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Blue As True As Blue Can Be
Tony Stark has worked hard to make sure everyone sees exactly what he wants them to. After all, they'd all rather see the asshole with the too-bright smile than the terrified person underneath who is desperately trying to conceal that which has caused him so much pain. Trust him, he knows. (Tony Stark is a mutant, and his father had made sure to note /exactly/ how he felt about that. Now, with the Avengers living with him full-time, it's getting more and more difficult to hide the part of him that almost no one still alive knows about.)
source:AO3  author:aaralyn  rating:Mature  status:complete  words:50K-100K  relationship:m/m  fandom:Marvel  character:Charles  Xavier  character:Erik  Lehnsherr  character:Scott  character:Jean  Grey  character:Ororo  Munroe  character:Maria  character:J.A.R.V.I.S.  pairing:Bruce  warning:abuse  theme:experimentation  theme:mutant  rights  character:St.  John  Allerdyce  character:Bruce-Banner  pairing:Bruce-Banner/Tony-Stark  character:Clint-Barton  character:Howard-Stark  character:Tony-Stark  character:James-"Rhodey"-Rhodes  character:Natasha-Romanov  theme:mutant!Tony-Stark  warning:canon-character-death  character:James-"Logan"-Howlett  character:Phil-Coulson  character:Pepper-Potts  character:Nick-Fury  character:Steve-Rogers  character:Edwin-Jarvis 
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Engaging the Enemy
Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to findout more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.
source:AO3  author:tsukinofaerii  status:complete  rating:Teen  relationship:m/m  fandom:Marvel  character:Thor  Parker  character:Janet  Van  Dyne  character:Ororo  Munroe  theme:villain!Tony  words:10K-25K  character:Bruce-Banner  character:Tony-Stark  theme:two-person-triangle  character:Nick-Fury  character:Peter-Parker  character:Steve-Rogers  pairing:Steve-Rogers/Tony-Stark 
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Allerdyce  author:aaralyn  author:Abby  author:tsukinofaerii  character:Angel(us)  character:Bruce-Banner  character:Charles  character:Clint-Barton  character:Cordelia-Chase  character:Edwin-Jarvis  character:Erik  character:Howard-Stark  character:J.A.R.V.I.S.  character:James-"Logan"-Howlett  character:James-"Rhodey"-Rhodes  character:Janet  character:Jean  character:Lorne  character:Maria  character:Natasha-Romanov  character:Nick-Fury  character:Ororo  character:Pepper-Potts  character:Peter-Parker  character:Phil-Coulson  character:Rogue  character:Rupert-Giles  character:Scott  character:Spike  character:St.  character:Steve-Rogers  character:The  character:Thor  character:Tony-Stark  character:Wesley-Wyndam-Pryce  character:Willow-Rosenberg  character:Xander-Harris  Dyne  fandom:BtVS/AtS  fandom:Marvel  Grey  John  Lehnsherr  Munroe  pairing:Bruce  pairing:Bruce-Banner/Tony-Stark  pairing:Steve-Rogers/Tony-Stark  Parker  PTB  rating:Mature  rating:Teen  relationship:familial  relationship:friendship  relationship:m/m  relationship:no-romantic/sexual  relationship:parental  relationship:sibling  rights  source:AO3  source:TtH  status:complete  theme:afterlife  theme:apocalypse  theme:crossover  theme:de-age  theme:experimentation  theme:memory-alteration  theme:mutant  theme:mutant!Tony-Stark  theme:powers!Xander-Harris  theme:prophecy  theme:Real-Family  theme:two-person-triangle  theme:villain!Tony  Van  warning:abuse  warning:canon-character-death  warning:death-of-major-character  words:10K-25K  words:25K-50K  words:50K-100K  Xavier 

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