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GET 1% BETTER EVERY DAY - The Proven Way to Achieve Your Goals - YouTube
true behavior change is identity change

your outcomes are a lagging measure of habits


every action you take is a vote for the person you want to become
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june 2019 by bekishore
Sources of Power | Path-Sensitive
in life as in stocks, the winner is often not someone who knows what will happen, but someone who figured out slightly more than everyone else. And, for predicting the future, not many are trying.
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may 2018 by bekishore
A Troubadour's Testament by James Cowan - Reviewed by Ann Skea - Eclectica Magazine v4n2
What are the top 10 books you benefited most from? Su Terry Su Terry, former Retired, librarian Written Mar 23 Let me offer two. I call them my mental medicinal books: A Dish Served Cold by Anne Perry. (I read short novella whenever I get really, really angry at something someone does and I am provoked to do something in retaliation. This book reminds me to check my facts, learn ALL the details, and lastly, consider the offending party's point of view. Many a time, it has helped me put my anger in check and prevented me doing something I KNOW that I would regret later.) A Troubadour's Testament by James Cowan. (I read this novella whenever my heart is broken and the loss feels unbearable. This book helps me to deal with the loss and start to move into healing. It is especially helpful when the loss is through death. It helped me first through the deaths of my pet, then a dear friend, and finally, my husband. I don't know why it works, but it does.) Both books are short enough to read in an evening. Both are as medicinal and essential to my mental/emotional well-being as an aspirin and a bandaid are to the healing of my body. These books are little known, possibly hard to find (yes, available used on Amazon and quite inexpensive) but worth the effort. When your anger rages or your heart is broken, there is no more soothing balm for a reader's spirit than to read one of these two books.
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march 2017 by bekishore
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