Folded and Unfolded and Unfolding
I love all of her work. I started following Jamesina for her Raven Boys fic and just happened to hop over to her other stuff and I'm never disappointed. So, so, good.
bandofbrothers  dick/lewis  richardwinters  lewisnixon 
january 2017
Jealous Orbits - dreamlittleyo - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Kirk and Spock have had sex half a dozen times, but this time it counts.
august 2016
Only To Come Back [by aknightley, Adam/Ronan]
Spoilers for The Raven King.

Adam accidentally moves into the Barns.

He'd always been the one who spent the most time with Ronan at the Barns anyway; after everything that had happened, following a quiet and somber Ronan back home had seemed inevitable.
type:fanfic  fandom:ravenboys  genre:slash  genre:futurefic  wc:5001-10000  author:aknightley  via:siria 
may 2016
Door to Door by Ferritin4
"Hey," Jamie says, pounding on the door. "Hey, open up!"

The dogs shut up.

"Hi, shit, sorry," says the stupidly fucking gorgeous man who opens the door in a tank top and boxers. "Shit, were the dogs loud? They get really excited when I come home."

"It’s three in the morning," Jamie says. On cue, a dog pokes its head around the corner to the entryway and bounces over to the — to this guy. It’s followed by another, browner dog, and Jamie has a moment of surrealist sleep-deprived horror where he imagines an infinite string of dogs forever bounding gleefully towards —

"I work two jobs. I’m Tyler," Tyler says, extending his hand. "Do you want to come in?"

Well, he’s not doing anything illegal, Jamie thinks, shaking it, because no criminal in the history of crime has ever willingly invited a cop into their house, and there is no one in the city of Dallas who hasn’t pegged Jamie as a cop within six seconds of meeting him.
benn/seguin  via:bicepemoji 
january 2016
dumb love thing by cornfields - Hockey RPF [Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin]
(16,573 words) Jamie would explain that he couldn't call Tyler anymore because the dumb love thing is getting worse, and that Tyler deserves buddies that are normal and cool and didn't spend a good ten years unable to string sentences together. Tyler already has a million buddies that are super fucking chill and rad and whatever else Tyler likes to say when he's drunk and shirtless. "Don't stop calling," Tyler insists. "I hate it when people stop calling."
[fandom:rps]  [fandom:hockey]  [words:10-20k]  [length:medium]  [type:m/m]  via:silviakundera 
january 2016
Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (and Other Lies He Tells Himself) by betty days (sadrobots)
Wonderful sad happy sweet cathartic modern-no-powers!au in which Bucky is a vet who lives above Steve's bakery. ¦

You’d think a guy who owns one of the most successful bakeries in Brooklyn, has a million-dollar smile and that antiquated good ol’ boy charm, blond hair and blue eyes and biceps for days, would know what’s what.

But don’t let that fool you: Steve Rogers is a mess.
fic  alternateuniverse  steve/bucky  steve/peggy  peggy/angie  kids  <3  cyborg  oddjobs  hot  domestic  mcu  via:eleveninches 
december 2015
Getting Better All The Time
“We were in People four months ago,” Johnny said. “You know - Stars, They’re Just Like Us.”

It had been a nice picture, too. A late August day, Johnny in a tight shirt and his favorite pair of jeans, sunglasses slipping down his nose. Peter had just swung in, his hair sweaty from the mask and his t-shirt wrinkled where he’d stuffed it in a bag. He was leaning in close to tell Johnny all about what he’d been hitting half an hour before. Their heads were bent together and they were wearing matching grins. Johnny’s arm was wrapped around Peter’s shoulders.

THEY STEAL EACH OTHER’S COFFEE! the caption in the corner gleefully informed, pointing out Peter’s hand creeping towards Johnny’s Starbucks. They looked happy and conspiratorial, like they were in on the world’s best secret. Johnny had kept it as his phone background for weeks.


One year later: Johnny's reeling, Peter's weird, and the press has moved on

Peter Parker and Johnny Storm are me new favorite couple thanks to Traincat. So lovely and funny and schmoopy, I can't wait to read more. Part 2 of the Just Married series
PeterParker/JohnnyStorm  marriage!fic  fandom:Marvel  'verse:comics 
august 2015
Out Of The Woods
After four years away, Patrick finally comes back to the lake with his boyfriend in tow, and finds Jonny's all grown up and still pulling Patrick in like gravity.
@fourfreedoms  [fic]  [20k]  [explicit]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  au  summer.(vacation)  sex.(in.public)  issues.(adultery)  sex.(underage)  oblivious/pining  family  via:aohatsu 
july 2015
Say You Will, Say You Won't - Traincat - Spider-Man (Comicverse), Fantastic Four (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]
Johnny Storm found him on a Friday afternoon, wearing the kind of beseeching look that filled Peter with dread.

