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Stories Are Made of Mistakes by wildhoneypie
“Y’all are sweet,” she says, and nods to indicate him and Cas. “Is he your—are you all together?”

Dean’s still contemplating how to answer this without saying something offensive—he never has figured out a polite way to say “no homo”—when Cas answers for him. Cas doesn’t even look up from his plate, his mouth full of baklava and some stray flakes of phyllo dough sticking to his lips when he says, “Yes.”

Cas, struggling with being human.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:slash  trope:pining  author:wildhoneypie  trope:caretaking  trope:feelings_reveal 
11 weeks ago by beautifulside
Grey - Valinde (Valyria) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where people don't see in color until they find their true mate, the first thing Dean sees when he pulls himself out of his grave is the blue sky.

When Castiel raised him from the Pit, he inadvertently claimed Dean as his mate.

Mostly canonverse with the added a/b/o, but goes a slight different way S8/9ish.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:a/b/o  trope:soulmates  trope:au  trope:slash  trope:pregnancy  author:valinde  trope:pining 
july 2019 by beautifulside
There Are Many Things by imogenbynight
In which Dean and Castiel learn, through trial and error, how to be together. Post 9x3 and 9x6.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:pining  trope:misunderstandings  trope:first_time  author:imogenbynight 
may 2019 by beautifulside
The Best Years of Our Lives, My Ass by ireallyhatecornnuts (CharleyFoxtrot)
Dean goes to sleep in a motel room in Texarkana, and he wakes up 17 years old, in his childhood bedroom in Lawrence, Kansas, 1996. He has no idea how he got there, why his parents are still alive, why his brother is an adorable freshman with no memory of his adult life, and why the only ally he has in this place is the angel he left behind in Purgatory – somehow also 17 years old. They have to get out, that's the important thing. Only, falling in love with his angel wasn't a part of the plan....
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:highschool  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:pining  author:charleyfoxtrot 
may 2019 by beautifulside
I Know You're a Mistake I Won't Regret - LunaCanisLupus_22 - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
“I don’t know how your omega at home lives with you,” Danny says, half serious, half mocking. It’s a throw away comment. Not meant for further thought but Steve stiffens considerably, hackles rising with the urge to attack and defend. Mostly because there is no omega waiting for him at home. And there’s no alpha Lieutenant Commander, Steve McGarrett, either.
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:a/b/o  trope:first_time  trope:slash  trope:genderfuck/genderswap  trope:pining  trope:au  author:lunacanislupus_22 
february 2019 by beautifulside
Call Everything on the Ice... - shysweetthing - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
Victor learns Japanese while in Hasetsu. He doesn't tell Yuuri, and things get dicey when he overhears Yuuri and Mari talking about him in Japanese. Repeatedly.

(The subtitle of this fic should be: Victor Nikiforov really needs a hug. Luckily, he gets one. Eventually.)
fandom:YOI  trope:slash  trope:slow_build  trope:first_time  author:shysweetthing  trope:family  trope:pining  pairing:victor/yuuri 
november 2018 by beautifulside
Perfect Fit - saturn_in_retrograde - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Two men. Three continents. Ten cities. Twelve months. Time and trouble enough to fall in love. Rather intense on the feelings.
fandom:bond  pairing:bond/q  trope:first_time  trope:slash  trope:slow_build  author:saturn_in_retrograde  trope:pining 
april 2017 by beautifulside
Dynamite with a laser beam - gottalovev - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Mary comes back and takes her place in Steve’s house and in his life, where they learn to be siblings again. Danny and her get along like a house on fire, and Steve finally figures out why it bothers him so much when Danny gets hurt on a drug bust gone wrong and he realizes that he’s got stronger feelings for his partner than he thought. Post S1-ish.
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:family  trope:pining  author:gottalovev 
october 2016 by beautifulside
Curving Like the Ocean Toward You by gyzym
The anniversary of John McGarrett's death comes around, and Danny makes Steve start doing home renovation. There's more going on than just paint and furniture.
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:first_time  trope:pining  trope:slash  author:gyzym 
october 2016 by beautifulside
A million ways to be a good one - ellievolia, sirona - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
It's exceptionally inconvenient to be coming to certain realisations regarding one's feelings towards one's partner, when one's parents decide to come and visit, and one has to sleep on said partner's sofa for the duration. (Locked to AO3 users.)
fandom:hawaii50  trope:slash  trope:pining  trope:family  trope:first_time  author:ellievolia  author:sirona  pairing:danny/steve 
june 2016 by beautifulside
Sedimental Journey - Taselby - Highlander: The Series [Archive of Our Own]
A chance encounter with a young turk of an Immortal leaves Methos morbid and unanchored. Restlessly wandering, he finds himself at Mac's door, hoping to find some way to anchor himself in the warmth and security of the familiar.
fandom:highlander  pairing:duncan/methos  trope:angst  trope:pining  trope:slash  author:taselby 
may 2015 by beautifulside
Something Blue - Lapin - The Hobbit
Thorin marries Bilbo after the Battle of Five Armies, a marriage of convenience, not love. Slowly, they must come to make the best of it, Bilbo resolves. After all, he's a Hobbit. They make the best of things.
fandom:hobbit  fandom:middle_earth  pairing:bilbo/thorin  trope:marriage-of-convenience  trope:slash  author:lapin  trope:pining 
january 2015 by beautifulside
Two reasons - torch - Star Wars Original Trilogy
Han Solo finds Coruscant uncomfortable. There are only two reasons to stay, but he can't make both of them happy.
fandom:star_wars  pairing:han/luke  pairing:leia/han  trope:vignette  author:torch  trope:bittersweet  trope:pining  character:han  fandom:SW_original 
december 2014 by beautifulside
Ashes, Embers, Flames - unpossible
Modern AU. They become flatmates, nurse supposed unrequited crushes on one another, and keep their secrets. Such as Merlin's magic, and the fact that Uther is a murderous psycho.
fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:au  author:unpossible  trope:modern_au  trope:pining 
november 2012 by beautifulside
Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin by Katie
Canon!verse. Holmes and Watson fall in love, deal with issues, and come out the stronger for it. A bit purple prose esque at times, but not really any worse than Doyle.
fandom:sherlock_holmes  pairing:holmes/watson  trope:first_time  trope:slash  author:katieforsythe  trope:hurt/comfort  trope:pining 
april 2011 by beautifulside

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