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Experts Issue a Warning as Food Prices Shoot Up
With climate change affecting crops, United Nations officials urged countries to guard against global hunger.
Agriculture_and_Farming  Food  Global_Warming  United_Nations  World_Bank  Drought  Prices_(Fares_Fees_and_Rates)  International_Relations  from google
september 2012 by bdarcus
Food Prices to Rise in Wake of Severe Drought
The Agriculture Department said the cost of beef would increase the most, up to 5 percent, because of the weather and rising prices for animal feed.
Drought  Agriculture_and_Farming  Farm_Bill_(US)  Prices_(Fares_Fees_and_Rates)  Food  Corn  Beef  Weather  United_States_Economy  Moody's_Corporation|MCO|NYSE  Wal-Mart_Stores_Inc|WMT|NYSE  from google
july 2012 by bdarcus
Seoul Journal: Rising Cost of Kimchi Alarms Koreans
A sharp increase in the price of the fiery national dish, caused in part by rising cabbage prices, has led the South Korean government to take action.
Kimchi_(South_Korean_Food)  Prices_(Fares_Fees_and_Rates)  Cabbage  International_Trade_and_World_Market  Food  Politics_and_Government  Seoul_(South_Korea)  from google
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U.S. Farmers Wary of Benefiting From Russia’s Woes
Farmers in America’s bread-basket are leery of the recent rise in wheat prices, prompted by the drought in Russia.
Wheat  Prices_(Fares_Fees_and_Rates)  Colorado  Russia  Agriculture  International_Trade_and_World_Market  United_States  from google
august 2010 by bdarcus
In Trader’s Cocoa Binge, Fear for Chocolate Prices
A hedge fund manager has all but cornered the market in cocoa, helping to drive prices in London to a 30-year high.
Chocolate  Hedge_Funds  Cadbury_Plc|CBY|NYSE  Cocoa  Prices_(Fares_Fees_and_Rates)  London_(England)  Ward_Anthony  Commodities  from google
july 2010 by bdarcus
Protests Over Fuel Costs Idle Much of India
The demonstrations shut down markets, schools, airports and businesses across India, and thousands of people were arrested as violence flared in some cities.
India  Demonstrations_and_Riots  Oil_(Petroleum)_and_Gasoline  Prices_(Fares_Fees_and_Rates)  Politics_and_Government  from google
july 2010 by bdarcus
Transit Use Hit Five-Decade High in 2008 as Gas Prices Rose
Americans took nearly 10.7 billion rides on public transportation in 2008, according to an American Public Transportation Association report.
Transit_Systems  Prices_(Fares_Fees_and_Rates)  Economic_Conditions_and_Trends  from google
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