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Education is the GOD! Not Surya... - Sivakumar Emotional Speech - YouTube
5:55 wow
9:18 parenting
12:25 message to teachers and parents - diamond platinum
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august 2015 by bekishore
Straight A student commits suicide over O-level results, mum takes her own life months later | The New Paper
"In January, just three hours after getting her results slip, her granddaughter jumped to her death. Except for two Bs - in English and Mathematics - the student had scored distinctions for her other subject.
The only child left a note for her parents: "Mum, I am sorry for being a disappointment. I should have done better.
The child's parents used to fight over their daughter's education. The girl had been a straight-As student who attended a top school.
The mum wanted to push her to excel and her dad felt that the child should be left alone."
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july 2015 by bekishore

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