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Ugly Email - Gmail extension for blocking read receipts and other email tracking pixels.
Ugly Email is a Gmail plug-in. When a tracker is detected, it shows the icon of an eyeball in the subject line to alert you that a tracker is hidden inside the email. Rest assured that all detected trackers are blocked and you can freely open your emails.
chrome  email  extensions  privacy  gmail  emailmarketing  tracking 
june 2018 by bechster
Chrome Webshop - Chrome Fjernskrivebord
Få adgang til andre computere, eller giv en anden bruger adgang til din computer sikkert via internettet.
desktop  extensions  google  remote  fjernskrivebord  rdc  chrome  Tools 
april 2014 by bechster
foxGuide - Photoshop Guides Inside FireFox - A Firefox Extension For Web Designers and Developers
foxGuide is a firefox extension that displays horizontal and vertical guides. Guides will appear as thin lines that float over the webpage.
firefox  design  photoshop  webdesign  extensions  css  plugins  tools  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
How To Emulate A Mobile Web Browser In Firefox?
If you are looking to test a website or save some bandwidth while surfing your favorite social networking site, a simple Firefox add-on could help you emulate a mobile web browser and let you surf the website, like you would do in a actual mobile web browser.
firefox  webdesign  extensions  browsers  emulator  mobile  iphone  android  testing  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
PDF doc search II - Meta
I edited includes/SpecialSearch.php to make the saved PDFs searchable. This contribution is limited to a small amount of PDFs. When creating the PDFs don´t use compress text and images in e.g. acrobat distiller.
mediawiki  pdf  extensions  plugins  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
Extension:TopTenPages - MediaWiki
Shows the most popular Pages within an article.
mediawiki  wiki  extensions  ranking  rating  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
User:Meffiem/Newpages - Meta
This Mediawiki extension creates a bullet list of the most recent new pages. This can be useful for a small project's main page to give visitors a quick view of the new pages created since the last visit.
mediawiki  wikis  wiki  extensions  webdevelopment  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
Extension:DynamicPageList - MediaWiki
Dynamic Page List (DPL) is a universal reporting tool for MediaWikis, listing category members and intersections with various formats and details. For usage documentation, see the manual. Typically the selection of pages to be shown will be based on one or more categories. But there are many other choices for selection criteria, like e.g. author, namespace, date, name pattern, usage of templates or references to other articles.
mediawiki  wiki  extensions  wikis  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
The skin running on this site is called GuMax, which is designed and developed by Paul Gu. GuMax is a free software wiki skin originally written for
extensions  skins  themes  webdesign  wiki  mediawiki  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
FireShot :: Firefox Add-ons
FireShot is a Firefox extension that creates screenshots of web pages.
screenshots  extensions  addons  firefox  plugins  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
GridFox - The Grid Layout Firefox Extension » Eric Puidokas » Programming and Designing for the Web
GridFox is a Firefox extension that overlays a grid on any website. If you can open it in Firefox, you can put a grid on top of it. It’s easy to customize, allowing you to create the exact grid you designed your layout around.
webdesign  firefox  extensions  freeware  tools  for_orvad  browsers  css  layout  addons  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
Provider for Google Calendar :: Thunderbird Add-ons
Allows bidirectional access to Google Calendar. This extension allows Sunbird and Lightning to read and write events to a Google Calendar.
addons  calendars  extensions  email  thunderbird  google  desktop  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
Lightning - Project Home
Lightning brings the Sunbird calendar to the popular email client, Mozilla Thunderbird.
applications  calendars  downloads  extensions  software  opensource  email  tools  thunderbird  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster
RPG Outfitter | Character Profiler: WoW Addon
Addon til World of Warcraft, der henter statistik ud fra hver character.
addons  extensions  world_of_warcraft  wow  worldofwarcraft  games  zootool 
january 2012 by bechster

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