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Introduction | Mastodon Glitch Edition
Welcome to the documentation site for glitch-soc! glitch-soc is a friendly fork of the open-source social media software Mastodon, with the aim of providing additional features at the risk of potentially less stable software. You can browse our source code and contribute to the project on Github.
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8 weeks ago by basus
The way out
There have been many articles written in the last month about the role of social networks. Some even reach the obvious conclusion: that the top social networks are too big. This interview on Slate was fairly representative, covering monopolies and centralized power.

But these articles always stop short before hitting on a solution. They always wrap up saying “it’s tough to solve this”.

I think there are 4 parts to finding our way out of this mess with massive social networks:
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10 weeks ago by basus
An IndieWeb reader: My new home on the internet • Aaron Parecki
I have a new home on the internet. I don’t visit the Twitter home timeline or the Facebook news feed anymore. I don’t open the Instagram app except when I post a photo. I still have accounts there — I just don’t visit those sites anymore. Instead, I have my own new space on the internet where everything I’m interested in is consolidated, and I can read and reply to things from there. But before I go too far into my new online home — an IndieWeb reader — some background.
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october 2018 by basus
Tilde.Club: I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds
This is the story of an accidental network of hundreds of people all (sort of) working toward a vague common goal on a ridiculous project that did not exist two weeks ago.
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october 2014 by basus
Disconnecting Facebook
Sherman Alexie wrote a poem a while back titled The Facebook Sonnet, published in the New Yorker. The line that got me was: “Let’s undervalue and unmend / The present. Why can’t we pretend / Every stage of life is the same?”
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june 2014 by basus
Digital Age Information Overload | Terminally Incoherent
As I become older, I grow more and more certain that most people are idiots. Especially the smart, ambitious, driven and successful ones – they tend to be the biggest idiots of them all. Every day I get to watch them struggle with problems they have invented for themselves to the point of completely wrecking their minds and burning out. Which would make me rather concerned if these so called problems were actually real.
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may 2013 by basus
Nym Wars
I hadn't been paying much attention to the Google "Real Names" clusterfuck, because it was so obvious to me that they were going to lose this one in the press that it would all be over soon. But it's still not over, and the Google brass appear to be digging in their heels, despite the universally bad press they're getting over it.
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august 2011 by basus
Contagious Habits: How Obesity Spreads
A few years ago, Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler made a striking discovery about obesity: it spreads from person to person, much like a contagious virus. They were able to demonstrate this by mining the data sets of the Framingham Heart Study (FHS), a longitudinal survey that has revealed many of the risk factors underlying cardiovascular disease. Because the FHS noted each participant’s close friends, colleagues, and family members, Christakis and Fowler were able to recreate the social network of the town, to see how everyone was connected to everyone else.
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april 2011 by basus
Last Call for Relevance: Why Digg May Never Find Its Way Back
As once-mighty social news site Digg makes major overhauls, cuts expenses, and reaches out to the users to fix the site, one has to wonder: is it too little, too late?
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february 2011 by basus
Facebook’s Gone Rogue
"Facebook has gone rogue, drunk on founder Mark Zuckerberg’s dreams of world domination. It’s time the rest of the web ecosystem recognizes this and works to replace it with something open and distributed."
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may 2010 by basus
ignore the code: Comments: Size Does Matter
"If you’ve ever worked on a website where users are allowed to comment, it’s likely that you’ve had a discussion where somebody asked that the length of comments be restricted. I guess the assumption is that people will only write useless drivel anyways, so the shorter the comment, the less useless drivel they can put on your site. But if that’s the assumption, why have comments to begin with?"
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april 2010 by basus
The Millions: Ceasing to Exist: Three Months in the Social Media Detox Ward
"When I was in my early-twenties, I made a new year’s resolution to stop looking at myself in the mirror so much. It didn’t work, of course–what else can one do with a reflection besides look at it? This year, in my late-twenties, I set a similar resolution: for four months, until April 1st, I would turn away from Facebook and Twitter. I had grown bored, obsessed, bothered, even–I admit it–enamored with my reflection there. And lord help me if I found myself at midnight yet again, drinking a glass a wine and scrolling through wedding photos of a friend of a friend of a friend, or, come morning, drinking a mug of coffee and vainly attempting to read and retweet one fascinating article after another. J. Alfred Prufrock may have measured out his life with coffee spoons
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april 2010 by basus
Is Facebook unethical, clueless or unlucky? « The Jason Calacanis Weblog
"Facebook proved again this week that they are either the most unethical or clueless internet company in the world. An amazing accomplishment since Facebook is also one of the most promising, and certainly fastest growing, internet companies of all time. Perhaps I’m being hyperbolic (who me?), or maybe they are a little of both, but the fact remains they screw up on important issues almost as if it’s a “best practice” to do so."
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december 2009 by basus
Posterous - Interview with Founder Sachin Agarwal
Sachin Agarwal, the founder of the lifestreamer and blogging site took time out of his busy schedule to visit with me about his platform.
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august 2009 by basus

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