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Localgiving - Porthleven Skatepark CQ Fundraiser
Rory Coatsworth is fundraising for Porthleven Skate Park Group! They've reached 0% of their target - help them reach 100%!
Two  fab  people  raising  money  for  our  local  skate  park  -  pls  chuck  in  a  few  quid  if  you  can.  This  means  lot  to  be  community  and  young  village.  🙌🏻👍🏻🙌🏻 
may 2016 by beckymcmichael
Page Not Found | Facebook
tried on her new swimsuit today (was never going to be pretty...) in front of Boo who said, "nice swimsuit Mummy...are you going to wear trousers?" :-$
6  years  on  and  very  little  has  changed  lol 
may 2016 by beckymcmichael
Facebook just suspended a page with 4.4 million followers. What does that mean for online journalism?
And  again  don't  build  your  brand  on  borrowed  land... 
april 2016 by beckymcmichael
GOOD - If The World Were 100 People | GOOD Data | Facebook
When you shrink the world's population down to 100 people, this is what you get:
Interesting  read  and  good  reminder  #demographics  #assumptions  #data 
march 2016 by beckymcmichael
National Portrait Gallery
Grayson Perry and afternoon tea with Muth #40nicethingsforbecks
Ah  Muth  -  a  year  today  since  Grayson  Perry  and  La  Traviata!  😘  Pat  Green 
march 2016 by beckymcmichael
Stop the badger cull in: Cornwall | Campaigns by You
There has been no scientific evidence to show that killing badgers is an effective way to reduce TB in cattle. Culling badgers is a, cruel, expensive and ineffective policy which needs to be stopped. There are studies that are working with vaccines to inoculate Badgers against TB and which should be…
Please  sign:  it  costs  £5000  of  tax  payers  money  per  badger  killed  and  those  that  died  weren't  tested  during  the  pilot  so  has  no  effectiveness  outcome.  I  am  totally  sympathetic  to  anyone  who  l 
march 2016 by beckymcmichael
Tom Ford Cancels New York Fashion Week Show (
TOM FORD has announced that he has cancelled his planned presentations at New York Fashion Week
First  Burbs  now  TF.  Less  time  between  show  and  launch  =  for  imo  garms  to  appear  in  the  shops  rest  of  us  buy! 
february 2016 by beckymcmichael
Huge: Investing in New Moms is Good Business | Agency News - Advertising Age
Huge this month introduced a phase-back program for new moms meant to make the return to work after maternity leave less heartbreaking and more empowering.
It's  happening  more  and 
may 2015 by beckymcmichael
From Padstow to Pimlico: Cornwall is the best 'Plaice' for London Restauranteurs
Cornwall’s reputation as the leading supplier of quality, fresh seafood has now been cemented by the launch of a new delivery service that ensures fresh fish make their way from the fishing boat to London’s top restaurants in just six hours. The Cornwall Project, in association with logistics
Ooooh  interesting  reading  George  Blomfield  -  Cheryl  Cooley  you  should  show  this  to  Keo  and  crew! 
april 2015 by beckymcmichael
What's it like to live in FALMOUTH?
Thinking of relocating your business to Cornwall? Read our post to discover what makes Falmouth an ideal place to live.
Ever  wonder  what  it's  like  to  up  sticks  and  move  down  God's  own  country?  You  could  do  worse  than  Falmouth  as  your  new  'hood.  CC  Jed  Hallam 
april 2015 by beckymcmichael
You Can Now Meet Strangers From Around The World Who Look Just Like You -
You can now meet your doppelgängers from all over the world that look exactly like you from the 'Twin Strangers' project. Inspired by...
shut  up  and  register! 
april 2015 by beckymcmichael
I stand quietly | Dirty, Naked and Happy
I stand quietly while you do somersaults on the bed as you aren’t being naughty, you are just trying to get your out of sync body under control. I stand quietly by the toilet door every time you ne...
Sobbing.  For  every  mum  and  dad  (my  amazing  sister  in  particular  Ruth  Green)  that  stands  quietly.  Standing  with  you.  #autismawareness 
march 2015 by beckymcmichael
The Poke - No one is as happy as they seem on Facebook, as... | Facebook
No one is as happy as they seem on Facebook, as depressed as they seem on Twitter, or as talented as they seem on LinkedIn. (via @Rayke)
Or  as  absent  they  seem  on  Google+  and  hot  tinder 
january 2015 by beckymcmichael
Take The Ink Blot Test (Rorschach Test) To Find Out Who You Are!
