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2010 Baccalaureate Remarks
he [grandfather of Jeff Bezos] gently and calmly said, “Jeff, one day you’ll understand that it’s harder to be kind than clever.”
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How To Leave People Stunned And Mesmerized - Siddha Performance
It’s not the other person’s mind that sees you, nor is it his or her intellect.

It is his Spirit!

And Spirits are mesmerized when they encounter an Enlightened Spirit.

I’ll say that again: Spirits Are Mesmerized When They Encounter An Enlightened Spirit.


The point is: It is The State Of Your Mind that determines your daily experience of life.


It is the state of your mind that determines how much wealth you amass.

It is the state of your mind that determines whether you come off as luke-warm or Downright Captivating to those who buy your products and contribute to your empire.
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