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Material Issuance to Employee
Create the employees as a employee vendor/vendor and issue the material with 541 and receive with 542 in MB1B. It will not hit any account entries only stock transfer so i think it is suitable to your senorio.
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20 days ago by bekishore
The Experience Economy – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
There are millions of complaints every day about disappointing customer experiences. This is called the experience gap. Businesses used to have time to sort this out, but in today’s unforgiving world, the damage is immediate, disruption is imminent. This has shifted the challenge from a running a business to guaranteeing great experiences for every single person.
SAP  experience  management  economy  stratechery  benthompson  ben  thompson  qualtrics  interesting  kiv  xm  future  0 
november 2018 by bekishore
Why should I use SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud? - YouTube
1. opex vs capex
2. accountability / trust
3. cost - expensive to buy new hardware / flexibility to start

best behind you
lowest cost
speed to value
hec  sap  why 
august 2018 by bekishore
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