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Wait and See by oncethrown
After the apocalypse doesn't happen, Dean goes back to Bobby's house alone. He burned Bobby's body in the field. There wasn't enough of Cas left to burn or bury, and Sam was gone. After a few weeks of drinking and researching, Dean's ready to finally off himself and join his whole family, but a discount easter card and a sudden reappearance save him. Eventual Destiel. Human!Cas.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:au  trope:slash  author:oncethrown 
18 days ago by beautifulside
traveling light by sharkfish
All human a/u with a mechanic Dean and teacher Cas who start out as internet friends. Trans Cas.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:au  trope:first_time  trope:slash  author:sharkfish  trope:trans_character 
4 weeks ago by beautifulside
Grey - Valinde (Valyria) - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where people don't see in color until they find their true mate, the first thing Dean sees when he pulls himself out of his grave is the blue sky.

When Castiel raised him from the Pit, he inadvertently claimed Dean as his mate.

Mostly canonverse with the added a/b/o, but goes a slight different way S8/9ish.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:a/b/o  trope:soulmates  trope:au  trope:slash  trope:pregnancy  author:valinde  trope:pining 
7 weeks ago by beautifulside
And This, Your Living Kiss - opal_bullets - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Only a very few people in the world know that the celebrated and reclusive poet Jack Allen is just Kansas mechanic Dean Winchester, a high school dropout with a few bucks to his name. Not that it matters anymore; life has left him so wrung out he never wants to pick up another pen.

Until, that is, a string of coincidences leads Dean to auditing a poetry course with one Dr. Castiel Novak. The professor is wildly intelligent, devastatingly handsome...and just so happens to be academia's foremost expert on the poetry of Jack Allen.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:pre-slash  trope:au  trope:university_au  author:opal_bullets 
7 weeks ago by beautifulside
The Unwavering Heart of a Winchester - violue - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
There’s no point in mincing words. Sam is dead, and without him Dean is a drunken shell of who he used to be. When he finally pulls himself out of a growing pile of whiskey bottles, Dean finds it hard to go back to his life. With one flippant comment from a friend, Dean thinks he might finally have a way to make peace with the loss; Sam was an organ donor, and Dean’s going to find the recipients, talk to them, and see how their lives are better because of his little brother.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:au  trope:deathfic  trope:grieving  trope:slash  trope:roadtrip  author:violue  trope:first_time 
12 weeks ago by beautifulside
Into Your Hideaway - thepinupchemist - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Driving down a deserted road in the Rocky Mountains, Castiel finds something unexpected: An omega. Not only an omega, but a naked, injured, pregnant omega.
Dean doesn't talk much at first, but that doesn't change the brightness of his soul.

It also doesn't stop Castiel from falling in love with him.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:castiel/dean  trope:a/b/o  trope:plotty  trope:hurt/comfort  trope:au  trope:angst  trope:kidfic  author:thepinupchemist  trope:slash  trope:pregnancy 
may 2019 by beautifulside
Love's a Battlefield (and the Navy Did Not Train Steve for This Shit) - cyerus - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
The Kalakaua-Kelly clan are determined to matchmake Steve. Out of desperation, Steve makes up a boyfriend named Danny.

It doesn't quite go according to plan.
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:fake_relationship  trope:au  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:humor  author:cyerus 
march 2019 by beautifulside
The Bareknuckle Poet - pleasebekidding - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
After a serious accident left Steve temporarily wheelchair-bound, working towards his recovery, he enrolled at Rutgers for a year. He met Danny Williams in his criminology course, wearing pride pins and chipped black nail polish, so sure of himself that Steve found it breathtaking. What happened next redefined Steve's sense of self, his ambitions, and many of his priorities.
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:first_time  trope:coming_out  trope:au  trope:university_au  author:pleasebekidding  trope:slash 
march 2019 by beautifulside
I Know You're a Mistake I Won't Regret - LunaCanisLupus_22 - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
“I don’t know how your omega at home lives with you,” Danny says, half serious, half mocking. It’s a throw away comment. Not meant for further thought but Steve stiffens considerably, hackles rising with the urge to attack and defend. Mostly because there is no omega waiting for him at home. And there’s no alpha Lieutenant Commander, Steve McGarrett, either.
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:a/b/o  trope:first_time  trope:slash  trope:genderfuck/genderswap  trope:pining  trope:au  author:lunacanislupus_22 
february 2019 by beautifulside
The Right Waves Gather - tucuxi - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Steph has always been too much: too tall, too strong, too stubborn for her own good. Meeting Danny Williams changes her life in more ways than just forming Five-O, in no small part because of his daughter, Grace. (Always a girl Steve, who struggles with some gender issues.)
