Why inheritance never made any sense
There are three different types of inheritance going on. Ontological inheritance is about specialisation: this thing is a specific variety of that thing (a football is a sphere and it has this radius) Abstract data type inheritance is about substitution: this thing behaves in all the ways that thing does and has this behaviour (this is the Liskov substitution principle) Implementation inheritance is about code sharing: this thing takes some of the properties of that thing and overrides or augments them in this way. The inheritance in my post On Inheritance is this type and only this type of inheritance. These are three different, and frequently irreconcilable, relationships. Requiring any, or even all, of them, presents no difficulty. However, requiring one mechanism support any two or more of them is asking for trouble.
4 days ago
Jbuilder: Inline tests - Ecosystem - OCaml
Jbuilder 1.0+beta19 has just been released in opam. There are several exciting new features in this release, but one I think deserves special attention is the newly added support of inline tests.
ocaml  testing 
5 days ago
Ten Reasons Why I Don't Like Golang
When I first started programming in Go, my summary of it was, “The good things are great and the bad things are weird and I can live with them.” After another three years and a few large projects in Go, I no longer like the language and wouldn’t use it for a new project.
go-lang  programming 
5 days ago
[RFC] Dune configuration files · Issue #461 · ocaml/dune
This is a proposal for the new configuration files of Dune. The most notable changes are the addition of project files and the generalization of jbuild-ignore files.
16 days ago
MikroTik Router Hardening — Manito Networks
Mikrotik routers straight out of the box require security hardening like any Arista, Cisco, Juniper, or Ubiquiti router. Some very basic configuration changes can be made immediately to reduce attack surface while also implementing best practices, and more advanced changes allow routers to pass compliance scans and formal audits. Almost all of the configuration changes below are included in requirements for PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance, and the best-practice steps are also included in CIS security benchmarks and DISA STIGs.
16 days ago
Micrometer Application Monitoring
Vendor-neutral application metrics facade

Micrometer provides a simple facade over the instrumentation clients for the most popular monitoring systems, allowing you to instrument your JVM-based application code without vendor lock-in. Think SLF4J, but for metrics.
metrics  java  monitoring 
16 days ago
How To Use Duplicity with GPG to Securely Automate Backups on Ubuntu | DigitalOcean
Duplicity is a versatile local and remote backup program that can implement a number of transfer protocols and third-party storage solutions.

In this guide, we will discuss how to install duplicity on an Ubuntu 12.04 VPS. We will be installing from source and then configuring it to take advantage of GPG encryption.
12 weeks ago
Ten years in, nobody has come up with a use for blockchain
Everyone says the blockchain, the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, is going to change EVERYTHING. And yet, after years of tireless effort and billions of dollars invested, nobody has actually come up with a use for the blockchain—besides currency speculation and illegal transactions.
12 weeks ago
lcamtuf's blog: The deal with Bitcoin
Predicting is hard - especially the future. In some sense, a coin that represents a cryptographic proof of wasted CPU cycles is no better or worse than a currency that relies on cotton decorated with pictures of dead presidents. It is true that Bitcoin suffers from many implementation problems - long transaction processing times, high fees, frequent security breaches of major exchanges - but in principle, such problems can be overcome.

That said, currencies live and die by the lasting willingness of others to accept them in exchange for services or goods - and in that sense, the jury is still out. The use of Bitcoin to settle bona fide purchases is negligible, both in absolute terms and in function of the overall volume of transactions. In fact, because of the technical challenges and limited practical utility, some companies that embraced the currency early on are now backing out.