“I need to ask you a favor,” he said.

Part one of the Just Married series

“No,” Peter said, swinging away.
Peter and Johnny get married, really-not-really.
fic  fandom:Marvel  'verse:comics  pairing:PeterParker/JohnnyStorm  marriage!fic  via:chaoticallyclev 
june 2015
Burning All The Bridges
Are you high?”

He doesn’t mean it literally, he means it like he hears the other Aglionby boys say to their friends, as a placeholder for what the fuck is wrong with you, but Ronan simply turns over onto his stomach, stretching himself out across Gansey’s bed, one corner of his mouth lifting, followed by a matching eyebrow. Not the answer Adam is expecting.

Guh. So Goddamn hot.
pynch  adam/ronan  adamparrish  ronanlynch  smut  hawt 
april 2015
I Wake Up. It's A Bad Dream
Abbie’s stay in purgatory is littered with dreams involving a certain revolutionary soldier.

I'm feeling like I can't find any good, in-character Sleepy Hollow fics that are also hot, but this one is pretty awesome and I hope I can find more like it.
Ichabod  Crane/Abbie  Mills  Ichabbie  Sleepy  Hollow 
april 2015
Proverbial Trees
It didn't seem real before. Not until Duke got a third set of dishes for his boat.
haven  nathan/audrey/duke 
march 2015
Safe With Me
Ronan requests a unique birthday present. Adam delivers. They can't be sexy without being losers about it.

unf. Yes ma'am and more please.
hot  D/s  pynch  ravenboys  adam/ronan 
january 2015
Good Times, For A Change
The year is 1986.

The place is Charleston, West Virginia.

One night can change everything.
ravenboys  pynch  ronan/adam  adamparrish  ronanlynch 
january 2015
and ronan's second secret was adam parrish.
"Are we ever going to talk about what’s bothering you?" Adam says, standing with his hands pressed against an uncannily luminous tree in Cabeswater. He’s paying close attention to the bark that seems to breathe, so his question is off-handed and soft, as if he’d said, ‘Want to get pizza later?’
fandom:trc  trope:first_kiss  ship:adam/ronan  via:syrupbar 
december 2014
Missed Connections
"Turn here," Kyle mumbles, and Stan pulls the car around the corner down the street. "Your ... girlfriend's place?" he asks warily, hoping against hope that he's wrong. He knows Kyle's dating someone now, but he can't imagine who. Kyle says, "It's this one." Stan leans over. "Oh, duh, it's just Cartman's," he laughs. But he's horrified when Kyle's face goes violently, flamingly red. Stan's mouth hangs open and his world cracks in two. "You're NOT."

Stan comes home after two years and he's pining.

This story is HOT and fun. More please, author.
stan/kyle  kyle/cartman  SouthPark 
september 2014
Dirt Wizard
“You know, we could always …” And then Kyle wasn’t smiling either. Stan knew he had to say something else, and fast. It was easy: I’m kidding. I’m fucking with you. But it didn’t come out that way: “Like other guys in our grade haven’t.” Kyle looked like he was going to either shatter into a million pieces or kill him, because it was a fine line, and he just said, "Only once."

If this is what South Park fic is like, I gotta have more.
stan/kyle  SouthPark 
september 2014
Dynamical Systems
Kaner is a math nerd. Jonny falls for him anyway.
highschool  au  kane/toews  angst  fluff 
august 2014
Faulty Syllogisms
Jesus H. So freaking hot.

Sharpy shrugs. “I always sort of imagined Jonny didn’t have sex. He just sweetly held hands and stared soulfully into…” he shakes his head, “...whoever’s eyes.”

In which everybody thinks Jonathan Toews is chaste like a nun. Everybody, it turns out, is very, very wrong.
kane/toews  rimming  firsttime  dirtytalk  chicagoblackhawks 
august 2014
Sometimes a piece of sun - queerly_it_is - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
39,603 words | It doesn’t matter how Scott asks, Stiles always says he’s fine.

Scott’s not sure who’s supposed to believe it, or if Stiles just says it because it’s what he thinks he’s supposed to say. They do this now. They break and bleed and fall to bits, but so long as they say they’re okay then none of it’s really happening. It’s a nice idea. Just stick your fingers in your ears and hum really loud.

The problem is that it’s not working, and Scott’s terrible at pretending it is.