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:genderfuck/genderswap  trope:het  trope:kidfic  trope:first_time  trope:au  author:tucuxi 
february 2019 by beautifulside
crust and sugar over - ShanaStoryteller - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
Yuuri and Yuri become friends and Viktor develops a crush. Canon divergence, in which Yuri and Yuuri become friends while Yuri is still in juniors.
fandom:YOI  trope:fake_relationship  trope:au  author:shanastoryteller  pairing:victor/yuuri 
november 2018 by beautifulside
Shiro the Hero and the Hungry Chain by Saasan
Keith never cared that he was an Omega. Sure, his heats were hella long and stupidly frequent and his body rejected synthetic suppressants...
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  trope:a/b/o  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:pwp  trope:au  author:saasan 
october 2018 by beautifulside
and honestly that's why public service seems to be calling me by firstbreaths
In which Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, Director of the National Parks Service, cannot keep their hands off each other.
fandom:hamilton  pairing:hamilton/laurens  trope:modern_au  trope:humor  trope:slash  trope:au  author:firstbreaths 
september 2018 by beautifulside
the stars as no one else has them - annathaema (moony) - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
After aging out of the system and being homeless for awhile, Keith is settling in to college, and figuring out how to be around people. Shiro is one of those people. College AU.
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  trope:university_au  trope:first_time  trope:slash  trope:au  author:annathaema  trope:homeless 
september 2018 by beautifulside
youth, ignorance, and a bad haircut by emilyenrose
Shiro was surprised when Keith told him how he felt. Not because he hadn’t known.
Written pre-S7, so diverges from that canon a bit, but includes Adam/Shiro.
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  trope:au  trope:slash  trope:fluff  author:emilyenrose 
august 2018 by beautifulside
All the Things Money Can't Buy by Lys ap Adin (lysapadin)
Keith just needs a little help with the rent; Shiro's just a little lonely. This is just a brief, mutually beneficial financial arrangement, that's all. Really.
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:au  trope:prostitution  author:lysapadin 
august 2018 by beautifulside
The Seedling - Chrononautical - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
In the course of her adventures, Bilbo finds herself pregnant. Without an offer of marriage from Thorin, she returns to the Shire to raise the child with the help of her family. The King Under the Mountain is heartbroken that Bilbo chooses to leave Erebor, but he cannot blame her. Not after he tried to kill her. There was a time when she would have proposed marriage, but that time is clearly past.
fandom:hobbit  fandom:middle_earth  trope:misunderstandings  trope:kidfic  trope:het  trope:genderfuck/genderswap  trope:slow_build  trope:au  author:chrononautical 
august 2018 by beautifulside
from the threshold of the year to come by Sol1056
A new prosthesis, a new job, a new team... Shiro might've found a place he belongs, where he can settle down and get his life together. Too bad that's exactly when he meets the one person who'll turn it all upside-down again.
fandom:voltron  pairing:shiro/keith  trope:au  trope:slow_build  trope:slash  author:sol1056  trope:first_time 
july 2018 by beautifulside
Flight Risk by nirejseki
When Henry Allen is brought into Iron Heights for the first time, Leonard Snart is twenty-two years old, sick of his cellmate, and bored half to death.

(an alternate first meeting)
fandom:flash  trope:au  trope:pre-slash  pairing:barry/leonard  author:nirejseki 
may 2018 by beautifulside
Peach, Plum, Pear - sweetestdrain - Merlin (BBC) [Archive of Our Own]
How in his tenth year of rule King Arthur chose a man to take the role of Court's Magician, and how Arthur made his decision.

Merlin left 12 years previously. An old man comes to the wizard trials.
fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  trope:futurefic  trope:au  author:sweetestdrain 
january 2018 by beautifulside
Shelter by sinestrated
Eight years have passed since Merlin fled Camelot after revealing his magic, leaving behind a home and a budding relationship with Arthur. Now, with his kingdom crumbling beneath a mysterious magical attack, Arthur reaches out to sorcerers throughout the land in search of a solution--and gets one sorcerer in particular he never expected. A/u after S2ish.
fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  trope:futurefic  trope:slash  trope:plotty  trope:au  author:sinestrated 
december 2017 by beautifulside
Necessity's Demands - ossapher - American Revolution RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Wizard A/U of the revolutionary war. Alexander gets into trouble caused by a book of John Andre's.