When the value of an asset is derived almost entirely from its appeal as an ever-appreciating investment vehicle, the situation has all the telltale signs of a speculative bubble. But that does not prove that the asset is destined to collapse, or that a collapse would be its end. Still, the built-in deflationary mechanism of Bitcoin - the increasing difficulty of producing new coins - is probably both a blessing and a curse.
december 2017
What would it it take for Labour’s moderates to revolt? | Nick Cohen | Opinion | The Guardian
As I said, I am talking about the worst of the left. But here is Britain’s bind: the worst of the left controls the left. One day, it may control the country too.
uk  politics 
december 2017
Watch "10 Tips for failing badly at Microservices by David Schmitz" on YouTube
The modularization of the Java SE Platform in JDK 9 brings many benefits but also many changes. Existing code that uses only official Java SE Platform APIs and supported JDK-specific APIs should continue to work without change. Code that uses certain deprecated features or any JDK-internal APIs is likely to break, however. This session shows you how to prepare existing code for JDK 9 and takes a look at new features designed to help migration, such as JDK versioning, multirelease JARs, and enhanced deprecation.
youtube  microservices  programming 
november 2017
Watch "10 tips to become an awesome Technical Lead by Bart Blommaerts" on YouTube
As you grow in your career, chances are that one day you will end up as the Technical Lead of 1 or more projects. Often not by choice. The role of Technical Lead is quite different from the role of (senior) Software Developer and this talk will bring you answers on questions like:

How do I do technical interviews?
How do I lead a team? How do I lead multiple teams?
How do I cope with my new responsibilities?
How do I cope with success / failure?
How do I prevent losing focus on the technical challenges?

In summary, everything you want(ed) to know on your first day as a Technical Lead and that you can use every day from that point onwards.
youtube  programming 
november 2017
Watch "Shenandoah: The Garbage Collector That Could by Aleksey Shipilev" on YouTube
The major problem for large Java applications is G... (wait for it...) C pauses. Large heaps storing lots of live data, the failure to adhere to generational hypothesis, fragmentation due to old objects coming and going, exacerbate the issues even more. OpenJDK GCs managed to solve the first large part of the puzzle, concurrent marking — the ability to estimate the object reachability graph without stopping the application for a long time. Shenandoah is the new low-pause collector that tries to solve the second large part of the puzzle — the ability to move the objects without stopping the application, cutting the GC pauses even more. This talk is the basic introduction in Shenandoah's design choices, important internal details, performance benefits and trade-offs.
youtube  programming  java 
november 2017
Watch "The impact of the GDPR by Michaël Demey" on YouTube
Do you know what it means to be GDPR compliant? Do you know what the GDPR is? Developers answering "no" will have hard times ahead of them. The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is one of the most important legislations introduced by the EU in the past decade. It describes what personal data is, what companies are allowed to do with that data and, more importantly, what citizens are allowed to do. A lot of software development and products involve the use of personal data and this falls under the GDPR. Developers and software companies not aware of what the GDPR stands for, may risk heavy fines if the software they write is non-compliant. This is not a scare session. In this session we will walk through what the GDPR is, what it affects and what not, and what steps people should take to be on the way to being compliant. I promise to keep the legal jargon to a minimum.
devoxx  programming  youtube 
november 2017
Watch "Common API security pitfalls by Philippe De Ryck" on YouTube
The shift towards an API landscape indicates a significant evolution in the way we build applications. The rise of JavaScript and mobile applications have sparked an explosion of easily-accessible REST APIs. But how do you protect access to your API? Which security aspects are no longer relevant? Which security features are an absolutely must-have, and which additional security measures do you need to take into account?
devoxx  youtube  programming  security 
november 2017
Corporate Realpolitik Explained: The Tech Lead - DaedTech
Being a “good” tech lead means occupying the role without mutinies and without impeding the team progress much. Ideally speaking, someone in this role develops the other team members professionally and makes everyone collectively more productive. They make the team significantly more productive.

But here’s the rub.

A good team member and professional does that anyway. The things that make a person a “good” tech lead on the surface are the same things that make people good team members. The lone exception is the role artifice itself, like task delegation. To think of this another way, ask yourself this question. If the role were truly about team uplift (instead of non-monetary compensation through vanity titles), why wouldn’t the role be team-voted instead of idealist manager appointed?