// in which Dan writes things good, everyone is a mess, I forgot to read this for almost exactly a month and I still almost even had a feeling even though I'm a robot rn and I don't go here anymore.
fic  fandom-TV:TeenWolf  pairing:ScottMcCall/StilesStilinski  author:queerly_it_is  via:chaoticallyclev 
august 2014
A Long Winter
In 1945, Steve Rogers jumps from a nosediving plane and swims through miles of Arctic Ocean to a frozen shore.

In 1947, Steve Rogers marries Peggy Carter.

In 1966, the New York Times finds the lost letters of Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.
steve/bucky  steve/peggy 
august 2014
The Pugilists by ipoiledi
Sometimes, Steve just wants it rough. Pretty much I just always want Steve to want it rough. Thank God ipoiledi is there to provide. Hot.
mcu  Steve/Bucky  via:pru 
august 2014
Kiss and Ride on the CTA
Pat is never, ever forgiving Smitty.

Now, every time he sees that Canadian douchebag on the train, his brain mentally reminds him that the guy has a name, that he’s Jonathan and he probably grows his own fucking kale while reading original source texts about the French Revolution.

His brain also keeps supplying Pat with reminders that the guy is really remarkably good looking.
au  [fic]  ~hockey  {kanetoews}  [explicit]  [10k]  school.(college)  hobbies.(hockey)  via:aohatsu 
august 2014
Learning As We Go - aohatsu - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Five minutes later, he sits back on his bed, pillow clutched triumphantly in his hands. Patrick is splayed out across his own bed, breathing hard with his hair curling out in five different directions. Jonny smugly clicks the television off with the remote, and then tosses the pillow next to him so he can climb under the sheets. Patrick sits up after a minute, tucks his hand under his chin and abruptly swipes his hand out into a point, straight at Jonny, with a glare.

Jonny blinks, and then Patrick translates. It figures the first thing Jonny’d learn in sign language is 'fuck you'. //

Kaner is deaf. This piece seems to have been researched and written with sensitivity. Worth reading.
hockey  hockeyrpf  toews/kane  author:aohatsu  au  via:deerang2002 
august 2014
Night Light
Bucky's a beat-up rentboy in need of a place to stay.
marvel  steve/bucky  au 
august 2014
On The Cusp
Bucky is a rich kid. Steve is his butler. It doesn't stop them from being best friends.
steve/bucky  au 
august 2014
Close to the Sun by thebrotherswinchester
As Bucky starts to get better as test his boundaries, Steve struggles with his feelings for him. Nice, long fic with a slow build. ¦

“Barnes accepted the mission,” Fury says. “He knew the risks. He said yes. Not sure I understand how it's any of your business past that, Captain.”

“It's my business because it's Bucky.” Steve pauses, taking a deep breath. “Why a Hydra cell? It could be a trap, they could capture him again—”

Fury sighs, a rattle of static in Steve's ear. “It's not a trap. It's the last remaining Hydra cell. I've taken care of all the rest, which is why you may have noticed nobody's come after Barnes. You're welcome.”

“Thanks,” Steve says sarcastically, even though he actually does kinda mean it. “So why not take care of this one, too?”

“Because I don't trust Barnes,” Fury says bluntly. “And I know you and Stark have been talking about letting him join the team.”

Steve's silence confirms his guilt.

“That's what I thought,” says Fury. “So here's my reasoning: Barnes takes out the cell without suffering a mental break, maybe he doesn't have a psychological trigger buried somewhere in his head that could end up killing us all.” His voice turns low, deceptively calm. “Is that all right with you, Captain?”

“What's your plan for if he does have a mental break?” Steve demands.

“Extraction team is equipped with tranqs,” says Fury. “We're not gonna execute him.”

Steve doesn't respond.

“Coulson will contact you when he's out,” Fury says after a moment, “Feel free to mother hen all you want in the meantime.”

The line goes dead. Steve glares at his phone.

“So that sounds like it went well,” says Sam. “Can we watch the movie now?”
avengers  fic  steve/bucky  teamfury  post-movie  cyborg  ptsd  amnesia  outed  sleepingtogether  via:eleveninches 
may 2014
Memorabilia - ipoiledi - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“You know,” says Buck, considering, “When I first shipped out, I realized pretty quick that all the guys had something from their girls back home. Letters, handkerchiefs, pictures . . . you gonna give me something to look at?”
marvel  steve/bucky  via:deepsix 
may 2014
these white walls by romancandles
Bucky takes up yoga and slowly gets better. ¦

They're in camel pose, Bucky on his knees with his palms flat against the soles of his feet, pressing his shoulders back and together, pushing his thighs and chest out. It's uncomfortable; his fingers are beginning to slip where the sweat is pooling in the soft shallows of his Achilles tendon. "Drop your head," says Julie, “and feel your heart open. Make a bow with your body -- the arrow is the vulnerability in your heart-space."

