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Achieve This. And You Will Become God - Siddha Performance
It is like the cartoon of the man who has destroyed his entire house after numerous failed attempts at swatting a fly.


Why do those who achieve it, achieve it?


I will Not enter down the road of modeling the behaviors of successful people. For success is a product of non-negotiable visions more than it is a product of behaviors.


Thought-Freedom is not freedom of thought. It is the freedom to think only when you want to think. And the ability to have Silence of Mind when you are not thinking.

Thought-Freedom is to have Silence as your default state. And thinking as a voluntary and utilitarian act.


When you need the car, you drive it. When you don’t need it, it doesn’t drive keep driving around the block. It sits quiet and still in the garage.

If you were to live in Thought-Freedom, you would have thoughts Only when you wanted to have them. Thought would become utilitarian. It would be a tool. And thus you would only Think when you needed to think. Thus you would have all the great thoughts and ideas, without the noise.


There are great ideas coming at you every minute. But you only hear them once in a blue moon. And this is because they are drowned out by the mental chatter. The noise. The constant stream of involuntary thought. The tape-recorder.


It has been said, “All of man’s ills arise from his inability to be still.”

But what has not been said is, “The inability to sit still is the result of the greatest disease of mankind: Involuntary Thought.”


Put succinctly, if you train yourself to achieve Thought-Freedom, you become a living, breathing God.


What I’ve given you in this discourse is the actual fine print underlying Enlightenment, Moksha, Nirvana, Samadhi, Freedom, Peace, Bliss, and Liberation.

Become trained to do this, and you get all of the above for free.

Simply put . . . This is the only thing we must achieve. For upon achieving this one thing, all needs, desires, pains, and miseries vanish.

And one becomes a living god.

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july 2018 by bekishore
The Place You So Desperately Want To Go - Siddha Performance
I will only say this, and I will say it with softness in my voice and sincerity in my heart:

What If There Was A Way Out Of All This?

Not happiness. Not meditation. Not mindfulness. Not positive thinking. Not yoga. Not retreats. Not motivation. Not prayer. Not incense. Not gratitude. Not anything that the feel-good, cosmetic, trite, insincere, derivative, impotent, and unoriginal society has told you.


If life has taught me anything, it is that there are no coincidences.

There is a cosmic and universal reason that I’ve spoken these words.

And more importantly, there is a cosmic and universal reason that of the 7.5 Billion people on Earth, I just happened to be speaking these words to YOU.
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Wisdom Of Peter Fenton - Siddha Performance
If you continue to seek “answers” you will run in circles.

If you continually refine your Questions, you will create a magnificent journey.


That which is transactional requires a “business model.”

That which is organic invites the innocent hand of alchemy.
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july 2018 by bekishore

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