Ever wonder what YOU would see while looking into the pictures of a ink blot test? An ink blot test gauges a persons personality characteristics, and emotional functioning, and can even detect underlying thought disorders. So, sit back, relax, take a deep breath, tell me what YOU see, and I will tel…
You  are....Normal/Average!  have  a  healthy  psyche  and  strong  ability  to  know  yourself  others.  You're  content  being  just  no  inner  issues  mention.  So  relax  smile!  Wor 
january 2015 by beckymcmichael
Ten Choices You Will Regret In 10 Years | The Mind Unleashed
“If only…” These two words paired together create one of the saddest phrases in the English language. Here are ten…
What  you  have  done  for  yourself  alone  dies  with  you;  others  and  the  world  remains. 
december 2014 by beckymcmichael
The Urban Dictionary Of Design Slang | Co.Design | business + design
Here are all the design terms you need to know, as well as quite a few most designers would love to never hear again.
Make  it  sexy  and  pop  in  a  way  with  less  white  space  bigger  text.  can  we  bold  it?  Is  immersive?  I  need  to  ideate  on  this  bit  more.  Hmmmm  tasty  timeless. 
december 2014 by beckymcmichael
Runtastic Plans To Bring Workouts To Oculus Rift
Austria-based fitness app maker Runtastic has revealed that it's planning a workout app for the Oculus Rift VR headset.
All  well  and  good  except  just  15  minutes  with  the  headset  on  makes  you  feel  physically  ill  let  alone  combining  that  a  job  lot  of  squats  burpees 
december 2014 by beckymcmichael
Squashbox Theatre
Amazing, inventive and quirky shows for schools, theatres, festivals and events
SW  ish  friends  with  kids  -  go  and  see  the  Squashbox  Theatre's  new  Christmas  show  love  their  stuff!  On  in  various  places  from  Windsor  to  Cornwall. 
november 2014 by beckymcmichael
Nathaniel's LEGO City #bitify - Projects
My son has had an ever-changing LEGO City in the house for over a year.  He constantly updates and changes it as he goes along.  This weekend he bitified it #bitify.I brought my littleBits at home from school and showed them to him.  He used the wireless pieces to remotely control som…
nice  (CC:  Stephen  Waddington  and  Paul  Fabretti  ) 
november 2014 by beckymcmichael
Fake Call From Santa on the App Store on iTunes
Get Fake Call From Santa on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.
Fake  Santa  calling  app:  installed  and  used  twice 
november 2014 by beckymcmichael
IRV DA PHENOM' | Facebook
I can't take it. Don't be basic. Be a DMG REBEL. like this page -> IRV DA PHENOM'
Sue  Hodgson  and  Sarah  Newing  comment. 
november 2014 by beckymcmichael
I Went to a Silent Speed-Dating Night in Clapham | VICE | United Kingdom
It was like a cross between a GCSE drama warm up and a pilates class.
Really?  This  is  a  thing?  I'd  just  sit  there  being  sweaty  and  hating  it.... 
november 2014 by beckymcmichael
Pressurized Growler Keeps Beer Fresh and Cold On-the-Go - PSFK
uKeg makes every glass of microbrew just as fresh as the first
So  Shevaughn  and  Meaghan  you  can  now  have  a  personalised  growler  ;-) 
october 2014 by beckymcmichael
The Last One | Carissa K
I will parent her with a confidence I didn't have before. With my first child, I was always reaching and desperate to take hold of what was next. With my last child, I cling to time even as I feel it being yanked away from me....
Like  this  blogger  has  said  to  her  third  and  final  child  I'm  just  so  glad  Loveday's  here  ❤️ 
october 2014 by beckymcmichael
Why You Should Hire For Potential, Not Experience | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
When you're hiring, look past the experience candidates come with, to the potential for them to grow into the perfect fit for your company.
