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The Source Of Ultimate Human Intelligence - Siddha Performance
The reason that some are visionaries and artists is not because they are more “intelligent.” It is because they are more Available.
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july 2018 by bekishore
Asceticism Is Inevitable - Siddha Performance
I’m reminded of a householder who visited a Swami in the Himalayas.

He said, “Swamiji, you are such a great man. As an ascetic, you have sacrificed everything in order to seek The Truth.”

The Swami replied, “My dear man, I have left behind all those things because they brought me pain. You live amidst such unbelievable pain, attached to all the things of this world. I am at peace. You are in turmoil. It is you who has made the ultimate sacrifice.”
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june 2018 by bekishore

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