fandom:hamilton  trope:magic  trope:au  trope:gen  author:ossapher 
august 2017 by beautifulside
Hurricanes in Hertford, Hereford, and Hampshire - 61Below - The Hobbit - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Bilbo was banished. That's it, the end. She wants nothing more to do with dwarves. Now all she needs to do is get back home, but there may be some complications along the way. Rule 63, everyone lives, AU with LOTR.
fandom:middle_earth  fandom:hobbit  fandom:lotr  pairing:bilbo/thorin  trope:genderfuck/genderswap  trope:pregnancy  trope:kidfic  trope:au  trope:plotty  author:61below 
july 2017 by beautifulside
I Shall Not Live in Vain - zinjadu - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
AU after Season 5. Ahsoka Tano left, but where did she go? What did she do, and what did she learn? And what if after Order 66, Rex found her. This follows Ahsoka and Rex (and their cobbled together family) as they live through the last of the Clone War, Order 66, and the Empire era.
fandom:star_wars  fandom:SW_clonewars  trope:plotty  trope:au  trope:first_time  trope:kidfic  author:zinjadu  pairing:rex/ahsoka 
june 2017 by beautifulside
Turned Upside Down - dreamlittleyo - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
Alexander Hamilton has always been devoted to his captain; he never intends to admit just how deep his devotion runs. When an away mission goes intimately wrong, both men are left reeling. Aliens made them do it Star Trek fusion.
fandom:hamilton  fandom:crossover  pairing:washington/hamilton  trope:first_time  trope:slash  trope:au  author:dreamlittleyo  trope:dub_con 
june 2017 by beautifulside
In Pursuit - zinjadu - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
AU - The Jedi Who Knew Too Much. Rex decides to stay "in pursuit" of his Commander; he jumps. Now, with backup, Ahsoka navigates the lower levels and deals with Ventress. Meanwhile, Anakin takes the Order to task, finds a little more support, and things turn out a little differently for everyone.
fandom:star_wars  fandom:SW_clonewars  trope:au  trope:plotty  character:ahsoka  character:rex  trope:gen  author:zinjadu  trope:series 
june 2017 by beautifulside
so long as you come home at the end of the day - herowndeliverance (atheilen) - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
George Washington wants to give his newfound son the world. For now, though, he'll settle for getting Alexander back to Mount Vernon in one piece. This presents more challenges than he would have thought. A/U in which Washington is Hamilton's father, and gets to raise him after Rachel dies.
fandom:hamilton  trope:family  trope:gen  trope:au  author:herowndeliverance 
may 2017 by beautifulside
Care and Custody - esama - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Eggsy takes out the medal in slightly worse circumstances, asking for a miracle. AU multichapter kidfic, wherein everything changes for the better when Eggsy winds up raising his sister.
fandom:kingsman  pairing:harry/eggsy  trope:slow_build  trope:au  trope:kidfic  trope:plotty  author:esama  trope:slash 
april 2017 by beautifulside
Hawaii's Sentinel and Guide - Samantha_kathy - Hawaii Five-0 (2010), The Sentinel [Archive of Our Own]
In a move that shocked both friends and enemies, Sentinel Danny Williams left his territory to be close to his daughter. Unfinished sentinal!au series in which Danny is the sentinel, and Steve is his (unacknowledged) true guide. Series, possibly still in progress?
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:sentinels  trope:au  trope:pre-slash  trope:plotty  author:samantha_kathy  trope:series  status:broken_link 
july 2016 by beautifulside
The Adamant Blade - anyanka_eg - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
When Danny's sister Heather disappears, Steve drops everything and accompanies his partner back to New Jersey to help look for her. Steve finds himself following Danny around a New York he never knew existed, one populated by magicians and voodoo priestesses, ghosts and demons. A world where Danny has all the skills and training, and Steve is barely even the backup.
fandom:hawaii50  pairing:danny/steve  trope:supernatural  trope:first_time  trope:slash  author:anyanka_eg  trope:au  trope:magic  trope:plotty 
july 2016 by beautifulside
The One Constant by RedRowan
The first day of his freshman year, Foggy meets the hot blind girl who lives in the room next door. And puts his foot in it by accidentally hitting on her. Somehow, she becomes friends with him anyway. (Always a girl Matt. Also includes Matt/others, Foggy/others)
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  trope:genderfuck/genderswap  trope:au  trope:het  trope:proposal  author:redrowan  fandom:marvel  trope:pre-canon 
march 2016 by beautifulside
Rowan and Red Oak - ChuckleVoodoos - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Foggy makes a lot of coffee, reads a lot of tea leaves, breaks a lot of rules and casts a lot of charms. He also spends a good amount of his time pining over his perfect partner and trying to keep his wild outbursts of emotional magic to a minimum. A/U set in a Harry Potter world.
fandom:daredevil  pairing:matt/foggy  trope:supernatural  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:au  author:chucklevoodoos  fandom:marvel  trope:magic 
march 2016 by beautifulside
What I Learned on my Summer Vacation, an Essay by Hope Summers by the_wordbutler
The Motion Practice Universe (the one where they are all lawyers).