So should you take this role? Absolutely. Should you use it to try to help people improve? Again, absolutely. But don’t kid yourself about what it is. It’s a tiny bit of leverage that a savvy aspiring opportunist can turn into meaningful leverage. It’s a stepping stone to other things and not a calling.
november 2017
Lynis - Security auditing tool for Unix/Linux systems - CISOfy
Lynis is an open source security auditing tool. Used by system administrators, security professionals, and auditors, to evaluate the security defenses of their Linux and Unix-based systems. It runs on the host itself, so it performs more extensive security scans than vulnerability scanners. It is also the client in our Lynis Enterprise offering.
linux  security  tools 
november 2017
Portugal : un redressement économique et social qui prend Bruxelles à contre-pied
Le Portugal n'a presque plus de déficit budgétaire, bénéficie d'une des meilleures croissances de la zone euro, a fait baisser son chômage et attire les investisseurs. Le petit miracle économique et social portugais s'est réalisé en moins de 2 ans avec une politique pourtant opposée aux demandes de la Commission européenne. Doit-on parler désormais du modèle portugais plutôt que du modèle allemand ou suédois ?
Portugual  economy 
november 2017
Secure Coding Guidelines for Java SE
These guidelines are intended to help developers build secure software, but they do not focus specifically on software that implements security features. Therefore, topics such as cryptography are not covered in this document (see [9] and [10] for information on using cryptography with Java). While adding features to software can solve some security-related problems, it should not be relied upon to eliminate security defects.
java  programming  security 
october 2017
PostgreSQL Domain Integrity In Depth
SQL has many features to protect data, and domain integrity constraints are one of the most fundamental. Put simply, they restrict columns to sensible values and prevent data input errors and other problems.
database  postgresql 
october 2017
CFV: New Project: ZGC
In accordance with the OpenJDK guidelines [1], this project will provide a home for the continued development of the Z Garbage Collector, also known as ZGC. ZGC is a new garbage collector optimized for low latency and very large heaps. We've developed ZGC internally at Oracle so far, and we're now open-sourcing it so as to broaden the base of both contributors and users.
october 2017
Vim After 15 Years | Ian Langworth’s Things of Variable Interest
My earlier posts (1, 2) about using Vim were well received and it’s about time for an update. Vim 8 added a lot of much-needed functionality, and new community sites like VimAwesome have made plugin discovery and evaluation easier. I’ve been doing a lot more work with Vim lately and have spent some time configuring my workflow for peak efficiency, so here’s a snapshot of my current state.


fzf and fzf.vim for finding files
ack.vim and ag for searching files
Vim + tmux is the key to victory 🔑
ALE is the new Syntastic because it’s asynchronous
…and lots more. Keep reading.
programming  vim  tools 
october 2017
Understanding the Equifax Data Breach | Anna Slomovic| Managing Personal Data
Equifax’s sputtering response did not surprise me, and neither did the reactions in the press, the Congress, or the consumer protection agencies. Unfortunately, most of the proposed solutions do not address the fundamental issue: to credit reporting agencies, consumers are not a product, they are a cost. To understand this, you need to know something about credit reporting.
october 2017
Hashids - generate short unique ids from integers
Hashids is a small open-source library that generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers.

It converts numbers like 347 into strings like “yr8”, or array of numbers like [27, 986] into “3kTMd”.

You can also decode those ids back. This is useful in bundling several parameters into one or simply using them as short UIDs.
programming  library 
september 2017
Les ingénieurs français sont mondialement reconnus pour leurs compétences. Cependant, il n’existe pas de réels réseaux global les rassemblant. C’est pourquoi nous avons décidé d’en créer un.
career  programming 
september 2017
Builder Pattern in Scala with Phantom Types – Maximiliano Felice – Medium
In this post we will explore a variation of the Builder Pattern commonly known from the GoF book using some Functional Programming abstractions and patterns. As you might guess, FP additions will result in cleaner, more declarative and expressive code, with one major benefit from the original solution: The code will not even compile unless the object is correctly built.
scala  programming 
september 2017
Troy Hunt: Face ID, Touch ID, No ID, PINs and Pragmatic Security
Face ID: for 99.x% of people, their "threat actors" are people who steal their phone at a bar. For everyone else, don't use biometrics.
apple  security 
september 2017
RECONSIDER – Signal v. Noise
Part of the problem seems to be that nobody these days is content to merely put their dent in the universe. No, they have to fucking own the universe. It’s not enough to be in the market, they have to dominate it. It’s not enough to serve customers, they have to capture them.
september 2017
The UK’s faith in a ‘sweet Brexit’ isn’t just deluded – it’s dangerous | Joris Luyendijk | Opinion | The Guardian
In spite of its recent bout of ignorant irrationality Britain still has many friends and admirers across the continent, and friends don’t let friends drink-drive. But what if the inebriated party insists that you are no longer friends in any case?
brexit  uk 
september 2017
Europeans need not apply: evidence mounts of discrimination in UK | Politics | The Guardian
The government equalities office is to examine growing evidence that EU nationals in the UK are being illegally prevented from renting or buying properties, getting jobs and booking holidays.
uk  brexit 
september 2017
Connect Watch
La CONNECT WATCH renouvelle l’expérience utilisateur en vous garantissant une liberté d’utilisation dans le respect de la vie privée.

