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Snapchat Launches a Colossal Expansion of Its Advertising, Ushering in a New Era for the App | Adweek
Imran Khan was an internet-focused investment banker at Credit Suisse, where, in September 2014, he orchestrated Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba's high-profile IPO.
Today  the  company  announces  launch  of  Snapchat  Partners  its  long-anticipated  advertising  API  (application  programming  interface)  which  will  hook  up  more  than  20  tech-minded  companies.  pr 
june 2016 by beckymcmichael
*business owner fb friends* I am a writer, qualified to masters level. As my littlest rugrat is now entering full time education, I am looking to set up as a freelance copywriter. I have Exp in scriptwriting for radio and for screen, news, advertising, website writing and editing, and all prose. I am looking to build a current portfolio so if anybody would like any copy written for FREE please inbox me. Thanks x
Dear  PR  and  ad  friends  -  my  sister  is  looking  to  gain  a  variety  of  commercial  writing  examples  for  her  portfolio  as  she  starts  up  own  thing.  She's  an  amazing  single  mum  four  kids  young 
september 2014 by beckymcmichael
Junior Account Executive : Ruder Finn - Graduate vacancy |
Ruder Finn London is looking for a sharp, enthusiastic graduate to join its technology team as a junior account executive. This is a great opportunity to begin your career in technology PR, working in a fast-paced environment at a rapidly growing global agency. In this role, you’ll need to have a ke…
Anyone  looking  to  start  a  career  in  comms  consultancy?  Our  tech  PR  team  are  hiring 
may 2014 by beckymcmichael
Senior PR chums (AD level and above). I have just been told about an amazing maternity cover opportunity that I would like to pass on to my connections. It's in-house and one of the most prestigious UK/global brands... you would have to have a sound knowledge of digital/social as well as being a brilliant comms person (corporate and consumer). Can't say more at this point until it's officially announced but if you have capacity and are interested, please DM me. I'm too specialised for this role, in case you are wondering why I'm not biting their arm off...
Looks  a  Goodun  PR  chums 
september 2013 by beckymcmichael
We're hiring!... | Facebook
We're hiring! Ruder Finn UK is on the hunt for Britain's brightest and best PR talent once again! This time we are looking for a strong, tech focused account director/ senior account director for our rapidly growing Corporate & Technology practice here in London. The division grew 100% last year thanks to an outstanding team doing fantastic work across a range of clients from smart TV and digital content providers to financial service technology, cutting edge engineering and marketing services. We recently launched a new healthcare technology division and working alongside our public affairs, healthcare and digital colleagues we are looking to expand into other areas this year. This is a critical hire for us. The new AD/SAD will be a key part of the growth of the division and the agency and a strong team leader, able to bring a broad level of experience to bear on the existing team helping junior members to learn and grow. Ambitious and with excellent new business/ organic growth skills, but also a strong team player with a real interest in helping others to achieve in their careers, you will need to be self motivated and creative. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to make a real impact on their next agency. This year is going to be a big year for Ruder Finn globally and this is an opportunity to be part of that. Desired Skills & Experience Strong background in technology - mainly B2B Good track record in client growth and working on new business Strong team leadership skills Also useful to have experience in a more integrated marketing environment (but not essential) Interested? Email: or drop us a note here and we'll be in touch.
Any  PR  account  directors  looking  for  a  new  gig? 
february 2013 by beckymcmichael
Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR, Chapter 23 - YouTube
@bmcmichael: RT @mhpblog: Our @markpack has taken to YouTube to talk about his chapter in Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR #ciprsm
