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Great developers are raised, not hired – The Principal Developer by Eduards Sizovs
We can create environments where people with eagerness and capacity to learn can become great developers.


You can escape this crazy hiring race by creating an environment, where experienced developers mentor less experienced developers. Hire for attitude, and teach technical skills. Great developers are raised, not hired.

Be the company that says: we are hiring mentoring.
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april 2019 by bekishore
That time Steve Jobs hired a career juggler to teach programming to developers - Cake
Here’s the thing: I would rather listen to Randy about hiring and culture than any of them. See for yourself in one of his few public appearances, below. Here’s the summary:

1. You want to find people with mastery, true depth.
2. The problem is, that isn’t enough. You need people who had failed and recovered. The core skill of innovators is error recovery, not failure avoidance.
3. Breadth, meaning curiosity about things beyond what you’re deep in.
4. Collaboration. Not a synonym for cooperation, but the ability to magnify others.
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december 2018 by bekishore

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