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Tony’s less of an Avenger and more of an Avenger for hire - and that means his services are available to anyone who can pay the price. So when Loki shows up and asks for a consultation, it’d just be bad practice to turn him down. Loki doesn’t exactly pay by credit card. No, he’s offering something much more appealing...
source:AO3  author:Arkada  rating:Explicit  relationship:m/m  words:10K-25K  status:complete  fandom:Marvel  character:Loki  character:J.A.R.V.I.S.  kink:hand  kink:blow-job  character:Tony-Stark  kink:anal-penetration  theme:secret-relationship  pairing:Loki/Tony-Stark  theme:masturbation  theme:dubious-consent 
march 2015 by beckswithrecs
1001 Tales of Once Upon a Time
He could almost feel Steve’s stare burning a hole through his head. ‘I don’t understand Tony, what can you possibly do out of your suit that we haven’t already tried?‘ It’s Widow that puts it together first. ‘It’s not what. It's who.'
author:lucius_complex  rating:Teen  relationship:m/m  status:complete  words:25K-50K  fandom:Marvel  character:Loki  character:Thor  theme:escape  theme:mythology  source:AO3  character:Bruce-Banner  character:Clint-Barton  character:Tony-Stark  character:Natasha-Romanov  theme:canon-divergence  pairing:Loki/Tony-Stark  theme:kidnapping  theme:dubious-consent  character:Steve-Rogers 
march 2015 by beckswithrecs
Fog Alert
I don't know if in the game Sten ever accepts the F!Warden is female. So what if he takes matters into his own hands and investigates! Something dubconny to start with? However it goes from there would be anon's choice. Basically, Sten doesn't believe F!Warden could possibly be female, and has to find out for himself. Maybe just after the Ashes quest, when everybody has to strip down before the fire would be a good start. It should at least pique his interest since she'd be so bare - amirite Stenfans?
source:LJ  rating:Explicit  author:anonymous  status:complete  relationship:f/m  words:1K-5K  character:Sten  character:Warden  pairing:Sten/Warden  kink:cunnilingus  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  theme:rough-sex  theme:fingering  theme:dubious-consent 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
I Will Possess Your Heart
Anders has had to give up a LOT to merge with Justice and help him in his work: no excessive drinking, little to no romantic life, nothing 'distracting,' and Maker help him if he gets involved in any morally grey areas. This makes Anders broody and wonder what his life would have been like if he hadn't merged with Justice. (Or joined the Grey Wardens. Or been born a mage. Or...) Justice is determined to show him just how much he's gained in his new life. Cue sex in the Fade as "reward" for Anders' good work, as a way to keep Anders from following after Hawke/Fenris/whomever, to distract him from his brooding, to convince him that Justice is the only person/thing Anders needs in his life.
source:LJ  author:anonymous  words:1K-5K  relationship:m/m  rating:Explicit  status:complete  character:Anders  character:Justice  character:Hawke  pairing:Anders/Justice  theme:possession  theme:possessive  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:anal-penetration  theme:The-Fade  theme:dubious-consent 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs

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author:anonymous  author:Arkada  author:LibraMoon  author:lucius_complex  author:Maleficar  author:plumadesatada  character:Amell  character:Anders  character:Bruce-Banner  character:Carroll  character:Cassandra-Pentaghast  character:Clint-Barton  character:Cole  character:Cullen-Rutherford  character:Edwin-Jarvis  character:Greagoir  character:Hawke  character:Ho  character:Iron-Bull  character:J.A.R.V.I.S.  character:James-"Rhodey"-Rhodes  character:Justice  character:Loki  character:Natasha-Romanov  character:OFC  character:Otto  character:Petra  character:Solas  character:Sten  character:Steve-Rogers  character:Thor  character:Tony-Stark  character:Trevelyan  character:Varric-Tethras  character:Warden  character:Wynne  denial  extra:illustrated  fandom:Dragon-Age  fandom:Marvel  kink:anal-penetration  kink:blow-job  kink:cunnilingus  kink:hand  kink:multiple  kink:orgasm  kink:tentacles  kink:vaginal-penetration  orgasms  pairing:Amell/Cullen  pairing:Anders/Justice  pairing:Greagoir/Wynne  pairing:Loki/Tony-Stark  pairing:Otto/Wynne  pairing:Solas/Trevelyan  pairing:Sten/Warden  rating:Explicit  rating:Mature  rating:Teen  relationship:f/m  relationship:m/m  relationship:onesided  source:AO3  source:LJ  status:complete  status:wip  theme:AU  theme:canon-divergence  theme:creature!Loki  theme:dreams  theme:dubious-consent  theme:escape  theme:fingering  theme:kidnapping  theme:masturbation  theme:memory-alteration  theme:mythology  theme:obsession  theme:possession  theme:possessive  theme:pregnancy  theme:rough-sex  theme:secret-relationship  theme:The-Fade  updated:2015  warning:alcohol/drug-use  warning:imprisonment/slavery  warning:prostitution  warning:suicide  words:1K-5K  words:10K-25K  words:25K-50K  words:50K-100K  Yinsen 

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