RT  @mhpblog:  Our  @markpack  has  taken  to  YouTube  talk  about  his  chapter  in  Share  This:  The  Social  Media  Handbook  for  PR  #ciprsm 
july 2012 by beckymcmichael
CIPR ‘Share This’ Tops PR Book Chart « PR and the Social Web
@bmcmichael: “@robbrown: CIPR ‘Share This’ has gone straight to no.1 on pre-orders alone in Amazon PR books chart #CIPRSM” > brill!
“@robbrown:  CIPR  ‘Share  This’  has  gone  straight  to  no.1  on  pre-orders  alone  in  Amazon  PR  books  chart  #CIPRSM”  >  brill! 
july 2012 by beckymcmichael
@bmcmichael: New guidance from @CIPR_UK for PR people using Wikipedia #ciprsm
New  guidance  from  @CIPR_UK  for  PR  people  using  Wikipedia  #ciprsm 
june 2012 by beckymcmichael
The Wikipedia debate: will two communities collaborate or collide?
@bmcmichael: The #CIPRTV show tomorrow @ 5pm should be a good one. WIkipedia and PR
The  #CIPRTV  show  tomorrow  @  5pm  should  be  a  good  one.  WIkipedia  and  PR 
june 2012 by beckymcmichael
@bmcmichael: RT @CIPR_UK: PR ethics is being debated this evening on #CIPRTV. In the studio will be @ElianeGlaser + @DrJonWhite + @Sheldrake http://t ...
ifttt  RT  @CIPR_UK:  PR  ethics  is  being  debated  this  evening  on  #CIPRTV.  In  the  studio  will  be  @ElianeGlaser  +  @DrJonWhite  @Sheldrake  http://t  from delicious
may 2012 by beckymcmichael
@bmcmichael: RT @CIPR_UK: PR ethics is being debated this evening on #CIPRTV. In the studio will be @ElianeGlaser + @DrJonWhite + @Sheldrake http://t ...
RT  @CIPR_UK:  PR  ethics  is  being  debated  this  evening  on  #CIPRTV.  In  the  studio  will  be  @ElianeGlaser  +  @DrJonWhite  @Sheldrake  http://t 
may 2012 by beckymcmichael
m3 | marketing media mums
networking for bright, ambitious, busy working mums
Calling  all  mummies  in  media  marketing  PR  digital  fundraising  -  come  along  to  our  event  9.30-11.30  am  on  March  1st  central  London.  The  working  mum's  ultimate  survival  guide  we'd  love  you  g 
february 2012 by beckymcmichael
Debenhams Jobs - Job Description
@bmcmichael: RT @drewb: Debenhams is looking for a new social media manager in the PR team. Apply here: Pls RT!
RT  @drewb:  Debenhams  is  looking  for  a  new  social  media  manager  in  the  PR  team.  Apply  here:  Pls  RT! 
january 2012 by beckymcmichael
RT @bmcmichael: New... | Facebook
RT @bmcmichael: New year, new job? Ruder Finn wants AD, SAE, SAM, AE levels for tech / corp divisions (cc @ukjtpr )
UK-based  PR  folks  -  send  yourselves  our  way....LOTS  of  opportunities  at  gaff  the  moment  and  opportunity  to  a)  work  in  shiny  beautiful  new  offices  b)  across  traditional  digital 
january 2012 by beckymcmichael
PR Gets To Grips With Data-Driven World
@ArunSudhaman: Our big new 3-part feature on how the PR industry is being reshaped by a data-driven world
ifttt  twitter  PR  future  data  insights  analytics 
january 2012 by beckymcmichael
Wikipedia and PR have got to work it out | A PR Guy's Musings | Stuart Bruce
@stuartbruce: PR & Wikipedia have to work it out by me Open lettter to Jimmy Wales & Wikipedia by @philgomes
ifttt  twitter  wikipedia  PR  issue 
january 2012 by beckymcmichael
Is There a Glass Ceiling for Women in PR Agencies? — The Holmes Report Blog
Those data suggest that the industry has come a long way in addressing an issue that has long troubled management at many of the larger agencies. The industry can ill afford to lose talent, and while there may be legitimate reasons for the decline in the percentage of women in older demographics, it would be smart to try to figure out ways to keep them.
Holmes  report  glass  ceiling  PR 
march 2011 by beckymcmichael
pr 2.0 looks a lot like SEO - PRmoment
I’m certain that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was not a subject that was on the curriculum when I studied marketing. However, in the year 2011, it’s hard to call yourself a digital marketing consultant or provide PR services and not understand the drivers behind how communications interacts with search engines like Google and Bing.
pr  seo 
february 2011 by beckymcmichael
Ian Monk: What happened to all the blokes? - PR and Public Relations news - PR Week
he sender was a PR and media studies undergraduate and her survey contained a dozen crisp questions about our industry.

