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iPhones cost US$800, I was offered a job at Foxconn to assemble them for US$1.7 per hour, 40 hours per week | South China Morning Post
There are few requirements for being a production line worker at Foxconn. As long as you are educated to the age of 15, are aged between 16 and a half and 40, and are not Uygur or Tibetan, you’re welcome to apply.


“behave well or you will not be able to resign”.
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may 2019 by bekishore
Get that job at Grab – Steve Yegge – Medium
How do you get the best possible signal from a 1-hour interview?


My friend Ken Fishkin has a saying about interviews: “Everyone gets one mulligan.” Meaning, every candidate is allowed to make one grave error, a mistake so bad that you wonder if hiring them might also be a grave error. But as long as it’s only one problem area, and everything else is fine, then Ken and I both generally let it slide.


I’ve decided over the years that being a good interviewer is like trying to be a good detective — you need to look for clues, and follow up on them, and construct a complete picture of the tragic crime scene which comprises the candidate’s abilities.

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march 2019 by bekishore
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