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Art Appreciation
Any pairing. Fluff, crack, anything. But give me something with ["Draw me like one of your Orlesian girls."]
source:LJ  status:complete  words:<1K  author:anonymous  relationship:friendship  rating:General  character:Sten  character:Cousland  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  fandom:Dragon-Age 
december 2014 by beckswithrecs
Written for the Valentine's day challenge on the Cheeky monkeys forum. Someone's in love with Kallian and the time has come for him to make his feelings known. With a little help from friends.
source:AO3  status:complete  words:1K-5K  rating:Teen  relationship:f/m  author:Dreamylys  character:Sten  character:Tabris  pairing:Sten/Tabris  fandom:Dragon-Age  theme:kissing 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Fog Alert
I don't know if in the game Sten ever accepts the F!Warden is female. So what if he takes matters into his own hands and investigates! Something dubconny to start with? However it goes from there would be anon's choice. Basically, Sten doesn't believe F!Warden could possibly be female, and has to find out for himself. Maybe just after the Ashes quest, when everybody has to strip down before the fire would be a good start. It should at least pique his interest since she'd be so bare - amirite Stenfans?
source:LJ  rating:Explicit  author:anonymous  status:complete  relationship:f/m  words:1K-5K  character:Sten  character:Warden  pairing:Sten/Warden  kink:cunnilingus  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  theme:rough-sex  theme:fingering  theme:dubious-consent 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Alistair dumps her as she's not a human noble and I want her to be all sad and her to find comfort in Sten. Mostly something sweet, doesn't have to be sex related unless anon wants to take it there!
source:LJ  author:anonymous  status:complete  words:1K-5K  relationship:f/m  rating:NR  character:Sten  character:Tabris  pairing:Sten/Tabris  pairing:Alistair  Theirin/Tabris  fandom:Dragon-Age  theme:kissing 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
A Love Forbidden: Cullen's Story
Cullen is a man at war with himself, torn between his duty and Serena, the woman he desires. When she returns to the Tower as a Grey Warden and saves the Circle, Cullen's commander orders him to join her party so the templars can keep tabs on her. Will he allow his vows to keep him from following his heart or will he risk everything to be with the mage his heart longs for?
source:AO3  author:Clover1995  rating:Mature  relationship:f/m  status:complete  words:50K-100K  character:Amell  character:Anders  pairing:Amell/Cullen  theme:pining  pairing:Alistair  Theirin/Amell  character:Wynne  character:Sten  character:Morrigan  character:Leliana  theme:marriage  character:Varric-Tethras  character:Cullen-Rutherford  fandom:Dragon-Age  warning:canon-character-death  character:Zevran-Arainai  character:Alistair-Theirin 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
The Quietest Moments
Warden was kidnapped by Vaughan and his men and nearly violated. Or maybe in this universe things went horribly wrong and Soris arrived a few moments too late and she was already raped in a very brutal fashion. Either way, our Warden has very bad memories of the whole thing and fears any kind of intimate contact as a result. When she finally falls in love (any LI is good, canon or non-canon, through Alistair prefered), she still has problems with intimate tautch, even if she knows her LI would never hurt her. I want to see Warden and her LI working hard to overcome her fears and finally helping her come to terms with bad experiances.
author:anonymous  source:LJ  words:<1K  status:complete  relationship:f/m  rating:Mature  character:Tabris  character:Sten  pairing:Sten/Tabris  fandom:Dragon-Age 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Strangers With Cookies
"The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Sten and Adhara, a Dalish Warden, have little in common but disdain for the human race. But for two people thrown into the midst of Fereldan politics, this becomes a basis for friendship. Whether or not their mutual respect of one another will be enough to keep them sane is anyone's guess....
source:LJ  status:complete  author:twist-shimmy  relationship:f/m  relationship:f/m/m  words:25K-50K  rating:Explicit  character:Mahariel  character:Sten  character:Leliana  character:Wynne  character:Morrigan  character:Oghren  pairing:Mahariel/Sten  pairing:Alistair  Theirin/Leliana  theme:culture  theme:betrayal  kink:cunnilingus  theme:language  character:OMC  warning:death-of-minor-character  kink:blow-job  warning:death-of-major-character  fandom:Dragon-Age  warning:canon-character-death  kink:anal-penetration  kink:vaginal-penetration  character:Zevran-Arainai  character:Alistair-Theirin 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Tidings of Satinalia Joy
In the tradition of "A Christmas Carol" and "It's a Wonderful Life," this is a "what if" story about an alternate future, if just one thing in Rhianna's life had been different. PLEASE heed the content warning. Bad things happen here, very bad. But I do believe, ultimately, the story will prove uplifting.  author:Herebdragons66  rating:Mature  relationship:f/m  status:complete  words:10K-25K  fandom:Dragon-Age  character:Cousland  character:Morrigan  character:Loghain-Mac-Tir  character:Zevran-Arainai  character:Leliana  character:Sten  character:Alistair-Theirin  character:Flemmeth  character:Celen-I  pairing:Cousland/Loghain-Mac-Tir  theme:slider  theme:canon-divergence  theme:holiday  theme:arranged-marriage  character:OMC  theme:marriage  warning:death-of-major-character  warning:suicide  warning:death-of-minor-character  theme:kidnapping 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Made in the Dark
Warden/love interest are trapped somewhere, somehow. Snowstorm, cave in, traffic jam on the road to Denerim, zombie apocalypse (I hear they're starting a forecast for those in Redcliffe) whatever--they're in some sort of artificially enforced isolation. Other companions are cool to have around, but the show should focus on the Warden and their LI. Surely they can think of a way to pass the time.