And  why  so  many  people  rarely  do.... 
september 2014 by beckymcmichael
*business owner fb friends* I am a writer, qualified to masters level. As my littlest rugrat is now entering full time education, I am looking to set up as a freelance copywriter. I have Exp in scriptwriting for radio and for screen, news, advertising, website writing and editing, and all prose. I am looking to build a current portfolio so if anybody would like any copy written for FREE please inbox me. Thanks x
Dear  PR  and  ad  friends  -  my  sister  is  looking  to  gain  a  variety  of  commercial  writing  examples  for  her  portfolio  as  she  starts  up  own  thing.  She's  an  amazing  single  mum  four  kids  young 
september 2014 by beckymcmichael
Free school meals should be for those who need them, not those who don’t | Zoe Williams | Comment is free |
Zoe Williams: This £1bn universal benefit is a punch in the face for the million people who need food banks
Agree  -  when  you've  got  parents  turning  free  school  meals  down  and  others  unable  to  afford  even  the  most  basic  of  uniform  or  an  evening  meal  it's  a  bloody  disgrace. 
september 2014 by beckymcmichael
The Good Enough Mums Club: ‘It’s OK to be a bit crap’ | Life and style | The Guardian
Emily Beecher has turned her experience of severe postnatal depression into a musical. The show is based on the idea that mothers don’t have to be perfect – just good enough
Saw  this  and  thought  of  you  Jessica  Chivers 
september 2014 by beckymcmichael
Zara removes striped pyjamas with yellow star following online outrage | Fashion |
Social media users likened the baby’s pyjama top, featuring horizontal stripes and a ‘Sheriff’ star to clothes worn by Jewish concentration camp prisoners
The  next  time  a  kid  moans  about  having  to  study  history  and  asks  what  use  it  is.  Show  them  this. 
august 2014 by beckymcmichael
Does no one else use their bra to go handsfree?? |Mumsnet Discussion
"There are not many things that haven't been stashed in my bra."
Yes!  Always  store  phone  and  cards  in  bra! 
august 2014 by beckymcmichael
simonsaysinspire's photo on Instagram
Lisa  Mann  Suzanne  Chilvers  I.e  arriving  for  dinner  and  drinks  evening  on  pjs.  Standard  ❤️❤️ 
july 2014 by beckymcmichael
Donate Now | Save the Children Mobile
Please choose how you would like to support our work. A monthly gift can help children survive their first day, first month, first year — all the way to the crucial age of five.
Many  people  are  asking  what  they  can  do  to  help  those  caught  up  in  the  Israel/Palestine  situation.  Save  Children  sending  out  child  and  baby  packs  sick  injured  evacuated 
july 2014 by beckymcmichael
Mood swings? It might be more than PMS… | Society | The Observer
Alice Roberts: The most commonly prescribed combined contraceptive pill has a potential side-effect that more women – and GPs – should know about
And  so  many  GPs  dismiss  it  too. 
july 2014 by beckymcmichael
10 Good Reasons to Breastfeed Past One Year (And How to Know When You and Your Child are Done) | Boba Family
Boba helps parents stay active. With our baby carriers and baby wraps, families can enjoy freedom together. Live life to the fullest with a Boba baby carrier.
A  subject  quite  close  to  my  heart  at  the  moment  as  it  seems  you're  more  likely  get  questioned  for  breastfeeding  one  year  old  than  you  are  if  give  them  happy  meal....  And  woman  quoted  is 
july 2014 by beckymcmichael
Yorkshire Sculpture Park named UK museum of the year | Culture | The Guardian
YSP near Wakefield takes £100,000 Art Fund prize with judges praising it as 'truly outstanding museum with bold artistic vision'
Get  in!  V  proud  of  my  sis  in  law  and  her  colleagues!  Kelly  Amoss 
july 2014 by beckymcmichael
Error Page
I refuse to miss my children's high-pitched, pool-induced giggles because of my insecurities....
Yes.  The  secret  to  a  beach  body  is  1)  have  and  2)  go  beach. 
june 2014 by beckymcmichael
Why three’s no longer a crowd - Telegraph
With house prices rocketing, the granny annexe is back. We discover the joys of 'inter-generational living’
Would  have  to  fight  Stuart  for  it  Pat  Green  and  Brenda  McMichael...he  wants  the  Mannexe 
june 2014 by beckymcmichael
Run Your Own Business In Tenerife | eBay
Run Your Own Business In Tenerife in Business, Office & Industrial, Businesses For Sale, Service Businesses | eBay
Anyone  looking  for  a  life  change  -  friend  is  moving  and  selling  their  business 
may 2014 by beckymcmichael
A Beta Parent Manifesto | Jen Nessel
Contrary to what you might read, there are parents out there who don't hire bi-lingual nannies or fall to pieces when their kids brush up against a non-organic toy.
Re-reading  the  beta  thing  after  our  chat  this  morning  Carol  and  Anna  :) 
may 2014 by beckymcmichael
BBC Two - Pop Goes BBC TWO
A look back at 50 years of popular music on BBC TWO, featuring key live performances.
