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The Most Important Question of Your Life | Mark Manson
If I ask you, “What do you want out of life?” and you say something like, “I want to be happy and have a great family and a job I like,” it’s so ubiquitous that it doesn’t even mean anything.

A more interesting question, a question that perhaps you’ve never considered before, is what pain do you want in your life? What are you willing to struggle for? Because that seems to be a greater determinant of how our lives turn out.
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august 2018 by bekishore
Your Morning Hours - Siddha Performance
I don’t see the significance of discussing what one does, much less the order in which one does them.

I do have an idea as to why people like to discuss these things. Because societal man is a Categorizer. He likes to put people into boxes with printed labels.


What if the question changed from, “What things do you do in the morning?” to “What sort of Experiences do you have, regardless of what you are doing?”


May you never miss another morning again.
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Most Honest, Simple, Pure, and Painful Truth About Achieving Success - Siddha Performance
The person who asks for tips [ reg success / to succeed ] is the very same person who isn’t going to follow any of them.


Success is a natural byproduct of hunger.


I am saying that the reason that you are where you are is because you are okay with being where you are.


When you absolutely despise where you are. When it’s suffocating you. When it simply is no longer acceptable to you, you will act.


The source of your greatest momentum will not be the happiness that pulls you, but the pain that pushes you.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Why Human Beings Waste Time - Siddha Performance
is it possible for him to live a life in which he is engaged or inspired or in concentration at every moment during the day?


The answer that an individual gives to this question will determine the path he wishes to walk. Whether it is the path of time wastage, or the path to unending concentration/inspiration/engagement.


I ‘m interested only in matters of the heart. I find the brain to be incredibly overrated.

The truth is this: Possibility and impossibility only arise once the question is Sincerely Explored.


What if the concept of boredom suddenly vanished?

What if tomorrow was going to be a day that you had truly never seen before?

The truth, my friend, is that we live on the outskirts of life. We spend our entire lifetime deliberating whether or not we should enter the mysterious void.

To be resolute in entering or resolute in avoiding it would be far better than a life of ambivalence.

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july 2018 by bekishore
A Monastic Life - Siddha Performance
One human being is ideal. Two can be perfect.

Three is a disaster.

And any more than three becomes ritual and form.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Unicorn - Siddha Performance
I only wish to look you square in the eyes, and ask you with a soft voice:

Are you training to become The Only?
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july 2018 by bekishore
How To Leave People Stunned And Mesmerized - Siddha Performance
It’s not the other person’s mind that sees you, nor is it his or her intellect.

It is his Spirit!

And Spirits are mesmerized when they encounter an Enlightened Spirit.

I’ll say that again: Spirits Are Mesmerized When They Encounter An Enlightened Spirit.


The point is: It is The State Of Your Mind that determines your daily experience of life.


It is the state of your mind that determines how much wealth you amass.

It is the state of your mind that determines whether you come off as luke-warm or Downright Captivating to those who buy your products and contribute to your empire.
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july 2018 by bekishore
The Secret Training That Bestows Instant Enlightenment Upon Any Man Or Woman Who Touches It - Siddha Performance
In that glorious masterpiece of a film, Bravheart, there is a scene that comes to mind.

William Wallace, the leader of Scotland’s resistance has been captured and imprisoned by his enemy, The English King. During his imprisonment, the woman who would be the English Queen comes to visit Wallace in prison.

She says to Wallace, “Sir, I come to beg you to confess all, and swear allegiance to the king, that he might show you mercy.”

To which Wallace replies, “If I swear to him, then everything I am is dead already.”


Never in all my life have I attempted to coax any man away from his sensibilities. Never have I attempted to “motivate” anyone. For if I do, then I am dead already.


I respect Tony Robbins for some of his insights, for some of them are undeniably correct. But his attempts to “motivate” and “energize” and “scream” and “dance” are sugar highs that leave a man by the time he reaches the parking lot. It is silly. And completely fruitless.


Never try to awaken a man who wishes to stay asleep.


For years I wanted to know what the zone was. As I look upon my shelf I see at least two books on “the zone.” They spend 300 pages saying that time slows down and things become effortless.


The zone, my dear friend, is a state of No-Mind.


So what does this mean for you?

What it means is that when a man who undergoes a special training to learn to Stop Thinking, he gains Clarity.

He gains Atmamun (the mind of the spirit).


And when you converse with a family member in this glorious state, your family member falls in love with you all over again.

When you speak to a business associate or an employee or a prospective client in this state, your words and your presence send a signal to the person’s mind that you are a Stalwart and a Master for whom they would do anything.


Put succinctly: The inability to curb involuntary thought is the single most pervasive Cancer of all mankind!


Devote one small part of your life to this one single training, and as sure as the night follows the day, all of the things listed above will become your living reality.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Welcome To Siddha Performance - Siddha Performance
Human beings have been told a great truth. But with a terrible omission.

They have been told that the mind is the most powerful tool in the world.

But what they have not been told is that in order to Use this tool, they must first become separate from it.

The mind stands as a veil between man and his true life.

It stands as a barrier between man and his otherworldly capabilities.

And this is precisely because man lives enslaved to the mind. As such, man has become a tool for the mind.

This one truth is the source of ALL of man’s miseries, distractions, vices, habits, conflicts, and mediocrities.

Once we learn what the mind fundamentally is, we learn to distance ourself from it. And in doing so, we gain instant CLARITY.


The world is awash in “instructions” and “prescriptions.” I have no use for such things.

For if you tell a man “how” to do something, he will forever be subservient to the How. And never to The Thing.

“Instruction” does not create knowledge. It creates dependency.


And the holy grail of human existence, human performance, and human perfection: The State of No-Mind.
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june 2018 by bekishore
The Poison That Sabotages All Human Potential - Siddha Performance
The false paradigm of Prescriptions.


What humans do best are precisely the things they know not how they do.
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