Propulsé par AsteroidOS, l’univers libre et open source s’offre à vous. Simple et intuitive, organiser votre quotidien n’a jamais été aussi facile.
september 2017
Faster and Easier Use and Redistribution of Java SE | Oracle Java Platform Group, Product Management Blog
Oracle is proposing to increase the release cadence of Java SE to every six months
Oracle will simplify how developers, customers, and consumers use Java SE
Starting with JDK 9 GA Oracle plans to ship OpenJDK builds under the GPL
Oracle has proposed a time-driven release model for Java SE instead of the historical feature-driven model
Oracle JDK will contribute previously commercial features such as Java Flight Recorder to OpenJDK
Oracle will work with other OpenJDK contributors to make the community infrastructure complete, modern and accessible
The Oracle JDK will continue as a commercial long term support offering
The Oracle JDK will primarily be for commercial and support customers once OpenJDK binaries are interchangeable with the Oracle JDK (target late 2018)
Oracle will continue to enhance the packaging and distributing of complete ready-to-run applications
september 2017
Leaked document reveals UK Brexit plan to deter EU immigrants | UK news | The Guardian
Exclusive: Home Office paper sets out detailed proposals including measures to drive down number of low-skilled migrants from Europe
Britain will end the free movement of labour immediately after Brexit and introduce restrictions to deter all but highly-skilled EU workers under detailed proposals set out in a Home Office document leaked to the Guardian.
brexit  uk  eu 
september 2017
G1GC Fundamentals: Lessons from Taming Garbage Collection
The goal of the following information is to provide the necessary G1GC knowledge to effectively monitor, troubleshoot and tune any given G1GC installation (of Oracle's JDK versions 1.8.45-1.8.65, other versions may/will vary subtly).
java  performance 
september 2017
OCaml for the impatient - Adam Bard and his magical blog
Ocaml is a rad language with some regrettably underdocumented parts. Or, perhaps, overdocumented – since OCaml attracts people who are interested in rigorous correctness, what documentation exists tends to be rigorous and correct, and also tedious. This guide will be none of those. Let’s go!
august 2017
Why I Still Use Vim – freeCodeCamp
If not Vim, then maybe Emacs. Or, well, just anything that is not a web browser masquerading as a text editor.
vim  programming 
august 2017
If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)
Open Source is not a “quid pro quo” trade. Open Source is about creating communities to build better software together. It should never be used as a marketplace to exchange rights.
facebook  opensource 
august 2017
The ‘Britain Alone’ scenario: how Economists for Brexit defy the laws of gravity | British Politics and Policy at LSE
There is a degree of consensus among economists that a Brexit will make us worse off. The exception is recent work by Economists for Brexit. Their forecast of income gains from Brexit contrasts with all other economic analysis
uk  economy  brexit 
august 2017
Shell Scripts Matter
Shell scripts have value. Everything you do for real code should be done for non trivial shell scripts, even for a one-time script. That includes versioning, code reviews, continuous integration, static code analysis, and testing.

Here is a summary of everything that can, and should be done when writing shell scripts.
programming  shell 
august 2017
Things we (finally) know about network queues
How big should your queue be, and what should you do when it fills up? Many times, we implement or even deploy a networking system before we have answered those questions. Luckily, recent research has given us some guidelines.
august 2017
It’s not that your teeth are too big: your jaw is too small – Peter Ungar | Aeon Ideas
Selection for jaw length is based on the growth expected, given a hard or tough diet. In this way, diet determines how well jaw length matches tooth size. It is a fine balancing act, and our species has had 200,000 years to get it right. The problem for us is that, for most of that time, our ancestors didn’t feed their children the kind of mush we feed ours today. Our teeth don’t fit because they evolved instead to match the longer jaw that would develop in a more challenging strain environment. Ours are too short because we don’t give them the workout nature expects us to.
august 2017
How much is my place worth?
Short-term rental estimate for sites like Airbnb
august 2017
TLS 1.3 in enterprise networks
But, as they say, all else is rarely equal. The Internet is for End Users, not for network operators. The protocols we design today will, for better or for worse, be in use for decades. End-users have been paying the price for our mistakes and past compromises on security. As protocol and implementation deficiencies necessitate new network hardware and software, the network operators have paid their own price.
july 2017
Some useful websites for programmers.

