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Unkind Folly
Timothy Lawrence was told by one of his only friends, that the new Atlas CEO was a different kind of boss, and that Atlas was now a different kind of company. Since he was in need of a job and not many people are willing to hire the doppelganger of Handsome Jack, he didn't have many options anyway. So when the CEO Rhys Fausse personally reached out to offer him a job, it seemed like the best course of action.

However, as Tim knows better than most, sometimes the most handsome faces, hide the darkest secrets.  

Maybe he has nothing to worry about. Maybe Janey was right. It seemed different. I had to be different.

It would all be just fine. Right?'
author:Dokt0rGunn  source:AO3  rating:Mature  status:complete  words:10K-25K  relationship:m/m  fandom:Borderlands  character:Rhys  character:Handsome-Jack  character:Timothy-Lawrence  character:Vaughn-(Borderlands)  character:Sasha-(Borderlands  character:Fiona-(Borderlands)  character:Cassius-Leclemaine  pairing:Rhys/Timothy-Lawrence  pairing:Handsome-Jack/Rhys  theme:post-canon  theme:canon-divergence  warning:abuse  warning:death-of-major-character  warning:death-of-minor-character 
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Count to ten (and let go)
Tony should have died a good twenty-eight times already, knows that normal bodies don't endure the way his does.

He did the math, checked his DNA himself.

Get rid of the suit and what's left?
source:AO3  author:Sann  rating:Teen  words:1K-5K  status:wip  updated:2016  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  fandom:Marvel  character:Tony-Stark  character:Thor  character:Natasha-Romanov  character:Bruce-Banner  character:Clint-Barton  character:Steve-Rogers  theme:immortal!Tony-Stark  character:Howard-Stark  warning:death-of-major-character 
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From A to Z
“OK, hypothetically, you get sent back in time one year. Does that make a difference?” Strange asked. “Two? Three? Could you live through the worst experience of your life again to preserve enough of the timeline to continue? Could you stand aside and let someone you love live through a bad experience in their life?”
“OK. I get it. Bad idea.” Tony smirked at Strange to cover for his unease. “So. Plan B?”
Strange grinned but there was a serious glint in his eyes. “How about we make it plan Z?”
“Last resort, huh?” Tony shrugged. “Yeah, why not? Let’s go with that.”
source:AO3  author:Rachel500  rating:Teen  relationship:f/m  relationship:friendship  words:50K-100K  status:complete  fandom:Marvel  character:Tony-Stark  character:Pepper-Potts  character:Steve-Rogers  character:Nick-Fury  character:Phil-Coulson  character:Natasha-Romanov  character:Bruce-Banner  character:Wanda-Maximoff  character:Pietro-Maximoff  character:Vision  character:J.A.R.V.I.S.  character:F.R.I.D.A.Y.  character:James-"Rhodey"-Rhodes  character:Peter-Parker  character:Peter-Quill  character:Roket-Raccoon  character:Drax-the-Destroyer  character:Groot  character:Maria-Hill  character:T'Challa  character:General-Thaddeus-"Thunderbolt"-Ross  character:Clint-Barton  character:Thor  character:Loki  character:Ho  character:Erik-Selvig  character:Justin-Hammer  relationship:Pepper-Potts/Tony-Stark  reltaionship:Vision/Wanda-Maximoff  relationship:Bruce-Banner/Natasha-Romanov  reltaionship:Clint-Barton/Laura-Barton  reltaionship:Jane-Foster/Thor  theme:time-shenanigans  theme:canon-death-ignored/prevented  warning:canon-character-death  warning:d 
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Negative Space
"Dean was born, Dean died at the age of three. So who/what carries Sam out of the house that night? And why does John keep insisting on calling it, Dean? Is Dean even there?"
