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Irreparable - Chapter 1 - aslightstep - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It's a mistake destroying Steve's gesture of goodwill, Tony thinks, even as he takes an unholy amount of glee smashing that stupid phone to bits down in his lab and DUM-E waits eagerly with a fire extinguisher for the last of the letter to burn down. But it's a mistake Tony is happy to make.
*  avengers  marvel  postcivilwar  angst  tony  steve  rhodey  sam  natasha  t'challa  bruce  vision  ensemble  fixit  WIP  clint  peter  tony_steve 
march 2017 by bekap
What the Heart Wants - Chapter 1 - NarutoRox - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Between his best friend’s upcoming nuptials, said best friend’s new status as future ruler of the kingdom, and trying to fit back into his old life while dealing with the aftereffects of his imprisonment during the war, Bucky has more than enough on his plate. But when an attempt on Howard Stark’s life leaves the royal court in chaos, Bucky still steps up and offers to go fetch Stark’s son, Lord Anthony - the future heir to the throne, and Steve’s fiance - in Steve’s place, in part because keeping Steve safe and out of trouble is second nature, and partially in the hope an actual mission will distract him from the difficulty that has become his life.

What Bucky doesn’t count on is Lord Anthony getting himself kidnapped before Bucky can bring him home, or getting captured himself during his attempt at a rescue. But a promise is a promise, and Bucky has sworn to return Tony to Steve safe and sound - no matter what.
marvel  avengers  bucky_tony  peggy_steve  au  fantasy!au  thor  loki  t'challa  angst  romance  h/c  epicjourney 
february 2017 by bekap
Hole in My Soul - Chapter 1 - Potrix - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Regaining consciousness after cryo is always a slow, gradual process. Bucky’s hearing is usually what comes back to him first, the sounds around him well known by now; the hissing of the cooling valves, the gurgling of the tubes, the muted voices of the scientists and doctors on the other side of the glass, the beeping and humming of the medical equipment, and—music?

Once he’s able to open his eyes, minutes later, Bucky is reminded that, even though the situation seems and feels familiar, he’s waking up to something entirely different these days.

He isn’t in some dark, underground HYDRA lab, for one, but a hospital room with giant floor to ceiling windows that offer a spectacular view of Wakanda’s uniquely beautiful flora. To prevent unnecessary trauma-related stress, Bucky remembers T’Challa explaining, and it’s definitely working. No one is wearing masks, either, not Bucky, and not any of the doctors. He can see their faces as they work, and when they glance over at him, they smile and wave. Smells are muted inside the cryo tube, but Bucky can make out faint traces of vanilla and orange, not a hint of disinfectant, or piss, or blood, or something even worse in the air.

And then there’s the kid.
marvel  avengers  postcivilwar  bucky_tony  deaging  kid!tony  WIP  t'challa 
february 2017 by bekap

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