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What You Believe
One by one the Avengers seem to be turning on Tony, until he is isolated and alone, with no one left he can trust. Unsure what to believe anymore, betrayal seems to lurk around every corner. When he resolves to confront them, can anyone stand between him and what seems to be the inevitable destruction of the Avengers? Or is it already too late?
source:AO3  author:missbecky  status:complete  words:25K-50K  relationship:m/m  rating:Mature  fandom:Marvel  character:Janet  Van  Dyne  character:T'Challa  character:Carol  Danvers  character:Thor  character:Simon  Williams  character:William  Cross  character:Clint-Barton  character:Tony-Stark  theme:mind-control  character:Hulk  character:Steve-Rogers  pairing:Steve-Rogers/Tony-Stark 
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Trapped by an alien collector, Lieutenant Commander Data discovers an early 21st century android excavated from the ruins of Sunnydale and a capsule containing the frozen body of one of the Eugenic wars most notorious figures...Buffy Summers.
source:TtH  author:ShayneT  status:complete  rating:Mature  words:50K-100K  fandom:BtVS/AtS  fandom:STTNG  character:Data  character:Buffybot  character:Deanna  Troi  character:Jean-Luc  Picard  character:Spike  character:Beverly  Crusher  character:Sarek  character:Geordi  La  Forge  character:Guinan  character:William  T  Riker  character:Worf  character:Wesley  Crusher  character:Q  pairing:Buffybot/Data  theme:crossover  theme:cryo  theme:slayer  dreams  theme:Bendii  Syndrome  character:Buffy-Summers  character:Dawn-Summers  theme:mind-meld  character:Seven-of-Nine 
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Second Chances
After losing to Juno in New York, Desmond wakes up at the Farm; he's sixteen years old, the year is 2003, and the end of the world is years away. He can change things. He's been given a second chance, to save everything- but he's not the only one to come back, and things are never as easy as they seem. Sequel:  author:Vampire-Badger  status:complete  rating:Teen  words:25K-50K  character:Lucy  Stillman  character:William  theme:animus  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  character:Ezio-Auditore-da-Firenze  theme:time-shenanigans  fandom:Assassin's-Creed  character:Desmond-Miles  theme:Bleeding-Effect  character:Altaïr-Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Ratonhnhaké:ton-"Connor"-Kenway  theme:Piece-of-Eden 
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"'True lycanthropy. Very rare. Very dangerous.' The golden glow begins to fade, and Juno's next words seem distant. They also seem very deliberately calm, like she's realized how angry she sounds. 'I just wanted you to know. This is your fault. Not mine.'" How Connor is cursed to spend eternity as a wolf, and everything that happens after.  author:Vampire-Badger  status:complete  rating:Teen  words:10K-25K  character:Juno  character:William  theme:werewolf!Ratonhnhaké:ton  theme:werewolf!Desmond  theme:animus  theme:AU  theme:AU  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  fandom:Assassin's-Creed  character:Desmond-Miles  character:Ratonhnhaké:ton-"Connor"-Kenway  character:Rebecca-Crane  character:Shaun-Hastings  theme:rape  theme:AU-supernatural 
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White Rabbit
Xander Harris has no idea that he is adopted. But in the span of a week, he not only finds out that his parents aren't his birth parents, manages to get put into "protective house arrest" by his friends (and he's not even really sure why), and gets sent into space, where he literally lands on the head of the most wanted convict in the verse. Exploring space with a criminal sounds like a terrifying idea, especially as things start getting stranger and he starts to think even more and more that his birth parents might not have been human.
source:AO3  author:sparrowshellcat  status:complete  rating:Mature  relationship:m/m  fandom:BtVS/AtS  character:Jessica  character:Vaako  character:Dame  Vaako  character:Imam  al-Walid  character:William  Johns  pairing:Richard  Riddick/Xander  warning:mpreg  theme:crossover  words:>100K  character:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne  character:Xander-Harris  character:Richard-B-Riddick  character:Buffy-Summers  pairing:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne/Willow-Rosenberg  theme:Real-Family  character:Rupert-Giles  character:Willow-Rosenberg  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick 
june 2014 by beckswithrecs
The official Collector's guide made hints that Desmond could now be existing in a state similar to Juno was after his sacrifice; I mean, it's possible, right? That technology could surely preserve him after it destroyed his body. So - Desmond living as a digital hologram, confined within the Grand Temple. Do William and the others come back to find him? Does he search within the abandoned Animus and reconstruct Clay? Can he communicate through the Pieces of Eden like Juno did? Or maybe he's just alone and remorseful...
source:LJ  author:hyde-the-body  status:wip  updated:2013  character:Juno  character:William  words:<1K  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  character:Desmond-Miles  character:Rebecca-Crane  character:Shaun-Hastings  theme:Piece-of-Eden 
june 2014 by beckswithrecs
To Defy the Laws of Mortal Beings
The world has been saved by Desmond Miles, however the savior, the assassin, the man-- still lives. With the aid of his father and fellow assassins, both current and ancestors past, he will recover from the damage dealt to him in the past months. Like the assassins before him, he will rebuild the Brotherhood and lead them to triumph and defeat Juno and her plan to enslave humanity.