Class is full of things like this, aphorisms that Bucky can’t quite believe but has learned to connect with motions like pulling his shoulders together as he breathes in and pushing his ribs out as he exhales. Suddenly, though, he does feel vulnerable, heart open and struggling to breathe with his throat exposed in this room filled with people whose daily lives are filled with emails and deadlines and the petty banalities of the modern world: nothing on tv, going to the grocery after a long day behind a desk, who have no concept what it means to kill, to have their lives stolen, to die and be reborn, whose greatest fears are being alone in the world, that they're rotten, that he deserved everything that happened to him.

“Hello?” he says when he gets home, toeing off his shoes by the door. There’s mail piled up in the entryway: flyers for cheap take-out, clothing donations, credit card offers. It’s not for him, but he looks through it anyway, runs his fingers over the glossy edges of the weekly circulator.

Steve’s on the couch in jeans and a tshirt, bare feet up on the coffee table and a thick book with a man in glasses on the cover in his lap. He’s watching Bucky like he was waiting for him, gaze soft, mouth turned up at the corner. “How was class?”

Bucky shrugs, then changes his mind. “Good.” Bucky forgets sometimes, lets himself ignore, this quiet part of Steve that’s always waiting up for him, the way he tracks Bucky’s movements like he’s cataloging him, the simple gratitude in his eyes at Bucky settling into the couch in his still-damp clothes, tucking his toes between the cushions, picking out cold pieces of chicken and broccoli from the aluminum container on the coffee table.
avengers  steve/bucky  post-movie  ptsd  teamfury  cyborg  via:eleveninches 
may 2014
The Importance of Swimming in Clear Water - turningterrific - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“You weren’t answering texts.”

Jonny glances over to where his phone is face down on the table. “Oh.”

“But now that I’m here, and I know you were busily inspecting the carpet and staring out the window like a loner poet, I’m officially not worried at all.”


One week during the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Games are lost, opposing captains are concussed, feelings are recognized, TV is watched, naps are shared, games are won. In other words, it's a big week. //

A warm slice of life fic. Set during 2014 playoffs
hockeyrpf  hockey  toews/kane  via:deerang2002 
may 2014
listen to your heart (but don't say goodbye to me) - CinnamonCake - Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“Take me with you," Steve says, and his eyes are too bright, too honest. "Steal me.” // it's a gorgeous Steve/Bucky Hades and Persephone AU why are you still here click that shit unless you hate classic love-at-first-sight romances where it's stardust and sunlight and the only conflict comes from external forces trying to keep them apart
!!!  steve/bucky  marvel  mcu  via:corythosaurus  au  via:merelyn 
may 2014
casspeach - jibblyuniverse: "Your job is to protect the...
"Is that…?" the guy says. He should be on his knees by now, if he was actually going to be true to his promises, but instead he’s frowning and trying to peer past Bucky’s shoulder into the corridor. "Is that Captain America?"

Bucky fights down the urge to punch the wall.

"Yes."// BEST version of Secret Service Steve protecting First Son Bucky. I am optimistically tagging this a WIP idc.

More, More! I hope there's more!
steve/bucky  au  catws  marvel  mcu  wip  tumblrfic  via:merelyn 
may 2014
unknown wordcount | PROMPT: A Steve/Bucky post-CATWS that features a Bucky Bear. And/Or a Captain America bear. Angsty, sad, cute, whatever, but with the aforementioned teddy bear. GO.

// no one look at me
fic  fandom:Avengers  MCU:CATWS  post-movie  tumblrfic  pairing:Bucky/Steve  via:chaoticallyclev 
may 2014
You know nothing.
short, unknown word count | It’s hot on the bus, and Bucky’s trying hard to keep away from the people next to him. People are full of strange smells and textures, perfumed with chemicals he doesn’t recognize. They smell like sweat and food, and none of it is like he remembers. He pulls his hat down and watches people board.

// FEELINGS ARE NOT OKAY (that is a lie this is great I just hate having feelings.) (the one where Bucky meets a girl with a prosthetic leg on the bus and she helps him take part of himself back, I guess)
fic  fandom:Avengers  BuckyBarnes  tumblrfic  via:chaoticallyclev 
may 2014
I've Been Funny, I've Been Cool With The Lines by nerdwegian
Adorbs and self-indulgent fic where Steve is convinced that post-recovery Bucky is sleeping with Clint. And he's cool with it. Totally cool. |

"Hey," Steve says, when he hears the front door open and close. "Just in time. I'm finishing up dinner. You hungry, or did you eat with Clint?"