One question was 'would you go out of your way to hire a male because of the scarcity value of such creatures in PR'? It seemed less than provocative until the explanatory note indicated that more than 90 per cent of the sender's class were female, with men outnumbered 11 to one.

This seemed a freakish imbalance. However, a few further enquiries showed that, although greater than some, it was not untypical of the demographics in universities and colleges up and down the country.
gender  PR  university 
february 2011 by beckymcmichael
European Monitor Report reveals gender pay gap in comms industry
The Europe-wide survey of comms professionals found that women are paid less then men in all positions.

A male CEO of a comms agency takes home between €90,000 (£75,288) and €100,000 (£83,653) while a female would be paid between €60,000 (£50,192) and €70,000 (£58,557), according to the survey.
gender  pay  pr 
february 2011 by beckymcmichael
How can we get more women in PR's top jobs? - Inside PR - PRmoment
According to the latest CIPR's Annual State of the PR Profession Survey, PR is dominated by women (65 per cent are female), yet men are more likely to hold a senior management or director position and are almost twice as likely to be earning a salary in excess of £50,000.
pr  women 
february 2011 by beckymcmichael
Facebook's new pages: what they mean for marketers | Econsultancy
Those of you logging into the world’s largest social network (so, all of you) recently may have noticed a few changes, particularly if you’re working with Facebook professionally.
facebook  tabs  PR 
february 2011 by beckymcmichael
Could better PR have prevented Groupon’s China gaffe? « Imagethief
Unless you live on Pluto and you’re just in town for the temple fairs you probably know the situation with Groupon and their notorious Tibet ad. From within the China echo chamber it can be tricky to calibrate your reaction to this kind of thing. Those of us who live here are prone to flinch at things that people living in America don’t give a damn about. But we often learn that flinch reaction the hard way, over years of doing business in China and wrestling the occasional PR crisis.
china  pr  blogs  groupon 
february 2011 by beckymcmichael
5 things I learnt about our industry last week :: Bite Communications
OK, I admit it, I didn’t really learn five *new* things about the communications industry last week but I did have five things re-confirmed for me. And given I think they’re five pretty important points for the industry to continue to think about, I figured I’d draft this blog.

First, the background: Bite’s parent company Next Fifteen held its AGM last week. Jolly interesting it was too. As part of the AGM process, I got to spend some time with some industry analysts who follow Next Fifteen’s progress as well as that of similar communications holding groups. Here’s what I had re-confirmed for me:

The digital opportunity remains the largest opportunity that PR agencies have ever had to break free from the niche budget silo that they’ve traditionally operated in. Right now, it’s a veritable digital gold rush and nobody in any marketing discipline on the agency side has cracked the formula
Those agencies that *get* data and its importance in driving insight for campaigns, and who can guide and advise their clients accordingly, will thrive
There is a bias towards believing that agencies who have specialised in technology over the years understand the digital opportunity the best (yes, I know that that is Next Fifteen’s heritage but I’m only relaying the views of the various analysts so don’t shoot the messenger…)
There is also a bias towards newer agencies with younger demographic leadership on the basis that these people are digital ‘natives’ and thus more able to understand the need to change and adapt their organisations’ business models
Marketing spend is rebounding as economic pressures ease (although 2011 still remains tricky) but the rebound will be directed towards online campaigns. There is the firm belief that PR agencies have a strong chance of success here and thus attitudes towards the sector are bullish
So, perhaps not earth-shatteringly new, but all the same, an interesting perspective from those who are paid to analyse and invest in our sector. It’ll pay all agency leaders to heed and take note, I’d suggest.
pr  2011  opportunities 
february 2011 by beckymcmichael
Jon Silk | PR Geek: Fly in the ointment: Guardian swats Rentokil's PR
The Guardian's Ben Goldacre wrote on Friday that a Rentokil story on how 'Commuters share trains with 1,000 cockroaches 200 bedbugs and 200 fleas' was not all it appeared to be. (Guess what? The study wasn't, as reported, based on real-life tests. It was based on a theoretical model.)
rentokil  pr  storm  social  media 
march 2010 by beckymcmichael
Ranking top UK PR blogs using social network analysis « Much ado about nowt
More interesting analysis from Bradford's PR hero Tim Hoang looking at how to anylse a blog's ranking by looking at it's status in the overall PR network....a good kick up the butt for me to get my linking sorted...tis on the todo list!
network  analysis  blogs  pr 
january 2010 by beckymcmichael
PRWatch: What Happens When PR People Have More Traffic Than The Reporters - SVW
Tom Foremski on why PR people can;t place client stories on their own social media outlets....
pr  blogging  influence 
december 2009 by beckymcmichael
Danny Rogers: Media revolution may yet turn full circle
PR Week's editor on the continued move from journalism into PR for several high prfofile figures and whther this trend is sustainable.
pr  journalism  trend 
november 2009 by beckymcmichael
Wildfire PR – Business and Consumer Technology Public Relations : Blog Archive : 10 ways to use Linkedin for PR
How to get the most out of LinkedIn for PR - review notes from the PRCA seminar focusing on events, groups and making industry spokepeople visible
linkedin  pr  howto  tips 
november 2009 by beckymcmichael
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