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Bruce Lipton: LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY (Very Powerful Speech) - YouTube
Health ... protein / cell / signal .... 3 things that interfere with signal - trauma / food ( chemicals ) / thought ..... perception - how you see the world ..... gene is just blueprint .....
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The Incredible 90-Second Stress Cure For World Class Executives - Siddha Performance
You see, in your life you have events or deals or happenings that could go either way. If they go the way you’d like them to, you gain pleasure. If they go the other way, you feel pain.

Now, The Ultimate journey is to arrive at a point in which you are untouched by pleasure or pain. But this is a journey toward becoming a God. This is a journey toward attaining Human Perfection.

This is the journey of journies. It is the journey of the few. It is the legendary journey of the man who insists upon nothing less than The Ultimate.

There are clients of mine who I am guiding through this very journey. But this is only because they are among those rare Princes of mankind who have expressed an unflinching desire to embark upon it.

The universe has arranged it so that our paths would serendipitously intersect and it is truly an honor to explore this ultimate journey of man with these rare individuals.

If this is the sort of journey that grabs your heart, perhaps you are also one of these rare souls. And this journey awaits you.

In the meantime, I’d like to give you a million-dollar gift of truth which you may keep. And which you may employ for the rest of your life.


What this incredibly resourceful mind of yours does is that it takes this raw material of possibilities and it constructs an elaborate scaffolding of hope and fear. This is the skeletal structure that we call “Stress.”

It then runs a loop of recurring thoughts, which you simmer inside of. This is your experience of Stress.

There is something you must understand about the mind. Something that it doesn’t want you to know. But I’ll reveal it to you here:

The mind is ten times more fearful of Not getting what it wants, than it is desirous of getting what it wants.

Read that again.
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On The Systematic Eradication Of Stress (For Those Who Are Truly Serious) - Siddha Performance
One of the central sources of the bleed when it comes to stress is the fact that a human being isn’t yet ready to eradicate stress from his or her life.
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Your Brain at Home and at Work | LinkedIn
With self-awareness, you might say to yourself, “I’m about to make a scene with my anger by blowing up. But I sense discomfort or fear in the person I’m speaking to. Perhaps I should take a breath and reassess the situation.”
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5 Ways to Stress Less at Work - US News
Forward-thinking companies have traditionally focused on profits, societal improvement and environmental consciousness. Some are now adding a further dimension to this framework and incorporate greater concern for the well-being of their employees. In the light of a growing interest in the concept of mindfulness, many companies have launched initiatives incorporating meditation and present awareness training. SAP has created a role dedicated exclusively to mindfulness training. Since early 2014, Peter Bostelmann has served as Director of Mindfulness Programs at SAP, and focuses on helping his colleagues reduce stress and increases cooperation and team-building. "This has been a very positive experience for us, and other programs have taken off at Genentech and Intel," says Jenny Dearborn, Senior Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at SAP. Starting the day with reflection, paying attention to your actions, choosing your companions wisely and ignoring battles that are not worth fighting are all beneficial to employee health and emotional well-being, writes Robin Madell, for
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