Hope Summers writes about a summer trip with Nate and Wade that changed her life.
fandom:marvel  fandom:deadpool  pairing:wade/nate  trope:kidfic  trope:proposal  trope:established_relationship  trope:slash  author:the_wordbutler  trope:au 
february 2016 by beautifulside
All About Chemistry - SedatedKoala - Deadpool - All Media Types, Spider-Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
After serving his 20 years in the Marine Corps, Wade Wilson is cashing in his GI Bill and going back to college. He feels like the old man on campus, but that doesn't matter. He likes his classes. He likes learning. And he especially likes his Chemistry professor with the messy brown hair.
fandom:marvel  pairing:peter/wade  fandom:spiderman  trope:au  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:university_au  author:sedatedkoala  fandom:deadpool 
february 2016 by beautifulside
Cadets - airandangels - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation [Archive of Our Own]
A charming AU where Data and Julian Bashir are cadets together at Starfleet Academy, and wind up having a romance. Marked as a WIP, but fairly complete on its own.
fandom:star_trek  pairing:data/bashir  trope:au  trope:slash  author:airandangels  fandom:ST:DS9  fandom:ST:TNG  status:wip  trope:university_au 
january 2016 by beautifulside
Stubborn Mouths: Humans In Translation - Hannah - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Julian Bashir has never been what’s expected of him. A look at the neurodivergent Dr. Bashir who might have existed if his parents hadn't succeeded at having him genetically altered. Covers several seasons and episodes.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:plotty  trope:au  trope:disability  trope:slash  author:hannah 
november 2015 by beautifulside
Unconventional Negotiation Tactics by pikachumaniac
His mission was supposed to be simple. Find Geoffrey Boothroyd’s son, who had developed a reputation for being quite the fearsome inventor, and convince him to come to MI6 to serve as quartermaster. He was given an address, a description, and a starting salary figure so high that he seriously questioned all his past career decisions. He was assured that Frederick Boothroyd was intelligent, practical, and yes, maybe a little prone to shooting people, but only if they insisted on disturbing his work. Altogether, simple. James Bond knew better though. They didn’t send him on simple missions.
fandom:bond  pairing:bond/q  trope:au  trope:slash  author:pikachumaniac 
november 2015 by beautifulside
Exile by thehoyden (DS9)
Exile was certainly dark, but in Julian Bashir's case, it was warm and humid instead of numbingly cold. An A/U in which Dr. Bashir ends up at Terok Nor after being exiled for his enhancements. He meets Garak in much the same way.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:slash  trope:au  trope:first_time  author:the_hoyden 
november 2015 by beautifulside
For family Chapter 1: The epiphany, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
What if Vader, wanting to be with his son again, had taken a very different approach after Luke escapes him at Bespin? How far would he go to regain what he has lost? A long, plotty fic of Vader making different choices after ESB.
fandom:star_wars  trope:gen  trope:family  trope:au  author:nanuk888  fandom:SW_original  trope:plotty 
october 2015 by beautifulside
Chain of Custody - the_wordbutler
Motion Practice Universe (the one where they are all lawyers). Tony and Bruce and their adopted son Miles get involved in an arson case when they take in two foster children- Teddy and Amy.
