the table and he decides. He decides that from this point forward, I am going to devote my life to THIS.”


Devotion is a freedom from domesticity.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Your Quiet Journey To The End Of The Earth - Siddha Performance
as I sit back and look at my life, I realize what a fool I have been. I have accepted my life as a drama of events in which I play the lead role. And I have surrendered my equanimity to the fickle hand of circumstance.

I will do that no longer. For I have finally glimpsed the strings behind the stage. It is all a grand drama. A glorious, life-sized play. It unfolds before my eyes. I can watch it and enjoy. But I no longer need to be a part of it.
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july 2018 by bekishore

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