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Marzipan - Benjamin Mayo
Functionally, they are a win. These apps make the Mac do things it couldn’t before. That shouldn’t excuse them from blame, though. These are mediocre, bordering on bad, experiences. It’s not a good poster child for the future of the Mac. The Mac — heck Apple as a whole — is about delighting users with good-to-great experiences. What drew me to Apple was never how many bullet points they checked off the feature list.
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11 weeks ago by bekishore
I’m a Heart Doctor. Here’s Why I’m Wary of the New Apple Watch
The truth is that preventive health is far more complicated than identifying irregular rhythms from a watch. When you endeavor to make healthy people healthier, you always risk making them worse.
heart  apple  watch  health 
12 weeks ago by bekishore
Diving into the details of Apple's (boring?) record quarter - Six Colors
Apple needs to keep growing Services revenue because this is the world we live in. You’ve got to play that game, and if you had told me a decade ago how well Apple would seem to be doing at it, I wouldn’t have believed you. (To be fair, a huge portion of the Services line is the App Store itself, and that’s not just to Apple’s credit, but to the credit of everyone who sells apps.) But Services revenue is the add-on, not the core. Let’s never forget that—and hope Apple never does either.
apple  services  boring  2018-08-03 
august 2018 by bekishore
How Apple Programmer Sal Soghoian Got Apps Talking to Each Other | WIRED
To Soghoian, the CEO's harsh words were a direct attack on his work. "I sort of saw it as 'I might be this dog on my square yard of dirt, but I know every bit of that square yard and you're stepping on my yard," he says, "'I'm gonna bite your leg.'"
apple  people  2018-06-04  sal  soghoian  automation  guru 
june 2018 by bekishore
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