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Physics & Astronomy Zone🔭 on Twitter: "This is what happiness really looks like:" / Twitter
This little video shows molecules of the protein myosin dragging a ball of endorphins along an active filament into the inner part of the brain’s parietal cortex. That produces feelings of happiness
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5 weeks ago by bekishore
I Got a Knuth Check for 0x$3.00 | Something Something Programming
Donald Knuth is a computer scientist who is so committed to the correctness of his books that he offers one US hexadecimal dollar ($2.56, 0x$1.00) for any “bug” found in his books, where a bug is anything that is “technically, historically, typographically, or politically incorrect”.
taocp  knuth  check  programming  cool  search  bug 
may 2019 by bekishore
Automated Refactoring of a U.S. Department of Defense Mainframe to AWS | AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog
The system we modernized is an ACAT III Major Defense Acquisition Program and mission-critical system used by more than 18,000 users at over 260 global locations. It provides daily supply chain and equipment support for DoD missions and is the accountable data system for over $30 billion in inventory.
cobol  aws  amazon  cool  programming  why  DoD 
may 2019 by bekishore
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