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When the Farsei Blooms - prairiecrow - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Stranded on a remote Cardassian colony, Bashir and Garak must seek out a transmitter which is their only hope of rescue. In the process they enter a new stage in their relationship, one that is not meant to last. A WIP that hasn't been updated in a couple years, but the chunk of plot that is there is well worth the read.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:castaway  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:plotty  author:prairiecrow  status:wip 
december 2015 by beautifulside
I Was Made for Sunny Days - tinsnip - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Garak spent a long time in the dark. Julian brought him light, and now Garak is pleasantly surprised to find that perhaps he was made for sunny days. A series of vignettes, set post-canon: a meeting at the train; a conversation, as evening falls; watching a loved one sleep; building a future.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:established_relationship  trope:futurefic  trope:kidfic  trope:slash  author:tinsnip 
december 2015 by beautifulside
isagel | DS9 Fic: The Greek upon the Stars, Garak/Bashir (NC-17)
Julian Bashir is a physician, and he knows that the body does not lie. It can fail you and betray you when you need it the most, and its messages when deciphered can translate into something entirely different from what you first believed, but it does not deceive. He tries to remember that when he thinks about Garak. Vignette, with flashes to episodes through the series.
fandom:ST:DS9  fandom:star_trek  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:slash  author:isagel  trope:vignette 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Three and a Half Days - prairiecrow - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Sabotage leads to a quarantine, and Garak is trapped on the Promenade for three long days — but the situation might have an unexpected upside.
fandom:star_trek  pairing:garak/bashir  fandom:ST:DS9  trope:first_time  trope:slash  author:prairiecrow 
december 2015 by beautifulside
A Handful of Dates by KanarandTarkaleanTea
Garak and Dr. Bashir discuss literature, smoke some hookah, and reflect on their lives and their feelings for each other. Mostly a slow build romance to serious relationship to marriage, loosely set in S4, but with some cultural and family explorations included.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:slash  trope:first_time  trope:romance  trope:marriage  author:kanarandtarkaleantea 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Altering Course - AuroraNova - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Post-series, Dr. Bashir volunteers to spend six months on Cardassia, and stays with Garak. This changes things forever, beginning with a courtship.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:slash  trope:slow_build  trope:first_time  trope:futurefic  author:auroranova  trope:kidfic  trope:marriage  trope:romance 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Fictions by Henrietta Wotton
Just post The Wire, from Garak's point of view. Julian initiates a relationship for a reason Garak never considered.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:slash  trope:first_time  author:henrietta_wotton 
december 2015 by beautifulside
All Joys Are Due to Thee - sssibilance - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Post-series, established relationship on Carsassia. Bashir and Garak attend a Cardassian-style cocktail party, and Bashir is put on the spot when several guests expect him to produce Terran literary recommendations on demand. More poetry is to be had at home.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:established_relationship  trope:slash  trope:futurefic  author:sssibilance 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Comforter of Night - Ololon - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Set after the season 2 episode 'The Wire'. Things haven't been quite the same ever since...Julian is still struggling to make sense of what Garak said during his illness, and Garak can't quite pretend it didn't happen. Excellent post-episode finale.
fandom:ST:DS9  fandom:star_trek  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:first_time  trope:slash  author:ololon 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Revolutionary Etude - Ololon - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Post-series, Julian is living on Cardassia with Garak, but trouble arises when the new government pursues an inquest into Garak's past. Alternates between Garak's memories of his past and the scenes set in the present. Very long but worth the read for the excellent character exploration.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:established_relationship  trope:plotty  trope:futurefic  author:ololon 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Another Line of Work Presents Itself by bmouse
Post series, established relationship on Cardassia. Julian investigates Garak on assignment, as he works at a cafe. Includes a nice bit of third party POV.
fandom:ST:DS9  fandom:star_trek  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:established_relationship  trope:slash  trope:futurefic  trope:slice-of-life  author:bmouse 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Plus One - potentiality_26 - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Post-series, on Cardassia. Julian learns some things about Cardassian courtship from one of his coworkers, and realizes that Garak has stopped flirting with him. He does his best to remedy this situation.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:pre-slash  trope:futurefic  author:potentiality_26 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Connections by Vyc [Deep Space Nine]
Just post "The Wire", an arranged marriage G/B fic. Lighthearted and fun, while still in character.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:pre-slash  trope:marriage-of-convenience  author:vyc 
december 2015 by beautifulside
Stubborn Mouths: Humans In Translation - Hannah - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Archive of Our Own]
Julian Bashir has never been what’s expected of him. A look at the neurodivergent Dr. Bashir who might have existed if his parents hadn't succeeded at having him genetically altered. Covers several seasons and episodes.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:plotty  trope:au  trope:disability  trope:slash  author:hannah 
november 2015 by beautifulside
Cultural Miscues by Regann (DS9, Garak/Bashir)
Gilora Rejal continues to make the wrong assumptions about Humans and their relationships. In the end, Dr. Bashir is thankful.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:slash  author:regann 
november 2015 by beautifulside
A Civil Death by Regann, 1/2 (DS9, Garak/Bashir)
Post-series. Coincidence brings Garak back to Deep Space Nine where Bashir is determined to save him from an ominous threat, even if he doesn't want to be saved. Garak/Bashir. ~ 14,000 words. Part 2:
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:first_time  trope:plotty  author:regann  trope:futurefic 
november 2015 by beautifulside
Learning the Language Series by Allemande (DS9)
Three-part series starting with Julian Bashir's arrival on Cardassia after the war. The second part is set on DS9, the third on Earth. The first part: Bashir works as a Doctor on Cardassia, learns Kardasi and learns something about his past along the way.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:slash  author:allemande  trope:futurefic 
november 2015 by beautifulside
Exile by thehoyden (DS9)
Exile was certainly dark, but in Julian Bashir's case, it was warm and humid instead of numbingly cold. An A/U in which Dr. Bashir ends up at Terok Nor after being exiled for his enhancements. He meets Garak in much the same way.
fandom:star_trek  fandom:ST:DS9  pairing:garak/bashir  trope:slash  trope:au  trope:first_time  author:the_hoyden 
november 2015 by beautifulside

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