He puts down his spatula and turns to see Bucky walk into the kitchen--and then stops, surprised.

"Yeah, heh," Bucky says, grinning a little awkwardly and leaning on the door frame. "I guess it was time."

Running his hand over his newly cut hair Bucky hunches his shoulders up for a moment, just a little, and then shoves both hands into the pockets of his hoodie.

Steve's speechless. Bucky's hair is stylish and modern, deliberately messy, and he's got his metal arm hidden under his hoodie. It's the most he's looked like Bucky--Steve's Bucky--since Steve got him back, and a lump is forming in Steve's throat.

His silence must make Bucky insecure, because he tentatively meets Steve's eyes and runs his hand through his hair again, ruffling it. "Clint says it looks good?" he says, ducking his head a little before smiling carefully.

It's the most open grin Steve's seen on his face since--well, since everything, and it makes something inside of Steve ache.

"It does," he assures Bucky. "It looks--it's great, Buck. Suits you."

Bucky's grin grows then, and he pushes off the doorframe. "Oh, good," he says, sounding relieved. "Half the time I think Clint's fucking with me."
avengers  fic  steve/bucky  post-movie  ptsd  teamfury  jealousy  via:eleveninches 
may 2014
Permission by derekstilinski
AGONY. After Bucky’s captured by SHIELD, they put him in a holding cell, and strip him of everything but his clothes. He’s dirty, damaged, and Steve can’t just watch him like that, protocol or not. |

Natasha scowls at him, arms crossed over her chest, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? You can’t take that cuff off him.”

"It was hurting him." Steve tells her simply, walking past her to the other room, grabbing out the first-aid kit. After Bucky attacked a few agents while they were getting him in the holding cell, there’s not a lot left. But he grabs what’s left of the gauze, medical tape, and ointment.

"He could hurt other people, Rogers. I’ll have to tell Fury about this," She says, grabbing his arm, "He’s dangerous."

"And so am I. And so are you." He tells her pointedly.
fic  steve/bucky  avengers  teamfury  cyborg  amnesia  post-movie  via:eleveninches 
april 2014
Through the notches in your spine by caughtinanocean
The sweet/slightly angsty post-CATWS smut fic we all needed. ;_____; ¦

He's noisier than Steve, who must still be too much in control, but he listens for every heady gasp and low moan, punctuated by the slick, rhythmic sounds of their bodies moving together. It's exhilarating and obscene. Steve's got an arm wrapped around him, hand on the small of his back, keeping Bucky right where he wants him. Bucky needs to see Steve's face.

He opens his eyes (unsure, exactly, of when he had closed them), and Steve is looking at him with such love that it makes Bucky ache a little. There's a part of him that starts to wonder how much of that love is for him, and how much is for the version of himself who died seventy years ago.

Bucky has to stop that train of thought; he tugs Steve down for a long, messy kiss. That ignites something in Steve, and Steve fucks into him faster and harder, till Bucky's shaking underneath him and moaning between kisses. Steve's the one to break away. “Look at you,” he says. “Look at you.” One of his hands finds its way to Bucky's face, to trace his swollen lower lip.

Bucky feels like he's burning up with arousal; it's electric under his skin and Steve's so handsome and so good and so good to him, and Bucky can't tear his eyes from him. Bucky is struck with the thought that this cannot possibly be as good for Steve as it is for him, sex with the half-distracted wreck of his long-lost love. Suddenly, looking up at him hurts.
avengers  steve/bucky  amnesia  cyborg  post-movie  <3  porn  hot  via:eleveninches 
april 2014
Girl!Steve and Bucky smut. Mmm. So effing good. My only problem was that it wasn't long enough.
steve/bucky  fandom:Avengers 
april 2014
unknown word count | It starts out with a dare.

Apparently, knitting is therapeutic or something. Sam pushes a package over the table towards him, nods at it.

"You wanna give that a go?"

//tumblr!fic, knitting as therapy.
fic  fandom:Avengers  MCU:CATWS  post-movie  BuckyBarnes  SamWilson  via:chaoticallyclev 
april 2014
Mistake on the Part of Nature - idiopathicsmile - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
1274 words | Steve takes in Bucky's betrayed look and Sam's confusion, follows Sam's gaze to the pile of mangled fruit in the trash can. Sudden comprehension fills his face.

"Oh," he says. "Bucky found out about bananas."

In which an American icon is mourned. But probably not the one you're thinking of.

