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Fan the Flames
Johnny finds himself in an alternate universe and is pleased to find his double is extremely handsome and absolutely game for sleeping with himself from another universe.
source:AO3  author:vassalady  rating:Explicit  status:complete  words:1K-5K  relationship:m/m  relationship:selfcest  fandom:Marvel  character:Johnny  Storm  pairing:Johnny  Storm/Johnny  Storm  theme:slider  kink:blow-job  theme:fingering 
august 2015 by beckswithrecs
Tidings of Satinalia Joy
In the tradition of "A Christmas Carol" and "It's a Wonderful Life," this is a "what if" story about an alternate future, if just one thing in Rhianna's life had been different. PLEASE heed the content warning. Bad things happen here, very bad. But I do believe, ultimately, the story will prove uplifting.  author:Herebdragons66  rating:Mature  relationship:f/m  status:complete  words:10K-25K  fandom:Dragon-Age  character:Cousland  character:Morrigan  character:Loghain-Mac-Tir  character:Zevran-Arainai  character:Leliana  character:Sten  character:Alistair-Theirin  character:Flemmeth  character:Celen-I  pairing:Cousland/Loghain-Mac-Tir  theme:slider  theme:canon-divergence  theme:holiday  theme:arranged-marriage  character:OMC  theme:marriage  warning:death-of-major-character  warning:suicide  warning:death-of-minor-character  theme:kidnapping 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
While in prison on Asgard, Frigga devises her own punishment for her wayward son – she bestows upon Loki the curse of watching the different pathways of what might have been during the attack on Midgard. In one thread, he accepted the drink from Stark. In another, Stark saved him from death. In every thread, the infuriating mortal captures Loki's attention. Now, every time he closes his eyes, Loki walks the threads of fate that never were and that never will be, and in doing so, he must learn from the past to find the future that Frigga has already foretold from the tapestry of fate.
source:AO3  status:complete  author:Arvensis5  rating:Teen  relationship:m/m  extra:illustrated  fandom:Marvel  character:Loki  character:Frigga  character:Odin  character:Thor  theme:slider  words:25K-50K  character:Tony-Stark  warning:canon-character-death  pairing:Loki/Tony-Stark 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Xander Harris & The Ultimate Gloves
Just because you wear a pair of Gloves doesn't mean you gain superpowers, right? When suiting up one night for patrol, Xander gets more then he bargained for that will lead him to meeting his childhood hero, err, Heroes... Only, in the Ultimate Verse!
source:TtH  author:TubbsMcGee  status:wip  updated:2015  words:50K-100K  relationship:friendship  relationship:f/m  fandom:BtVS/AtS  fandom:Marvel  character:Warren  Mears  character:OFC  theme:slider  theme:bonding  character:Xander-Harris  theme:powers!Xander-Harris  character:Buffy-Summers  character:Rupert-Giles  character:Willow-Rosenberg  character:Faith-Lehane  pairing:Buffy-Summer/Xander-Harris  character:Andrew-Wells 
september 2014 by beckswithrecs
Tony falls through the space between worlds. As a result, he can see daemons. It kind of freaks him out. (It's stranger and more beautiful than he could have ever imagined.)
source:AO3  author:anonymous  rating:General  status:complete  words:5K-10K  fandom:Marvel  fandom:His  Dark  Materials  character:Thor  character:Loki  character:Mary  Malone  theme:crossover  theme:Dæmons  theme:slider  character:Clint-Barton  character:Tony-Stark  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  character:Natasha-Romanov  character:Steve-Rogers 
august 2014 by beckswithrecs
Across the Universe
Featuring The God of Lies & Mischief and The God of Lies & Mischief. Dimension Travel by the Yggdrasil may be involved.
source:AO3  author:starksdottir  rating:Teen  relationship:m/m  words:<1K  fandom:Marvel  character:Loki  theme:slider  theme:Áss!Tony  character:Tony-Stark  pairing:Loki/Tony-Stark 
august 2014 by beckswithrecs
I heard what you said of the universe
The Narada is beautiful and dangerous and full of technology the likes of which Vaako has never seen. Her crew is given the usual choice, and each picks to remain Romulan, a culture Vaako is unfamiliar with. Her captain, though, refuses to submit and tries to attack Riddick after being soundly defeated, so Vaako destroys him. Riddick grins. “You killed the cap’n,” he says. “The ship’s yours.”
source:AO3  author:tigriswolf  status:complete  words:1K-5K  rating:Teen  relationship:m/m  fandom:STAOS  character:Vaako  character:Spock  pairing:Richard  Riddick/Vaako  theme:Vaako!McCoy  theme:crossover  theme:slider  theme:immortality  character:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy  character:James-T-Kirk  character:Richard-B-Riddick  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick  character:Pavel-Chekov  pairing:James-T-Kirk/Leonard-McCoy 
july 2014 by beckswithrecs
Inspire, Expire
In some alternate universe, Bruce starts having weird-ass dreams he actually sort of remembers when he wakes up. Like, they're weird, obviously, but not in the normal dream way -- so then I opened the door to my house and I found the factory where they make grandmothers, and there was a big unicorn supervising production, and then I left the factory and it let out into a river where all the grandmothers were disguised as nesting dolls, and -- because in these dreams everything follows, point to point to point. It's just the actual subject matter that's weird as shit. Also the fact that they kind of feel like memories, not dreams, but that's completely absurd. And then he finds out Tony is having the same experience? Something like that? I don't know, this idea just lodged itself in my head and I think it'd be fascinating.
