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The Regime fears only one thing, the threat of the Necromongers slowly heading their way. They should instead fear the army they're trying to engineer to defeat them.
source:AO3  author:siluria  rating:General  status:complete  words:<1K  relationship:m/m  fandom:Doom  pairing:John  Grimm/Richard  theme:crossover  character:John-"Reaper"-Grimm  character:Richard-B-Riddick  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick 
september 2014 by beckswithrecs
I heard what you said of the universe
The Narada is beautiful and dangerous and full of technology the likes of which Vaako has never seen. Her crew is given the usual choice, and each picks to remain Romulan, a culture Vaako is unfamiliar with. Her captain, though, refuses to submit and tries to attack Riddick after being soundly defeated, so Vaako destroys him. Riddick grins. “You killed the cap’n,” he says. “The ship’s yours.”
source:AO3  author:tigriswolf  status:complete  words:1K-5K  rating:Teen  relationship:m/m  fandom:STAOS  character:Vaako  character:Spock  pairing:Richard  Riddick/Vaako  theme:Vaako!McCoy  theme:crossover  theme:slider  theme:immortality  character:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy  character:James-T-Kirk  character:Richard-B-Riddick  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick  character:Pavel-Chekov  pairing:James-T-Kirk/Leonard-McCoy 
july 2014 by beckswithrecs
And Joseph's brothers hated him as much as I hated you
They’re on the far edge of Federation space, way out past most of the civilized planets, when they get a hail from a ship that Jim doesn’t recognize. (Bones is busy in sickbay, or he’d tell Jim not to respond.)
source:AO3  author:tigriswolf  status:complete  rating:NR  relationship:m/m  relationship:implied  fandom:STAOS  character:Vaako  pairing:Richard  Riddick/Vaako  theme:crossover  theme:Vaako!McCoy  words:<1K  character:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy  character:James-T-Kirk  character:Richard-B-Riddick  theme:post-canon  character:Christine-Chapel  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick 
june 2014 by beckswithrecs
White Rabbit
Xander Harris has no idea that he is adopted. But in the span of a week, he not only finds out that his parents aren't his birth parents, manages to get put into "protective house arrest" by his friends (and he's not even really sure why), and gets sent into space, where he literally lands on the head of the most wanted convict in the verse. Exploring space with a criminal sounds like a terrifying idea, especially as things start getting stranger and he starts to think even more and more that his birth parents might not have been human.
source:AO3  author:sparrowshellcat  status:complete  rating:Mature  relationship:m/m  fandom:BtVS/AtS  character:Jessica  character:Vaako  character:Dame  Vaako  character:Imam  al-Walid  character:William  Johns  pairing:Richard  Riddick/Xander  warning:mpreg  theme:crossover  words:>100K  character:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne  character:Xander-Harris  character:Richard-B-Riddick  character:Buffy-Summers  pairing:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne/Willow-Rosenberg  theme:Real-Family  character:Rupert-Giles  character:Willow-Rosenberg  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick 
june 2014 by beckswithrecs

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al-Walid  author:MissCricket  author:moon  author:siluria  author:smaragdbird  author:sparrowshellcat  author:tigriswolf  character:Buffy-Summers  character:Christine-Chapel  character:Dame  character:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne  character:Imam  character:James-T-Kirk  character:Jessica  character:John-"Reaper"-Grimm  character:Leonard-"Bones"-McCoy  character:Nyota-Uhura  character:Pavel-Chekov  character:Richard-B-Riddick  character:Rupert-Giles  character:Samantha-Grimm  character:Spock  character:Vaako  character:William  character:Willow-Rosenberg  character:Xander-Harris  fandom:BtVS/AtS  fandom:Chronicles-of-Riddick  fandom:Doom  fandom:STAOS  Grimm/Richard  Johns  kink:hand  maiden  McCoy/Richard  pairing:Daniel-"Oz"-Osbourne/Willow-Rosenberg  pairing:James-T-Kirk/Leonard-McCoy  pairing:John  pairing:Leonard  pairing:Richard  rating:Explicit  rating:General  rating:Mature  rating:NR  rating:Teen  relationship:implied  relationship:m/m  Riddick/Vaako  Riddick/Xander  source:AO3  status:complete  theme:crossover  theme:grieving  theme:immortality  theme:post-canon  theme:pre-canon  theme:Real-Family  theme:Reaper!McCoy  theme:Reaper!Vaako  theme:rough-sex  theme:slider  theme:Vaako!McCoy  time  Vaako  warning:death-of-major-character  warning:mpreg  words:1K-5K  words:5K-10K  words:<1K  words:>100K 

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