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On Becoming So Free That You Float Through Life - Siddha Performance
Treat your profession as an expression of your freedom. For if it is not, it’s a “job.” And I will state emphatically that human beings were not meant to be “workers.” They were meant to be Creators. And the only person who can create is the one who is free. If there are parts of your profession that are binding you, change them. Immediately. If there are parts of your profession that give you strife, it is because you are not insisting upon Freedom. Instead, you are hoping that it will come to you if “things start to go your way.”


Decide precisely where you would like to go. And if this is too difficult, decide precisely where you no longer wish to be.

Create. Succeed. Earn. Enjoy. But keep it at arm’s length. The only thing to keep in your heart is Freedom. Everything else is negotiable.

Freedom is only available Today. And today is the thing you have ignored for years.
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