// this is so cute??? so cute. I love everyone
fic  fandom:Avengers  pairing:Bucky/Steve  gen  SamWilson  MCU:CATWS  adorable  via:chaoticallyclev 
april 2014
All the First Times by Vera
Lovely fic about Bucky coming back to himself with help from Steve and all the other Avengers. |

He liked Target with it’s clean abundance and frittered away hours picking up objects and determining their uses. Engrained instincts forbid him from buying too much. Easier to leave if he wasn’t weighed down. His first frivolous purchase took two months, a package of baseball cards. He fished through them, easily memorizing statistics and faces. A skill used for targets, turned to simple pleasure.

He started going to baseball games. He ate concession stand food and kept a hat drawn low over his eyes. The crowd unsettled him, but he learned how to find spaces to sit that isolated him without making anyone else wary.

“You dropped this, mister,” a kid handed him a fluttering dollar bill as he left a hot dog stand.

“Thanks,” Bucky reached for it, then hesitated. “You know what. Keep it, kid.”

The boy ran off, crumbled bill in one hand and a grin plastered wide on his face. Bucky rocked back on his heels. He’d given something away. Let go of what was rightfully his. It settled easy on him and something tight unwound from his chest. He was the type of person who gave things, even when he had very little.

He started keeping change in his pockets and filled every empty cup on the sidewalk. Each rough throated thanks clicked pieces back together in his head. He remembered an empty belly and chill skin, but there’d been shared roll, broken stale between two even though he could have kept it for himself.
avengers  steve/bucky  fic  post-movie  teamfury  amnesia  cyborg  via:eleveninches 
april 2014
88 Dates - troubles - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
He promised Oshie he would make the fucking audition tape, so he did. And against all fucking odds, he got a callback from a woman who sounded like even she couldn’t believe she was making the call. Because that’s Jonny’s life now.

or, a Bachelor AU, where film star Patrick Kane is going on 88 Dates and Jonny goes on more than a few of them. //

Super cute
hockey  hockeyrpf  author:troubles  toews/kane  au  via:deerang2002 
january 2014
Come Again
Mike, fucked out and strung out, oversensitive and out of his mind. He's never orgasmed so much in his life before and he is done.

Harvey thinks he can get one more out of him.
harvey/mike  rating:nc-17  author:mskatej  suits  via:foxxcub 
january 2014
Like Other Girls - BlackEyedGirl - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Pat's relationship with the media has been fraught since she was drafted, second round, home to Buffalo. Her relationship with her new Captain, when she eventually winds up in Chicago a couple of years later, doesn't start off a whole lot better. But by the time she's flying back from Biel, she's willing to admit that she had missed their thing just a little, weird as he's always been around her. //

Really like this
hockey  hockeyrpf  genderswap  toews/kane  author:blackeyedgirl  via:deerang2002 
january 2014
Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are NHL's Odd Couple - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN
Toews: Who drank more beer or champagne out of the Cup in 2010 and 2013 combined -- me or you?

Kane: Are you trying to make me look worse or better here?

Toews: You can say me.

Kane: Well, as the captain, you had two days with the Cup.

// so this article happened.
team:ChicagoBlackhawks  PatrickKane  JonathanToews  article  reference  hockeyfml  via:chaoticallyclev 
december 2013
Savoy Truffle
Kaner stress-bakes. And is awesome. Very cute fic.
competence  is  hot  kane/toews  au  hockeyrpf 
august 2013
roll with it - hazel - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The one where a bunch of Blackhawks inexplicably go to boarding school, Tazer is the world's meanest DM, and Pat doesn't know why anyone would think cutting the head off a hydra was good idea.
hockey  hockeyrpf  toews/kane  au  author:hazel  ****  via:hazel  via:deerang2002 
july 2013
hungerpunch - Inception (2010) - A gun is not discursive [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur deals with his unrequited love by making a hitlist. Eames finds out. // lovely and insightful and surprisingly brimming over with tenderness considering this is a fic where arthur is just a killer for your love. // A week passes when Eames returns to his hotel room one day to find Arthur there, lounging on the balcony, sunglasses on and a glass of scotch, neat, on the table next to him.

Eames steps through the sliding glass doors. “You said you would call.”

Arthur cranes his neck up, then gestures to the chair across from him. “I’m sorry, I forgot.”

Eames sits. “Liar,” he tosses out lightly.

“So are you,” Arthur says.

Eames shrugs. “By nature.”

“No, I mean,” Arthur begins, pulling his sunglasses off, “you lied to me. You’re insane if you think I bought that cock and bull about this job, Eames. What do you really want from me?”