source:LJ  author:honeylocusttree  rating:Teen  status:complete  words:<1K  relationship:familial  fandom:Supernatural  theme:AU  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  warning:death-of-major-character  character:Sam-Winchester  character:John-Winchester 
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Herald of Corypheus
"The Herald of Andraste dies here today.", Elder One says, mounting his archdemon. "The Herald of Corypheus will not." Lavellan is left behind in the snow when Corypheus attacks Haven and her companions flee to safety. She decides to cast her lot with a new god who promises to answer her prayers, becoming the Herald of Corypheus. Dark and twisted oneshot about lost faith and gods who do not listen. A retelling of Inquisition from Corypheus' side.
author:Umerue  source:AO3  status:wip  updated:2015  rating:Mature  relationship:f/m  status:complete  words:5K-10K  character:Lavellan  character:Corypheus  character:Solas  character:Vivienne  character:Cole  character:Samson  character:Calpernia  character:Livius  Erimond  character:Imshael  character:Cillian  pairing:Lavellan/Solas  theme:betrayal  warning:death-of-major-character  fandom:Dragon-Age  theme:torture  theme:rape  character:Cassandra-Pentaghast 
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OP stalks out-of-touch-with-reality!Cullen prompts and devours their fills. I'd really like something where under extreme physical and mental stress (preferably a combat situation) Cullen starts seeing Amell/Surana (who is 100% definitely dead), but rather than tormenting him, she rallies him. Gives him something to focus on besides the pain and exhaustion. Gets him to drag himself onward after he should have fallen down, because the Warden once rescued him at a point when he honestly expected to die. Actual-ghostliness or spirit fuckery are fine, but would prefer if this is just poor Cullen's subconscious fighting crazy with more crazy because it's the only way he can cope at that moment. Ambiguous interpretations are best of all. Oh, and the degree of requitedness in the Warden/Cullen relationship is totally up to A!A.
source:LJ  author:anonymous  status:complete  words:<1K  relationship:f/m  rating:Mature  character:Amell  theme:hallucinations  pairing:Amell/Cullen  character:Cullen-Rutherford  warning:death-of-major-character  fandom:Dragon-Age  theme:lyrium-addiction  character:Cassandra-Pentaghast 
january 2015 by beckswithrecs
In Death, Sacrifice
"Act III, after saving Nathaniel. Anders leaves Kirkwall and his lover for his Calling. He doesn't tell anyone, he's just... gone one morning. Hawke doesn't know what to think until Varric tells him that he's been sighted with Nathaniel the day he left, then with the Wardens in Ferelden. After that, Hawke starts thinking that Anders just didn't have the guts to tell him that he didn't love him anymore, or never loved him at all; he may even toy with the thought that Anders left him for Nathaniel. Bitter and in pain, Hawke starts trash-talking Anders around his companions. They don't necessarily like it, but he did left without a word, didn't he? One day, Hawke does it when Warden!Carver is around. Carver, knowing what really happened because he was in Orzammar when Anders' party passed through to the Deep Roads, gets angry. Really angry."
source:AO3  author:Sijglind  rating:Mature  status:complete  relationship:m/m  relationship:onesided  words:5K-10K  character:Anders  character:Hawke  character:Amell  character:Nathaniel  Howe  pairing:Anders/Hawke  pairing:Anders/Carver  theme:misunderstanding  theme:grieving  theme:The-Calling  character:Varric-Tethras  warning:death-of-major-character  fandom:Dragon-Age  character:Alistair-Theirin  theme:canon-divergence  character:Carver-Hawke 
december 2014 by beckswithrecs
balance sundered
Sebastian has been tracking Anders' movements across Thedas since the events of Kirkwall a year prior, with the intention of seeking justice once settled in his new role as Prince. Now that time has come, and Anders has disappeared. Without other options for aid, and with no idea where Anders may have turned, Sebastian goes to Ferelden to seek the help of Roslyn Cousland, Hero of Ferelden and Warden-Commander. Roslyn doesn't trust Sebastian or his motives for all they're worth, and she agrees to help him only as a means of seeing to Anders' safety. Their search takes them across Thedas, following Anders' trail.
