5 <IMG> CSS Properties You Should Know - Hongkiat
There are CSS properties, such as background images, border images, masking, and clipping properties, with which you can directly add images to web pages and
Webdesign  css  images 
2 hours ago
Stylie – A Free CSS Web Animation Builder - Hongkiat
If you struggle with CSS3 syntax and want a simple way to create animations Stylie is a great tool to save. This is one of many free code generators with a
css  animation  webdesign 
2 hours ago
Medium.com WYSIWYG editor clone. Uses contenteditable API to implement a rich text solution.
Webdesign  CMS  webtools  text 
2 hours ago
2018 Is The Year Augmented Reality Boosts Revenues For Businesses & Organizations.
In This Article:
- AR Growth Predictions
- Cool Examples of AR
- How To Beat Your Competition
- In-App Purchase Ideas
- How Much To Budget
- Time Is Short, Get Going! While there are a variety of…
gamelab  VR  business  publishing  interactive 
3 hours ago
How to Get Into—and Make the Most of—an Artist Residency
Last August, I made a brief visit to paradise. I woke up early and took a quick walk down a flower-lined path and over a river to breakfast. Once caffeinated, I headed to my studio, a cozy room with a bookshelf, desk, and armchair for reading, with a window overlooking that river, whose burbling underscored several hours of writing. I went to lunch at 12, then spent some time lounging in an Adirondack chair in the sun, reading. After that, maybe I went for a hike, or to a yoga class, or back to my studio. Then dinner, followed by more writing, then a reading or artist lecture, then out for some drinks in town.
how-to  art  productivity 
Using Categories, Tags and Taxonomies Properly in WordPress
Categories, tags and taxonomies are related in WordPress – and easily confused. We demystify these terms and look at plugins to help extend how they work.
wordpress  taxonomy  tips 
5 days ago
Is Your Website Accessible? If Not, You Could Be Violating the ADA
Prioritizing web accessibility has always been important but it should likely go up a notch or two on your to-do list. Learn all about the Winn-Dixie case here.
webdesign  accessibility  diversity  tips  wordpress 
5 days ago
How to Get All Your Emails in One Place
Dealing with the daily deluge of emails is time-consuming enough without having to waste precious minutes jumping between browser tabs or apps to check all of the accounts you’ve signed up for. These are the tools and tricks you need to bring all of your messages together into one place.
productivity  email  tips 
5 days ago
Get a 'Know Thyself' poster
Get a biases poster to hang up in your favorite place that has walls. PDF download or printed and delivered to your door.
infographic  posters  thinking  philosophy 
8 days ago
How to Regain Focus at Work by Slaying the Messaging Monster
Technology is taking over our lives, especially in the workplace. What can we do to put technology in its place to finally get focused work done?
productivity  work  collaboration  email  tips 
10 days ago
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