Eames chokes back a hundred different responses to that loaded question and fishes his mobile from his pocket instead. He pulls up the photo of the list from Arthur’s moleskine and stares at it a moment before pushing it across the table to Arthur. “Recognize this?”
inception  inception:thisthisthis!  arthur's-life-is-so-hard  arthur-and-eames-steal-things-(like-each-other's-hearts)  recs  recs:fanfic  via:bookshop 
june 2013
In Keedysville by becks
I'll preface this by saying that even prior to the S1 finale of Hannibal, I wouldn't have ever wanted to see Will and Hannibal in a romantic relationship, but the thinking behind this story is marvelous. Fair warning, gentle reader, I left the author this exact comment: "This is crushing and absolutely brutal and PERFECT." I meant that entirely. This is a relentlessly miserable picture of Will Graham in the aftermath of Hannibal nearly gutting him -- the difference is in this world, there are alphas and omegas, and Will is bonded to Hannibal, chemically and maritally. Every time his heat rolls in, he has to go back to Hannibal. This is painful. This is awful. This is highly recommended.
hannibal  will/hannibal  via:pru 
june 2013
Inception Fandom, How I Love You
Bookshop's Inception Recs! I trust these recs implicitly, because Bookshop is the best.
recs  inception  arthur/eames  bestficever 
june 2013
Marry Me A Little - bessyboo, thisissirius - Hockey RPF, Chicago Blackhawks - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
When NHL star Patrick Kane's off-ice antics finally get him into trouble for the last time, captain and best friend Jonathan Toews has one final trump card to keep him from being traded: each other. But between being the first openly gay hockey players, facing down a lockout, and the fact that Patrick has been in love with Jonny for years, will these two ever be able to work past their miscommunication to realize that their marriage may not be as much of a sham as they think it is? //

Absolutely epic and fabulous.
hockey  hockeyrpf  toews/kane  author:bessyboo  author:thisissirius  epic  marriage  ******  via:deerang2002 
april 2013
Sunday Edition - twentysomething - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
2903 words | And of course, because Sharpy is the most ill-mannered Canadian ever, he opens up the newspaper like he doesn't have the most entertaining thing in Chicago across the table from him anyway. He's totally pretending to read it, just to make Patrick salty, but two can play at that game, so he snatches the Sunday inserts out of the folds, smirking at Sharpy.

But he glances down and staring up at him, looking like, all of eighteen and strangely soft and sweet is Jonathan fucking Toews.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  pairing:PatrickKane/JonathanToews  team:ChicagoBlackhawks  via:chaoticallyclev 
april 2013
i don't know why (i can't keep my eyes off of you) - vlieger - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"Fuck you so hard," said Kaner, turning a blinding grin on him, and Jonny blinked and flashed back to that first time they met way back in World Juniors, when Kaner's smile was just as bright and just as douchey, and punched Jonny's gut just as fucking hard. //

They're both such ~assholes~ here, and yet, completely like them. WHY do I love this pairing so much?
hockey  hockeyrpf  toews/kane  author:vlieger  via:deerang2002 
april 2013
a light-handed approach to regulation - hazel - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick Kane has soft hands. //

My new favorite fic in this fandom. The politics and dynamics of the alpha/beta/omega world is explored with dexterity and the hockey aspects are fantastic. Highly recced!
hockeyrpf  hockey  toews/kane  author:hazel  ******  via:deerang2002 
march 2013
Twist in my Sobriety - jezziejay - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
13201 words | “We should have sober sex,” Patrick says, rolling his neck until it pops loudly. He really should be thinking about getting up off of the floor.

“Why would we do that?” Jonny asks, twisting to look down at Patrick like he just suggested that they throw puppies into traffic.

// I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  pairing:PatrickKane/JonathanToews  team:ChicagoBlackhawks  via:chaoticallyclev 
march 2013
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
The Auror pulls up a chair next to the bed, one hand idly brushing a lock of unruly black hair out of his face. The stark hospital lighting reflects off the lenses of his spectacles. He seems tired, lines of care worked already into an otherwise young face, but his gaze is unwavering as he looks at the man in front of him. "Draco Malfoy," the Auror says.
"So I've been told," he responds.
/ Epic fic and one of the best really.
Harry/Draco  favorite  via:ribbon 
february 2013
left standing in the wilderness downtown - poeelektra - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
4051 words | They’re friends, though that’s always felt like a watered-down word for what they are, teammates and halves of a whole and things that are too big for language. Jonny’s his person, is all.
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  pairing:PatrickKane/JonathanToews  team:ChicagoBlackhawks  via:chaoticallyclev 
february 2013
so show me family - duchessofavalon - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Jane Howard
hockey  hockeyrpf  kidfic  toews/kane  author:duchessofavalon  via:deerang2002 
january 2013
Measure of a Fall - merrin - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Kaner gets traded out, traded around, and traded back. (Actually he signs as a free agent, but that's neither here nor there.)
hockeyrpf  toews/kane  via:thehoyden 
january 2013
Silly Love Songs
“Why don’t you just get his name tattooed on you and be done with it, Toes?”