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/bruce  trope:au  trope:established_relationship  trope:kidfic  trope:plotty  trope:slash  author:the_wordbutler 
october 2015 by beautifulside
The Winter Season by TeaWithLemon [Doctor Who]
Instead of regenerating after 'Parting of the Ways," the Ninth Doctor hides his Time Lord self into his watch to let himself heal. The TARDIS was supposed to land them somewhere safe, but with a chameleon-arched Doctor, things never go quite as planned...
fandom:doctorwho  pairing:nine/rose  trope:transformation  trope:au  trope:het  trope:fake_relationship  trope:marriage  author:teawithlemon 
september 2015 by beautifulside
gryfndor_godess | Something
BUFFY/SPIKE. What if Spike hadn’t died in “Chosen”? How would their relationship have reached its natural conclusion/consummation? An alternate take on what might have happened if Spike had gotten out, and only the school went into a sink hole. Epilogue goes in a totally different direction.
fandom:btvs  pairing:buffy/spike  trope:au  trope:hurt/comfort  trope:het  author:gryfndor_godess 
august 2015 by beautifulside
Giftless by Miss Murchison
It's Valentine's Day, and Spike can't figure out what to get Buffy. Set in a softer, kinder version of S6.
fandom:btvs  pairing:buffy/spike  trope:established_relationship  trope:het  trope:holiday  trope:humor  author:missmurchison  trope:au 
august 2015 by beautifulside
Diary of Days by myrabeth
After the fall of Sunnydale, Buffy begins keeping a journal. In its pages, she records a summer she never expected to have, with someone she never expected to see again. Slightly AU Angel S5, with included Buffy.
fandom:btvs  pairing:buffy/spike  trope:established_relationship  trope:au  trope:het  author:myrabeth  trope:reunionfic 
august 2015 by beautifulside
Pandora's Boxer by speakr2customrs
After the completion of his trials in Africa, Spike is offered a different option- the chance to start again 3 years prior, with his memory wiped. He relives S4 on the side of good, changing several things, including the fact that Harmony winds up as the vampire with the chip. Ends a little abruptly, but a well-thought out AU.
fandom:btvs  pairing:buffy/spike  trope:time_travel  trope:au  trope:het  author:speakr2customrs 
july 2015 by beautifulside
West of the Moon, East of the Sun by KnifeEdge
I keep having the strangest dream. Every night it's the same thing: a dark room, a big bed, and a silent vampire that I can feel, but not see. I'd be wigged, except it's just a dream, right? It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever willingly sleep with a vampire again.

Goes A/U from S5, with all sorts of fascinating fairy tale elements. Epic and fantastic.
fandom:btvs  pairing:buffy/spike  trope:fairytale  trope:het  trope:au  trope:first_time  trope:plotty  author:knifeedge 
july 2015 by beautifulside
Future Imperfect by cousinjean
In the year 2336, Buffy wakes to find she is humanity's only hope for the future, and Spike is the only link to her past. Contains spoilers for Season 5. Set during and 335 years following "The Gift."
fandom:btvs  pairing:buffy/spike  trope:time_travel  trope:het  trope:au  author:cousinjean 
july 2015 by beautifulside
Avocation Series by enigmaticblue
The gypsies curse the wrong vampire, and by the time they rectify their mistake, Spike has been fundamentally altered. Nearly a century later, the Slayer needs help, and there’s only one person qualified for the job. Continues on through an A/U S5. Buffy/Spike, Willow/Wesley, Giles/Joyce
fandom:btvs  pairing:buffy/spike  trope:het  trope:au  trope:plotty  author:enigmaticblue 
july 2015 by beautifulside
By Our Wills by Medie
ST:AOS A/U. Always-a-girl Kirk, and this time, the timeline is changed by Valeris, who is trying to insure that Kirk will hate Klingons too much to work with them.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:AOS  trope:au  trope:genderfuck/genderswap  pairing:kirk/mccoy  trope:plotty  author:medie 
june 2015 by beautifulside
Gentle Antidote - x_los - Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers [Archive of Our Own]
At twenty-one, Harriet Vane gets her Name. It's rather longer than she expected. An A/U in which the name of one's soul mate appears on one's arm at 21.
fandom:lord_peter  pairing:peter/harriet  trope:au  trope:het  author:x_los  trope:soulmates 
march 2015 by beautifulside
An Unexpected Proposal by Eareniel
Thorin proposes unexpectedly after the BoFA, but Bilbo hasn't yet forgiven him for his actions, so he refuses and returns to the Shire. Some years later, Bilbo finally returns to Erebor. Slow burn relationship, with plenty of world-building details and involvement of other characters.
fandom:middle_earth  fandom:hobbit  pairing:bilbo/thorin  trope:slash  author:eareniel  trope:slow_build  trope:au 
january 2015 by beautifulside
The Flame and the Salamander
TPM AU. Obi-Wan, journeyman knight, goes on a rescue mission to a civil war torn planet, only to discover that the Jedi he's rescuing is his former master. Sith collars are only the beginning of their troubles. Well plotted.