This  (and  a  couple  of  Crabbies)  are  making  my  train  journey  whizz  by....loving  the  Normski/Tribe  Called  Quest  and  Pulp  clips  so  far...worth  watch 
april 2014 by beckymcmichael
Exclusive: Dramatic U-turn as Hunt agrees to free meningitis B jabs for every UK child to protect against 'parent's greatest fear' - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent
A new vaccine against meningitis B – one of the most feared diseases, which can quickly kill children or leave them needing limb amputations – is to be made available free on the NHS, The Independent has learnt.
This  has  been  such  a  long  time  coming  -  massive  congratulations  to  the  dream  team  new  and  old! 
march 2014 by beckymcmichael
Flexible working and perceptions of commitment - Robertson Cooper
Robertson Cooper: Business psychology company founded by Cary Cooper and Ivan Robertson, based Manchester and London, offering well-being, stress, employee engagement and resilience, leadership development and talent management consultancy and tools.
Some  useful  tips  in  here....also  worth  remembering  that  haterz  gonna  your  best  measure  output  and  not  face  time  respect  EVERYONE'S  out  of  work  priorities  just  mothers... 
february 2014 by beckymcmichael
Oh, your commute was a nightmare, was it?
I  see  your  tube  strike  and  raise  you  an  Atlantic  Arse  Kicking.... 
february 2014 by beckymcmichael
The Secret of Life from Steve Jobs in 46 Seconds | Brain Pickings
"Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again." It's hard to believe it's been almost two months since Steve Jobs passed away. And
When  you  grow  up  tend  to  get  told  that  the  world  is  way  it  and  your  life  just  live  inside  try  not  bash  into  walls  too  much  have  a  nice  family 
january 2014 by beckymcmichael
What a busy start to the year. We have... - The Mather Partnership, Helston | Facebook
What a busy start to the year. We have just agreed the 16th sale of the month. Thinking of selling your home? More #property required!
Recommend  Mather  -  Emma  Charlotte  and  Pete  did  a  fab  job  when  we  bought  sold  last  year 
january 2014 by beckymcmichael
Boob deodorant – the latest joke from the beauty industry | Jill Filipovic | Comment is free |
Jill Filipovic: Inventing problems with women's (and now men's) bodies and offering a 'cure' fuels the multi-billion dollar beauty industry
Ups  and  downs.... 
january 2014 by beckymcmichael
Tablet takedown: the best (and worst) of 2013 – video review | Technology |
Charles Arthur and Samuel Gibbs look at products from Apple, Microsoft, Google and Nokia as well as high-street retailers Argos and Tesco
iPad  (obvs)  Nexus  and  hudl  come  out  well 
december 2013 by beckymcmichael
Dear unqualified teacher aka classroom assistant aka nvq person, Thank you for kindly, yet again, pointing out in Isaacs book that he didn't complete his spelling sentences this week. May I point out to you: He did dress up and take part in a nativity for the first time. He did read his reading book. He did walk to the church and hold hands with a supply teacher despite him never holding hands with anyone for fear of germs. He did have a bath without his clothes on for the first time in months. He did put his hand up and speak at church. He did go to the toilet without crying. He did sleep through the night albeit in my bed on top of me. He did eat out with only a few meltdowns. He did brush his teeth. I find it ironic that what I see as a week of achievements for my asd son, you see room for negativity and criticism. I will continue to parent how I do in the hope that Isaac will get to where he needs to be in time, and will develop understanding and compassion along the way. Perhaps you could put the same amount of effort that it takes Isaac to just go to school, into educating yourself in the field of autism. It may be too late at your age however to address your ignorance and clearly judgmental attitude, but we can live in hope. Yours Loving parent of a child with autism x
Heartbreaking  that  she  had  to  write  this  but  I  am  so  proud  of  my  sister  and  nephew. 
december 2013 by beckymcmichael
Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Stuart's riding 100 miles for Nelson and CALM
Stuart McMichael is raising money for CALM by taking part in the Nelson's Tour de Test Valley. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Good  luck  to  Stuart  and  all  the  other  riders  doing  #tourdetestvalley  in  honour  of  Nelson  Pratt  (George  Graham  Ed  Sam  Rose).  Hoping  it  stays  dry  for  you  all.  Not  too  late  sponsor  Stu  if 
august 2013 by beckymcmichael
Embarrassed || Spoken Word by Hollie McNish - YouTube I wrote this poem in a public toilet after my 6 month old baby fell asleep. I was in town on my own a lot with her and t...