source:AO3  author:avrilxiv  status:complete  words:25K-50K  rating:Mature  relationship:f/m  character:Cousland  character:Anders  pairing:Cousland/Sebastian  theme:injury  warning:death-of-major-character  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  character:Sebastian-Vael 
december 2014 by beckswithrecs
Tidings of Satinalia Joy
In the tradition of "A Christmas Carol" and "It's a Wonderful Life," this is a "what if" story about an alternate future, if just one thing in Rhianna's life had been different. PLEASE heed the content warning. Bad things happen here, very bad. But I do believe, ultimately, the story will prove uplifting.  author:Herebdragons66  rating:Mature  relationship:f/m  status:complete  words:10K-25K  fandom:Dragon-Age  character:Cousland  character:Morrigan  character:Loghain-Mac-Tir  character:Zevran-Arainai  character:Leliana  character:Sten  character:Alistair-Theirin  character:Flemmeth  character:Celen-I  pairing:Cousland/Loghain-Mac-Tir  theme:slider  theme:canon-divergence  theme:holiday  theme:arranged-marriage  character:OMC  theme:marriage  warning:death-of-major-character  warning:suicide  warning:death-of-minor-character  theme:kidnapping 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Strangers With Cookies
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Sten and Adhara, a Dalish Warden, have little in common but disdain for the human race. But for two people thrown into the midst of Fereldan politics, this becomes a basis for friendship. Whether or not their mutual respect of one another will be enough to keep them sane is anyone's guess....
source:LJ  status:complete  author:twist-shimmy  relationship:f/m  relationship:f/m/m  words:25K-50K  rating:Explicit  character:Mahariel  character:Sten  character:Leliana  character:Wynne  character:Morrigan  character:Oghren  pairing:Mahariel/Sten  pairing:Alistair  Theirin/Leliana  theme:culture  theme:betrayal  kink:cunnilingus  theme:language  character:OMC  warning:death-of-minor-character  kink:blow-job  warning:death-of-major-character  fandom:Dragon-Age  warning:canon-character-death  kink:anal-penetration  kink:vaginal-penetration  character:Zevran-Arainai  character:Alistair-Theirin 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Grief Counseling
This starts off as a series of emails between an unknowing Spike and Xander as they both try to come to terms with the many deaths of their loved ones that took place during Season Five; Joyce, Buffy, and Anya who died in the fight with Glory. The story moves on from there as Xander discovers Willow’s idea of bringing Buffy back from the dead and turns to Spike for help.
source:spanderfiles  author:Amejisuto  status:complete  rating:Mature  words:>100K  relationship:m/m  relationship:parental  relationship:friendship  fandom:BtVS/AtS  character:Spike  theme:pen-pals  theme:grieving  character:Winifred-"Fred"-Burkle  relationship:familial  character:Xander-Harris  theme:mind-control  warning:death-of-major-character  theme:two-person-triangle  character:Dawn-Summers  character:Rupert-Giles  character:Willow-Rosenberg  character:Wesley-Wyndam-Pryce  character:Tara-Maclay  pairing:Spike/Xander-Harris  character:Cordelia-Chase  author:Suki-Blue  character:Charles-Gunn 
october 2014 by beckswithrecs
False Step
Loki took the form of Peggy Carter before the events of Captain America when he was fast losing his powers after a mishap with some spell or teleportation thing. The only way he can get back is to find some alternative source of power that he is familiar with. Problem, though, is he was deposited in a battle field and there lay a dying woman. He uses the last of his magic to shift into her and take her memories so he can fit in and buries her. Then the whole Captain America plot happens and he finds himself falling for this new supersoldier to the point that he even considers staying on Midgard longer even though he knows that whatever power the Nazis have been using might be his ticket home. Anyway, eventually the cube reaches Howard Stark and Loki uses it to fix whatever fucked up his magic in the first place and disappears. Peggy Carter has been MIA ever since. Then the events of the Avengers come around and well fuck, there is Steve Rogers. tl;dr Loki was the Peggy in the Cap America film. What happens, then, when Loki finds Steve alive again in the present?