source:LJ  author:anonymous  status:complete  rating:NR  words:1K-5K  relationship:m/m  fandom:Marvel  pairing:Bruce  theme:dreams  theme:AU  theme:slider  theme:AU  character:Bruce-Banner  pairing:Bruce-Banner/Tony-Stark  character:Tony-Stark  theme:frottage  theme:AU-mundane 
july 2014 by beckswithrecs
Past and Future
During a mission concerning a potentially hostile alien race, a transporter malfunction delivers the wrong McCoy to the Enterprise. If it actually is McCoy. Kirk and Spock are not convinced, but they are determined to find out what is really going on. (Set in the AOS universe.)
source:AO3  author:vailkagami  status:complete  rating:Teen  words:10K-25K  relationship:m/m  fandom:STTOS  fandom:STAOS  character:Spock  character:Spock!Prime  character:McCoy!Prime  theme:slider  theme:bonding  character:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy  character:James-T-Kirk  pairing:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy/Spock  theme:mind-meld  pairing:James-T-Kirk/Leonard-McCoy 
july 2014 by beckswithrecs

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author:Adalisa  author:anonymous  author:Arvensis5  author:dustandroses  author:forsaken2003  author:Herebdragons66  author:MissNys  author:Rhaegal  author:Scorpio  author:starksdottir  author:sullacat  author:Tesla  author:tigriswolf  author:TubbsMcGee  author:vailkagami  author:vassalady  character-Scott  character:Alistair-Theirin  character:Amy  character:Andrew-Wells  character:Angel(us)  character:Anyanka  character:Anyanka-"Anya"-Jenkins  character:Bobby-Drake  character:Bruce-Banner  character:Buffy-Summers  character:Celen-I  character:Charles-Xavier  character:Christopher-Pike  character:Clem  character:Clint-Barton  character:Cordelia-Chase  character:Cousland  character:D'Hoffryn  character:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne  character:Dawn-Summers  character:Dean-Winchester  character:Drusilla  character:Faith-Lehane  character:Flemmeth  character:Frigga  character:Gabriel  character:Hank-McCoy  character:James-"Logan"-Howlett  character:James-T-Kirk  character:Jean-Grey  character:Jesse  character:Johnny  character:Jonathan  character:Kendra-Young  character:Larry-Blaisdell  character:Leliana  character:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy  character:Loghain-Mac-Tir  character:Loki  character:Mary  character:McCoy!Prime  character:Montgomery-"Scotty"-Scott  character:Morrigan  character:Natasha-Romanov  character:Nyota-Uhura  character:Odin  character:OFC  character:OMC  character:Ororo-Munroe  character:Pavel-Chekov  character:Remy-LeBeau  character:Richard-B-Riddick  character:Riley-Finn  character:Rupert-Giles  character:Spike  character:Spock  character:Spock!Prime  character:Sten  character:Steve-Rogers  character:Tara-Maclay  character:Thor  character:Tony-Stark  character:Vaako  character:Warren  character:Wesley-Wyndam-Pryce  character:Willow-Rosenberg  character:Xander-Harris  character:Zevran-Arainai  Dark  extra:illustrated  fandom:BtVS/AtS  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick  fandom:Dragon-Age  fandom:His  fandom:Marvel  fandom:STAOS  fandom:STTOS  fandom:Supernatural  fandom:Wizard-of-Oz  Jenkins  kink:blow-job  kink:bondage  kink:knife-play  Levinson  machine  Madison  Malone  Materials  McNally  Mears  pairing:Angel(us)/Xander  pairing:Bruce  pairing:Bruce-Banner/Tony-Stark  pairing:Buffy-Summer/Xander-Harris  pairing:Cousland/Loghain-Mac-Tir  pairing:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne/Willow-Rosenberg  pairing:Drusilla/Spike  pairing:James-T-Kirk/Leonard-McCoy  pairing:James-T-Kirk/Spock  pairing:Johnny  pairing:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy/Spock  pairing:Loki/Tony-Stark  pairing:Remy-LeBeau/Xander-Harris  pairing:Richard  pairing:Spike/Xander-Harris  rating:Explicit  rating:General  rating:Mature  rating:NR  rating:Teen  relationship:f/m  relationship:friendship  relationship:m/m  relationship:m/m/m  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  relationship:parental  relationship:selfcest  Riddick/Vaako  source:AO3  source:ksarchive  source:LJ  source:oocities  source:tripod  source:TtH  source:wayback  status:complete  status:wip  Storm  Storm/Johnny  theme:arranged-marriage  theme:AU  theme:AU-mundane  theme:blood-kink  theme:bonding  theme:canon-divergence  theme:crossover  theme:domestic  theme:dreams  theme:Dæmons  theme:fingering  theme:frottage  theme:fusion  theme:genderbend  theme:holiday  theme:immortality  theme:injury  theme:kidnapping  theme:marriage  theme:memory-alteration  theme:mind-meld  theme:post-canon  theme:Powers!Andrew-Wells  theme:powers!Xander-Harris  theme:Powers!Xander-Harris  theme:slider  theme:torture  theme:Vaako!McCoy  theme:vampire!Xander  theme:wish  theme:Wishverse  theme:Xenopolycythemia  theme:Áss!Tony  updated:2011  updated:2015  warning:canon-character-death  warning:death-of-major-character  warning:death-of-minor-character  warning:suicide  words:1K-5K  words:5K-10K  words:10K-25K  words:25K-50K  words:50K-100K  words:<1K  words:>100K 

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