Lactivism  alive  and  well  on  tinterweb.  I'm  pro  choice  knowledge  when  it  comes  to  how  you  feed  your  kids  but  the  fact  it's  seen  as  offensive  breastfeed  in  some  places  is  frankly  absurd.  I' 
july 2013 by beckymcmichael
BBC News - Flybe pull-out 'devastating' news for Cornwall
Flybe's decision to end its direct Newquay-to-Gatwick flights from March 2014 is "devastating news", say Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.
This  is  really  dire  news.......makes  me  wonder  what  our  MPs  are  actually  able  to  entire  region  now  cut  off  without  any  air  travel  and  relying  slowly  on  one  trainline  (without  wifi)  does  n 
may 2013 by beckymcmichael
Twitter / DawnHFoster: Well, EDF's twitter feed is ...
Instantly connect to what's most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.
And  here  was  me  assuming  that  EDL  /  English  Defence  League's  supporters  liked  it  so  much  because  they  could  spell  it.....assume  nothing.... 
may 2013 by beckymcmichael
Why parents should leave their kids alone
What if the best thing we could do for our children is just to leave them alone? Jay Griffiths on why modern parenting is making our children miserable
And  I  meant  to  share  this  one!  Interesting  read.... 
may 2013 by beckymcmichael
Facebook names UK advisory board and forgets the 99% - Dot Comms
AllFacebook has published recent news announcing the formation of Facebook’s new UK advisory board which is “aimed at strengthening the relationships between brands and agencies in the U.K. and the social network.” The board consists of the great and good of some of the UK’s largest companies and me...
Has  Facebook  got  this  right?  No  comms  pros  or  smaller  /  mid  sized  brands  represented  on  the  advisory  committee?  Just  large  media  agencies  and  blue  I  get  whole  "follow  money"  prin 
april 2013 by beckymcmichael
How social enterprise can succeed in the world of technology | Guardian Social Enterprise Network
Technology can level the playing field, and a social enterprise model can give everyone the opportunity to benefit.
Love  this  -  client  piece  in  the  Guardian  today  "develop  an  interest  into  a  skill  that  has  value"  then  work  becomes  something  you  AND  can  make  living  from  rather  than  do. 
april 2013 by beckymcmichael
'Lying, thieving bastards'? That's not the half of it: Disabled people describe the everyday insults they've suffered on Twitter - News - Gadgets & Tech - The Independent
The allegation that jobless and disabled people were referred to as LTB – "lying, thieving bastards" – by staff responsible for finding them jobs caused revulsion when it was aired by BBC Panorama earlier this week.
Hideous  well  done  the  Indy  for  printing  it.  Knowledge  is  power....don't  ever  accept  comments  in  your  earshot.  It's  about  time  people  spoke  up  and  out. 
february 2013 by beckymcmichael
ALL YOU NEED IS⦠(07/01/13) - Dot Comms
Welcome to 2013. Is this is the year digital will seal the bond with our economy? Not only will digital continue to grow in many industries but it will also completely revolutionise others, such as healthcare, development and TV advertising.
Gabriele  Genola's  weekly  digital  blog  post  for  Ruder  Finn  UK  is  back  and  ignoring  the  detox  with  a  full  fat  does  of  news 
january 2013 by beckymcmichael
Downs Side Up: The Toothless Fairy
A timeless tale of a little girl, a lost tooth and an extra chromosome
Lovely  post  about  the  rights  of  passage  and  their  importance  for  ALL  children  x 
october 2012 by beckymcmichael
Kickass negotiation: How to get what you need for your... - Eventbrite
Jessica Chivers, author, coach, facilitator and all round inspiration will be running an interactive session on how we can empower ourselves to ask for what we want in a way that keeps relationships intact and moves us closer to our career goals. Nick Leonard, MD of PR firm and flexible employer Ru...
Roll  up  up.....pregnant  pals  on  maternity  or  back  in  work?  this  event  for  marketing  and  media  mummies  is  about  negotiating  to  get  what  you  want  at  work  looks  like  a  goodun!  Meaghan  Murta  B 
october 2012 by beckymcmichael
Women need to become creators, as well as consumers, of the web (Wired UK)
There is an alarming contrast between the prevalence of women as consumers or inhabitants of the internet and their likelihood to be creators in the same space
It  is  International  Day  of  The  Girl  today  and  this  piece  perfectly  timed  to  look  at  how  we  inspire  our  daughters  get  involved  in  technology  web  -  very  fabric  society  liv 
october 2012 by beckymcmichael
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