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Programmer as wizard, programmer as engineer
One immediate mistake we can make here is to believe that wizarding is somehow the sloppy, unprincipled, illegitimate version of engineering. Programmers can have good (if bitter) reasons for believing this, which we’ll get to in a minute. But on the face of it, wizarding is what programming should be most like. Wizarding is fun. Wizarding is pulling out 10 line script solutions to problems that seemed intractable to others.
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january 2019 by bekishore
Amazon software engineer interview · Sobit Akhmedov
You should know exactly why you want to work for Amazon. If you don’t, think twice about whether it’s the right place for you. Interviewers will know if you’re not honest with them, and it will be a waste of time for all parties. After all, why would you spend precious years of your life on something you’re not truly passionate about?
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july 2016 by bekishore
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