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256 Year Old Chinese Herbalist Li Ching-Yuen, Holistic Medicine, and 15 Character Traits That Cause Diseases | World Truth.TV
Here are a few examples that could explain the causes of disease you or your loved ones may be suffering from:

Jealousy - causes oncological diseases, weakens the immune system.
Vengefulness - causes insomnia and throat diseases.
Inability to find a solution to a situation - causes lung diseases.
Lacking moral principals - causes chronic diseases, infections, and skin diseases.
Being too categorical or unwavering in beliefs - causes diabetes, migraines, and inflammations.
Lying - causes alcoholism, fungal infections, and weakens the immune system.
Aggressiveness - causes gastric ulcers, acid reflux, and warts.
Reticence - causes schizophrenia and kidney diseases.
Cruelty - causes epilepsy, asthma, and anemia.
Seeking conflicts - causes thyroid enlargement.
Apathy - causes diabetes.
Inconsistency or being fickle - causes infertility.
Being rude or insulting - causes diabetes and heart diseases.
Anxiety - causes digestive system disorders, heart, and skin diseases.
Greed - causes oncological diseases, obesity, and heart diseases.
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