source:LJ  status:complete  author:anonymous  words:1K-5K  relationship:f/m  rating:Explicit  character:Cousland  character:Sten  character:Morrigan  pairing:Cousland/Sten  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration  character:Alistair-Theirin  theme:rough-sex  theme:forced-together 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs
Sten's Braids
I want F!PC (no dwarves) to get the giant super relaxed by unbraiding his hair. Then they take a bath together, have moonlit smexy times, and then snuggle by the campfire. :3 Bonus points if she wears braids to and he undoes hers too.
source:LJ  words:1K-5K  author:anonymous  relationship:f/m  rating:Explicit  character:Tabris  character:Sten  pairing:Sten/Tabris  theme:bathing  status:complete  fandom:Dragon-Age  kink:vaginal-penetration 
november 2014 by beckswithrecs

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author:anonymous  author:Arsinoe-de-Blassenville  author:Clover1995  author:Dreamylys  author:Herebdragons66  author:masserect  author:Maybethings  author:Sarah1281  author:twist-shimmy  character:Aeducan  character:Alistair-Theirin  character:Amell  character:Anders  character:Anora-Mac-Tir  character:Avernus  character:Bhelen  character:Brosca  character:Celen-I  character:Cousland  character:Cullen-Rutherford  character:Delilah  character:Dog  character:Duncan  character:Eamon  character:Endrin  character:Flemmeth  character:Gorim-Saelac  character:Justice  character:Leliana  character:Loghain-Mac-Tir  character:Mahariel  character:Morrigan  character:Nathaniel  character:Nathaniel-Howe  character:Oghren  character:OMC  character:Rica-Brosca  character:Shale  character:Sigrun  character:Sten  character:Surana  character:Tabris  character:Teagan-Guerrin  character:Trian-Aeducan  character:Varric-Tethras  character:Warden  character:Wynne  character:Zevran-Arainai  fandom:Dragon-Age  fuck  Howe  kink:anal-penetration  kink:blow-job  kink:breast  kink:cunnilingus  kink:hand  kink:multiple  kink:size  kink:vaginal-penetration  orgasms  pairing:Aeducan/Gorim  pairing:Alistair  pairing:Alistair-Theirin/Anora  pairing:Alistair-Theirin/Anora/Cousland  pairing:Amell/Cullen  pairing:Anders/Morrigan  pairing:Bhelen-Aeducan/Rica  pairing:Brosca/Sten  pairing:Cousland/Loghain  pairing:Cousland/Loghain-Mac-Tir  pairing:Cousland/Sten  pairing:Mahariel/Sten  pairing:Sten/Surana  pairing:Sten/Tabris  pairing:Sten/Warden  rating:Explicit  rating:General  rating:Mature  rating:NR  rating:Teen  relationship:f/m  relationship:f/m/m  relationship:familial  relationship:friendship  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  relationship:parental  relationship:sibling  source:AO3  source:LJ  status:complete  status:wip  Theirin/Amell  Theirin/Leliana  Theirin/Tabris  theme:arranged-marriage  theme:bathing  theme:betrayal  theme:canon-divergence  theme:culture  theme:curse  theme:dubious-consent  theme:fingering  theme:forced-together  theme:guilt  theme:holiday  theme:kidnapping  theme:kissing  theme:language  theme:marriage  theme:pen-pals  theme:pining  theme:politics  theme:pregnancy  theme:rough-sex  theme:secret-relationship  theme:slider  theme:something-made-them-do-it  updated:2010  warning:canon-character-death  warning:death-of-major-character  warning:death-of-minor-character  warning:suicide  words:1K-5K  words:5K-10K  words:10K-25K  words:25K-50K  words:50K-100K  words:<1K  words:>100K 

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