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Kobe Bryant was a great basketball player who also admitted to sexual assault | The Outline
What’s the private pain of one anonymous person against the public joy of millions?
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19 days ago by bekishore
To Make a Journey, Don’t Change Directions | Sadhguru - YouTube
In moments of clarity and joy ... decide and make the journey ..... are you nomad or m.. ?
sadhguru  clarity  joy  decision  journey  niche  comfort  zone  nomad  no  mad  faq  q  raq  comminist  socialist 
august 2019 by bekishore
"My Experiences with Fukuoka and Low Input Organic Farming" by Narayana Reddy - YouTube
principle is the same ... wo hurting 1) mother earth 2) soil organisms 3) ...

problem ... everyone wants to make quick money with a huge amount

am only 82...

in 4 acres - 900 trees...

happiest moment in life !?
joy  joyful  wow  wowwow  wowwowwow  narayanareddy  talk  fukuoka  organic  farming  farmer  experience  varthur  lecture  q&a  principle  god  prayer  money  wealth  time  curse  agriculture  effort  speech  advice  model  humanity  biomass  humus  trees  tree  0 
march 2019 by bekishore
The Successful Man's Path To Lasting Satisfaction - Siddha Performance
What will transform you will not be a prescription, but a Space.

A space between the action, and the motivation behind this action.
kapilguptamd  pleasure  success  joy  siddha  satisfaction  lasting  why 
march 2019 by bekishore
A Delicate Solution To The Pains And Sorrows Of Your Life - Siddha Performance

There will come a day in the future that isn’t as distant as your mind tells you it is. A day will certainly come when you and I are no longer here. And though a select few humans in the world will cry that we are gone, they will once again return to their lives. The buses and the trains will continue to run. The stores will open at the same time they always have.


And on that day that you die, if you are lucky you will have a moment or two to look back upon the number of hours and days and years that you were allotted. And when you do, what will you feel? What will you have to say about it?

I’m not interested in what others will say about you when you are dead.


In the end, life is more verb than noun.

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july 2018 by bekishore
Your Quiet Journey To The End Of The Earth - Siddha Performance
as I sit back and look at my life, I realize what a fool I have been. I have accepted my life as a drama of events in which I play the lead role. And I have surrendered my equanimity to the fickle hand of circumstance.

I will do that no longer. For I have finally glimpsed the strings behind the stage. It is all a grand drama. A glorious, life-sized play. It unfolds before my eyes. I can watch it and enjoy. But I no longer need to be a part of it.
walk  quiet  journey  end  earth  siddha  performance  kapil  gupta  fool  stage  string  career  championship  prize  money  joy  sacrifice  wrong  right  success  failure  culture  fabric  drama  lead  role 
july 2018 by bekishore
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