fandom:star_wars  pairing:qui-gon/obi-wan  trope:slash  trope:au  trope:plotty  trope:first_time  author:qor-ynn  fandom:SW_prequels 
december 2014 by beautifulside
Exiles Universe by Kass & Kate
In an alternate universe, fifteen years after the events in The Phantom Menace, two Jedi live in hiding on the desert planet of Tatooine, awaiting a child's destiny. Will they survive to see a new hope come to fruition?
fandom:star_wars  pairing:qui-gon/obi-wan  trope:established_relationship  trope:au  trope:slash  author:kass  author:dbkate  fandom:SW_prequels 
december 2014 by beautifulside
On Ebon Wings, Ere I Breathe by flamethrower
Ten years after the Battle for Naboo, a Jedi wakes up alone in the desert. His only companion is, of all things, a crow. A fusion with The Crow, in which Obi-Wan died fighting Darth Maul, and comes back as an Avatar 10 years later.
fandom:star_wars  trope:au  trope:deathfic  pairing:qui-gon/obi-wan  author:flamethrower  trope:supernatural  trope:slash  fandom:SW_prequels 
december 2014 by beautifulside
Inversion by Lisse
A short set in a universe where Bail raised Luke, and Leia grew up on Tatooine.
fandom:star_wars  trope:gen  trope:au  author:lisse  fandom:SW_original 
december 2014 by beautifulside
Permanency - the_wordbutler - The Avengers (2012), Marvel (Comics), Spider-Man (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]
Set in the Motion Practice Universe (one where they're all lawyers). Bruce finally has to face up to his attraction to Tony at the same time as he takes Miles Morales in as a foster child.
fandom:avengers  trope:au  trope:slash  trope:kidfic  trope:first_time  pairing:tony/bruce  author:the_wordbutler  fandom:marvel 
july 2014 by beautifulside
Human AUs, Turn, Turn, Turn
Human AU of the Ninja Turtles, where Raph is small and struggling. Great dynamic.
fandom:tmnt  trope:au  trope:gen  trope:family 
june 2014 by beautifulside
Appropriate Boundaries - Yahtzee - X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Movies), X-Men - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Charles has been having serious problems with back cramps in the year and a half since he's been in a wheelchair. His doctor prescribes massage therapy. But when Charles meets his masseur, Erik, in some ways they begin to heal each other. So how do you cross the boundaries between professional touch -- and the personal?
fandom:x-men  pairing:erik/charles  trope:disability  trope:slash  trope:au  author:yahtzee  trope:first_time  fandom:marvel  trope:modern_au 
may 2014 by beautifulside
Fair Stands the Wind by Maisedoat
P&P AU, where Darcy was a younger son who joined the Navy, and Mr. Bennet is in extremely poor health when Mr. Bingley et al arrive in town.
fandom:pride&prejudice  fandom:jane_austen  trope:marriage-of-convenience  trope:het  author:maisedoat  trope:au  pairing:darcy/elizabeth 
may 2014 by beautifulside
Connections by Sharni
After Mrs. Bennet passed away miscarrying Lydia, Mr. Bennet remarried a woman of better understanding and connections. This changes several elements of P&P. Technically unfinished, but leaves off at a decent stopping place.
fandom:jane_austen  trope:au  trope:het  author:sharni  status:wip  fandom:pride&prejudice  pairing:darcy/elizabeth 
may 2014 by beautifulside
Adventures at Morecastle by Suzanne O
P&P. A lucky meeting in the seaside town of Morecastle results in a series of light-hearted adventures and misadventures, accompanied by prodigious amounts of flirting. Set just post the visit to Kent. Lizzie and Jane accompany the Gardiners to the seaside, and happen to meet Bingley and Darcy there.
fandom:jane_austen  trope:het  trope:humor  author:suzanne_o  fandom:pride&prejudice  pairing:darcy/elizabeth  trope:au 
may 2014 by beautifulside
The Student Prince - FayJay - Merlin - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU/reincaration set at St. Andrews. Merlin winds up as Prince Arthur's roommate, and has to deal with classes, trying to protect Arthur from magical threats, and his rather inconvenient feelings.
fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  trope:au  trope:slash  trope:first_time  author:fayjay  trope:university_au  trope:modern_au 
march 2014 by beautifulside
For Your Information - reni_days - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU. After Arthur comes out, Uther goes looking for someone to explain the ways of the gays to him. Merlin is that lucky someone.
fandom:merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  trope:humor  trope:au  trope:slash  author:reni_days  trope:modern_au  status:broken_link 
march 2014 by beautifulside
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