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Social media and internal communications
@bmcmichael: RT @jenniwheller: #ciprtv is back on 13th sept with @mgrafham & me... Any questions on social media & internal comms can be asked here:
RT  @jenniwheller:  #ciprtv  is  back  on  13th  sept  with  @mgrafham  &  me...  Any  questions  social  media  internal  comms  can  be  asked  here: 
september 2012 by beckymcmichael
The Wikipedia debate: will two communities collaborate or collide?
@bmcmichael: The #CIPRTV show tomorrow @ 5pm should be a good one. WIkipedia and PR
The  #CIPRTV  show  tomorrow  @  5pm  should  be  a  good  one.  WIkipedia  and  PR 
june 2012 by beckymcmichael

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