When learning CS there are some useful sites you must know to get always informed in order to do your technologies eve and learn new things. Here is a non exhaustive list of some sites you should visit, this list will get updated as soon as I can get another link, but you can also contribute by adding those you know
july 2017
EU Citizens in the UK: A Note on Home Office proposals (June 2017) – Cosmopolis
It is clear that the UK Government proposal is inadequate. In seeking to secure a just settlement for EU Citizens and their family members, as well as one that assists the UK, the points identified above, and others, will need to be advanced.
uk  brexit 
june 2017
Tabs, spaces and your salary - how is it really?
A couple of days ago, David Robinson published an article on the Stack Overflow blog with a very provocative title: Developers Who Use Spaces Make More Money Than Those Who Use Tabs. It uses the data from Stack Overflow developer survey to show that indeed, using spaces is associated with higher salaries, even when we account for experience level. So, should you start using spaces instead of tabs to increase your salary?

The answer is clearly No because correlation doesn't imply causation and intuitively the indentation of source code doesn't have any direct causal link to anyone's salary. The whole story left a lot of people scratching their heads and it even made it into a BBC news story.

I believe that data science should be about answering questions and providing new insights into data - and unfortunately the original article doesn't offer many answers. It's a fun correlation but what's behind it? This blog post is my attempt to shed some light into the issue. The original article encouraged people to explore the data for themselves and this is precisely what I did. So I'd like to invite you to follow me through a little data science detective story and a deep dive into the data from the Stack Overflow survey. You'll see that tabs and spaces are not what they seem. Spoiler: your salary has more to do with the type of company and the environment you work in rather than what type of indentation you use.
career  development  statistics 
june 2017
Old Geeks Yell At Cloud With Andrew Clay Shafer & Bryan Cantrill
Bridget and Matt chat with Andrew Clay Shafer (Pivotal) and Bryan Cantrill (Joyent).
june 2017
Headphones and Earphones Benchmarking Test Files
This page helps you evaluate headphones or earbuds online, and determine which one offers the best performance when comparing different pairs. Do not forget to bookmark this page — or download the sound files to your portable audio player if you are a patron — when going out shopping for a new pair of headphones or earphones.
june 2017
Panel: What's Next for Our Programming Languages?
This panel is led by Martin Thompson, who asks the hard questions on choices made (past and future) and moderates the discussion between the people behind some of the largest and most innovative languages in use by developers today.
infoq  programming 
june 2017
Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control & The Dependency Inversion Principle
Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control, and The Dependency Inversion Principle are poorly understood and often conflated. This confusion is the result of several factors. The first is that they all have similar names. Another factor is that these concepts often work in conjunction with each other (though they are not requirements of each other). Also, early writers of DI frameworks, appropriated the term Inversion of Control, which had previously existed in a different form. Finally, especially in the case of the Dependency Inversion Principle, the original explanation is not clear.
june 2017
Daring Fireball: In-App Purchase Scams in the App Store
Given how many legitimate developers are still having problems getting their apps approved due to seemingly capricious App Store reviewer decisions, it’s doubly outrageous that these apps have made their way onto the store in the first place. These are the exact sort of apps that the App Store review process should be primarily looking to block.
june 2017
Yet Another Dotfiles Manager - yadm
When you live in a command line, configurations are a deeply personal thing. They are often crafted over years of experience, battles lost, lessons learned, advice followed, and ingenuity rewarded. When you are away from your own configurations, you are an orphaned refugee in unfamiliar and hostile surroundings. You feel clumsy and out of sorts. You are filled with a sense of longing to be back in a place you know. A place you built. A place where all the short-cuts have been worn bare by your own travels. A place you proudly call… $HOME.
june 2017
The real threat that Saudi Arabia sees in Qatar
What is already evident, though, and quite depressing, is the determination of some Saudi-led Arab countries to squeeze Qatar in this manner, as a sign of their willingness to use economic and military warfare, starvation tactics, and other means to keep the Arab world in the dilapidated condition of incompetent governance, corruption, pauperization, polarization, civil wars, fragmentation, and other dire conditions that emanate directly from non-stop autocracy as the reigning paradigm of modern Arab governance. This is the real security threat to the Arab people and societies, even though the political space to express such views across the Arab region and abroad continues to narrow.
june 2017
A cool bit of CLI trickery that James Humphrey shared with me. This allows you to use IDEA for diffing and merging via git’s mergetool and difftool commands.
tools  intellij  git 
june 2017
IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 Help :: Running IntelliJ IDEA as a Diff or Merge Command Line Tool
Besides using IntelliJ IDEA as an Integrated Development Environment, you can use it as a command line tool for comparing and merging files.
tools  intellij  git 
june 2017
Why most freelancing advice doesn’t apply to programmers most of the time | Lobsters
This brings to mind the Fundamental Theorem of Employment: a person hires for a job that he doesn’t want to do, or for a job that he can’t do for himself. You have to know which category you’ve been put in.