source:LJ  author:sacred_karcram  rating:NR  status:complete  words:5K-10K  relationship:m/m  relationship:f/m  fandom:Marvel  character:Loki  pairing:Loki/Steve  pairing:Peggy  Carter/Steve  theme:Loki!Peggy  warning:death-of-major-character  character:Peggy-Carter  character:Steve-Rogers  theme:met-in-the-past 
september 2014 by beckswithrecs
Vampire in the Woods
Stiles is running for his life - nothing new there. But as he's being chased through the woods, he stumbles over two guys burying a body. Stiles is pretty sure that is it for him, especially when one of the guys turns out to be a vampire.
source:TtH  author:seraphinasnape  rating:Mature  status:complete  words:1K-5K  fandom:BtVS/AtS  character:Spike  character:Aiden  character:Ethan  theme:crossover  character:Xander-Harris  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  fandom:Teen-Wolf  warning:death-of-major-character  character:Derek-Hale  character:Stiles-Stilinski 
september 2014 by beckswithrecs
Some things never change
After John's death, Dorian watches over his descendants. He's perfectly content watching from afar, until a certain Leonard McCoy comes along and Dorian just can't stay away. So he changes his name to M'Benga and enlists to Starfleet Academy.
source:AO3  author:jjjat3am  rating:General  status:complete  words:1K-5K  relationship:m/m  fandom:STAOS  character:M'Benga  theme:crossover  theme:Dorian!M'Benga  character:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy  warning:death-of-major-character  theme:Real-Family  character:John-Kennex  fandom:Almost-Human  character:Dorian-(Almost-Human)  pairing:Dorain-(Almost-Human)/John-Kennex 
august 2014 by beckswithrecs
Waiting in the Cold
His mind was just playing tricks on him. He was a man of science, goddamnit, and he wasn't religious or gullible by any stretch of the imagination. Ghost stories were for movies and horror novels and campfires, and until there was scientific evidence proving their existence beyond doubt, true belief was for the crazies and kids.
source:AO3  author:mrasaki  status:complete  rating:Mature  relationship:m/m  words:1K-5K  fandom:STAOS  character:Spock  theme:AU  theme:AU  warning:death-of-minor-character  character:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy  character:James-T-Kirk  warning:death-of-major-character  pairing:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy/Spock  theme:AU-supernatural 
july 2014 by beckswithrecs
Little Lantern Boy
Will finds out Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper, and Hannibal is forced to take matters into his own hands. Fortunately for them, Will is much harder to kill than either originally thought. Ghost!Will.
source:AO3  author:wendigobye  status:wip  updated:2013  rating:Explicit  words:25K-50K  relationship:m/m  fandom:Hannibal  theme:afterlife  theme:haunting  warning:cannibalism  theme:Will  finds  out  theme:ghost!Will  character:Jack-Crawford  character:Hannibal-Lecter  warning:death-of-major-character  kink:anal-penetration  pairing:Hannibal-Lecter/Will-Graham  character:Will-Graham  theme:blood-kink 
july 2014 by beckswithrecs
Sealed With
A virus infection is a slow, but quiet process. It gets inside you and doesn't come out, no matter how hard you try to deal with it. You might not even know you have a virus until it's too late. But never, do you get to see the infection happen with your own eyes.
source:AO3  author:TheWritingMustache  status:complete  rating:Mature  relationship:m/m  relationship:onesided  fandom:Prototype  character:Lucy  Stillman  pairing:Alex  Mercer/Desmond  pairing:Blacklight  Virus/Desmond  theme:crossover  words:10K-25K  theme:animus  warning:death-of-major-character  fandom:Assassin's-Creed  character:Desmond-Miles  theme:forced-together  character:Alex-Mercer 
june 2014 by beckswithrecs

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