Johnny had glared at him, pushing his eggs around in his dish. “It’s not like that.”
Tazer/Kaner  hockeyrpf  awww 
december 2012
bring it if you really want it - staraflur - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It starts like this:

Well, okay, Patrick has no idea how it actually starts. But as pertains to him (in other words, the important part), it goes a little something like so:

America, being a nation composed in large part of a melting pot of immigrants who may or may not have taken over land already owned by others using less-than-savory means, doesn’t have much of a magical national identity. Much less a magical continental identity. There’s no grand heritage going back thousands of years. Magical families home-schooled all their kids until, like, the 1800’s, and tough for the muggle-born, apparently. Hopefully you got noticed by someone who knew what to do with you before you got burned at the stake. Since you probably can’t control your powers, sport.
hockey  hockeyrpf  author:staraflur  wip  toews/kane  au  via:deerang2002 
december 2012
anon: for your information
His son is gay. Uther exists in a world which, it has become painfully clear to Merlin tonight, has literally no frame of reference for dealing with that. He's a harsh, stern man who seems to inhabit a terrifyingly exclusive universe made up of lavish wealth and cutthroat business. He is distant and formal and cold and generally unpleasant in every way, but the fact that he's here, treating Merlin like a research experiment to be dissected and studied and understood -

There's a kind of love in that. For all his faults, and however ridiculous his methods, Uther is reaching out in his own way, trying to find a way to understand his son. // Very sweet.
merlin  arthur/merlin  au  modern!au  uther  morgana  gwen/lancelot  kinkmeme  humor  ****  via:deerang2002 
october 2012
A Fairytale Wedding (of Sorts)
Carts and Richie's Wedding. Sexy times and shenanigans. Lovely and cute.
carter/richards  hockeyrps 
september 2012
Strange Visitor From Another Planet! - twentysomething - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick Kane would be a fucking awesome journalist if he wasn't Superman.

It's hard to explain why he would be like, five feet away from Chase Tower and yet somehow miss the bank being robbed, unless he's stupid as shit. But he certainly can't tell anyone the truth, either- "Yes, I did see the whole thing from where I was being a super hero foiling the crime. I can give you pretty good descriptions of all the robber, including his dental history, because I have motherfucking x-ray vision. Dude had mad fillings." So instead he tells Toews and Sharp that he went to get a coffee across the street.

"You're kidding," Jonny says, as flat and unbelieving as he can, which is pretty tremendous.

"I was thirsty!" Patrick tries to inject some whine into his voice. A frappucino does actually sound really good. Stopping bullets with your chest isn't hard, but it ain't easy.
hockey  au  author:twentysomething  toews/kane  via:deerang2002 
september 2012
(Sacred) In the Ordinary
In which, they return to Beacon Hills and make it home; this is gorgeously plotted, with well-considered and dynamic character arcs (for EVERYBODY), and incredibly intricate and realistic levels of detail about pack folklore, body language, and rules
*****highly.recommended  [[[genre--story  [[[genre--character.piece  [[[ship--slash  [[[rated--adult  [[fandom--teen.wolf  via:Elucreh 
august 2012
Steal Some Covers - grim_lupine - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
3957 words | Three times they fell asleep together without talking about it, one time they didn’t fall asleep together but wished they could, and the one time they finally talked about it.

// bedsharing and cuddling. Yes do want and would want more
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  pairing:JeffCarter/MikeRichards  team:LAKings  author:grim_lupine  via:chaoticallyclev 
august 2012
Legal Now - Chapter 1 - Charli J (gigantic) - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
98,017 words | Some people come to a city, play hard, and then to wind down, they get married.

// Accidental marriage with a heavy dose of "oh my god you are such fuck-ups" meant in the most fond and bizarrely mature of ways. I am super failing at selling fic today, aren't I?
fic  fandom:hockeyRPF  pairing:PatrickKane/JonathanToews  team:ChicagoBlackhawks  via:chaoticallyclev 
august 2012
"Today is Scott's first day of Kindergarten and Derek is terrified."

So very cute. A really fun read.
teenwolf  au  kidfic  derek/stiles 
august 2012
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