The former makes one a subordinate employee; the latter is a position of respect. There’s a caveat, which is that not all bosses know when they can’t do a job. Most managers think they could be programmers if it were worth their time, but they know that they couldn’t be PhD-level mathematicians. Even high-end programming can become first-category work if you’re not careful, because most boss men see it as just programming and believe they could learn how to do it if they just spent a summer on it.

Contractors are in the first type of job. Consultants are in the second. One is a shittier version of the employee bargain, while the other has upsides: more money, more autonomy, and the chance to build an employer-independent reputation.

I think the OP is right that it’s nearly impossible to move from the first to the second. They’re different kinds of jobs. The contractor isn’t going through a tougher interview process than the employee, while the consultant needs to play the game really well to be on the map. (Quality of the work doesn’t really matter here; that’s not what reputations are built on in the real world.) Contracting isn’t selective; consulting is hard to get into.
june 2017
Simulador de Crédito Habitação | ComparaJá.pt
Simule e obtenha resultados para toda a oferta do mercado em menos de 15 segundos.
É simples e gratuito.
housing  Portugual 
june 2017
House Prices in Portugal | Portuguese Real Estate Prices
Portugal’s housing prices continue to rise strongly, amidst improved economic conditions. In Lisbon metropolitan area, property prices were up by 2.59% (1.72% in real terms) y-o-y in October 2016, to an average of €1,308 (US$1,367) per sq. m.
housing  Portugual 
june 2017
When is a democratic vote not a democratic vote? When there’s 3 or more options but only 2 on the ballot paper.
brexit  uk 
june 2017
Daring Fireball: Fuck Facebook
It is not accessible to search engines. Search for “Marc Haynes Roger Moore” on any major search engine.
And in the same way they block indexing by search engines, Facebook forbids The Internet Archive from saving copies of posts.
Treat Facebook as the private walled garden that it is. If you want something to be publicly accessible, post it to a real blog on any platform that embraces the real web, the open one.
facebook  web 
june 2017
Pinboard Acquires Delicious | Lobsters
The comments in here…

“Though I’m still waiting for my ‘Fetch Title’ button on the web UI”
“Though I’m still waiting for a way to view my bookmarks with the twitter and twitter_favs filtered out”
“Does this mean that we’ll get an official mobile version of Pinboard”

Along with my own thoughts when renewing my pinboard acct. recently (tag-suggestions, pay more $ for prettier pdf archiving, etc.) make me think there’s still room for a bootstrapped competitor if one’s really driven to do it. Either that or routes to improve other solutions (e.g. improving shaarli, extending standard notes, etc.)
pinboard  bookmarks 
june 2017
Buku: Command-line Bookmark Manager for Linux
In this era of internet, managing bookmarks is one of the tasks that we all need. Today, we’re going to introduce a new command-line utility for managing bookmarks – Buku.
bookmarks  linux 
june 2017
Buying Property in Portugal - Portugal - Angloinfo
Find out what to expect from the property purchase process in Portugal...
Portugual  housing 
may 2017
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