source:AO3  author:IllogicalLogician  status:wip  updated:2015  rating:Mature  fandom:Assassin's-Creed  character:Desmond-Miles  character:William  character:Altaïr-Ibn-La'Ahad  character-Ezio-Auditore-da-Firenze  character:Ratonhnhaké:ton-"Connor"-Kenway  character:Malik-Al-Sayf  character:Yusuf-Tazim  character:Rebecca-Crane  character:Shaun-Hastings  character:Minerva  warning:burn-(severe)  theme:language  words:25K-50K  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  theme:time-shenanigans 
june 2014 by beckswithrecs
Against Time
The Animus works a bit too well for Desmond and forms a mental link with one of his ancestors (author's choice). Unfortunately, his mind can't handle the large influx of memories, knowledge, and skills, and he ends up going rather insane. Not exactly drooling and chewing on his tongue insane, but definitely not quite right. The mental link goes both ways, though, and the ancestor has been watching Desmond through his dreams. He sees that Desmond has been captured and is being 'tortured' with some strange contraption. Desperate to save this boy that he's connected to, the ancestor uses The Apple to get Desmond and bring him back to his time. Can be gen or any pairing. The relationship between Ancestor and Desmond can be familial or romantic, but I definitely want them to be very close, with the Ancestor feeling rather protective.
source:dreamwidth  author:anonymous  status:complete  rating:NR  relationship:friendship  character:Leonardo  Vinci  character:William  words:10K-25K  theme:animus  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  character:Ezio-Auditore-da-Firenze  theme:time-shenanigans  fandom:Assassin's-Creed  character:Desmond-Miles  theme:Bleeding-Effect  character:Rebecca-Crane  character:Shaun-Hastings  theme:Piece-of-Eden 
june 2014 by beckswithrecs
Sync this.
Kink meme fill for prompt: So basically, William Miles says that Vidic put him in the animus, but he did not cooperate. This must be exploited for the sake of crack. Would love some random animus moments in any of the lives of any of the assassins where William does the completely wrong thing
source:AO3  author:Whirleeq  status:complete  rating:Teen  character:William  words:1K-5K  theme:animus  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  fandom:Assassin's-Creed  character:Desmond-Miles  character:Warren-Vidic 
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al-Walid  author:anonymous  author:devovitsuasartes  author:DustToDust  author:hyde-the-body  author:IllogicalLogician  author:missbecky  author:nikaris  author:ShayneT  author:sparrowshellcat  author:traitorhero  author:Vampire-Badger  author:Whirleeq  author:Willowanderer  character-Ezio-Auditore-da-Firenze  character:Alan  character:Altaïr-Ibn-La'Ahad  character:Beverly  character:Buffy-Summers  character:Buffybot  character:Carol  character:Clay-Kaczmarek  character:Clint-Barton  character:Dame  character:Daniel  character:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne  character:Data  character:Dawn-Summers  character:Deanna  character:Desmond-Miles  character:Edward  character:Ezio-Auditore-da-Firenze  character:Geordi  character:Guinan  character:Haytham  character:Hulk  character:Imam  character:Janet  character:Jean-Luc  character:Jessica  character:Juno  character:Kaniehtí:io-"Ziio"  character:Leonardo  character:Lucy  character:Malik-Al-Sayf  character:Mary  character:Minerva  character:Q  character:Ratonhnhaké:ton-"Connor"-Kenway  character:Rebecca-Crane  character:Richard-B-Riddick  character:Rupert-Giles  character:Sarek  character:Seven-of-Nine  character:Shaun-Hastings  character:Simon  character:Spike  character:Steve-Rogers  character:T'Challa  character:Thor  character:Tony-Stark  character:Vaako  character:Warren-Vidic  character:Wesley  character:William  character:Willow-Rosenberg  character:Worf  character:Xander-Harris  character:Yusuf-Tazim  Cross  Crusher  Danvers  dreams  Dyne  Fairy  fandom:Assassin's-Creed  fandom:BtVS/AtS  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick  fandom:Marvel  fandom:STTNG  Firenze/Shaun  Forge  Ibn-La'Ahad/Desmond  Ibn-La'Ahad/Ezio  Ibn-La'Ahad/Malik  Johns  Kaczmarek/Lucy  Kenway/Kaniehtí:io  kink:hand  La  Miles/Ezio  Miles/Lucy  Miles/Ratonhnhaké:ton  pairing:Altaïr  pairing:Buffybot/Data  pairing:Clay  pairing:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne/Willow-Rosenberg  pairing:Desmond  pairing:Desmond-Miles/Shaun-Hastings  pairing:Ezio  pairing:Haytham  pairing:Richard  pairing:Steve-Rogers/Tony-Stark  Picard  rating:Mature  rating:NR  rating:Teen  Read  relationship:f/m  relationship:friendship  relationship:implied  relationship:m/m  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  Riddick/Xander  Riker  Rikkin  source:AO3  source:dreamwidth  source:LJ  source:TtH  status:complete  status:wip  Stillman  Syndrome  T  Tale  theme:afterlife  theme:amnesia  theme:animal!Ratonhnhaké:ton  theme:animal!Rebecca  theme:animal!Shaun  theme:animal-transformation  theme:animus  theme:AU  theme:AU-supernatural  theme:Bendii  theme:Bleeding-Effect  theme:canon-death-ignored/prevented  theme:crossover  theme:cryo  theme:fusion  theme:kissing  theme:language  theme:masturbation  theme:mind-control  theme:mind-meld  theme:Piece-of-Eden  theme:rape  theme:Real-Family  theme:slayer  theme:soulmates  theme:time-shenanigans  theme:werewolf!Desmond  theme:werewolf!Ratonhnhaké:ton  Troi  updated:2013  updated:2015  Vaako  Van  Vinci  warning:alcohol/drug-use  warning:burn-(severe)  warning:canon-character-death  warning:death-of-major-character  warning:death-of-minor-character  warning:mpreg  warning:suicide  Williams  words:1K-5K  words:5K-10K  words:10K-25K  words:25K-50K  words:50K-100K  words:<1K  words:>100K 

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