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Immigration Policy Booting Missionaries from UK
"One of the world's largest missions agencies is losing dozens of staff members in the United Kingdom due to changing visa requirements."
missions  missionaries  uk 
october 2015 by barrybowen
Cash-Strapped Missionaries Get a New Calling: Home
"The International Mission Board, an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention with 4,800 missionaries and 450 support staff, plans to cut 600 to 800 people from its workforce, a 15% reduction."
missionaries  missions  money  debt  sbc 
october 2015 by barrybowen
'Korean Evangelicals on Steroids'
Meet the band of intensely devoted Asian missionaries working around the clock to re-Christianize America.
southkorea  missionaries 
june 2015 by barrybowen
The Missionaries and Medical Workers Who Treated Ebola Patients Should Be Our Models for Christian Discipleship
"Of the ten people treated for Ebola in the United States, five were serving as Christian missionaries in Ebola-affected areas, and at least three others were also Christians."
missionaries  ebola  discipleship 
december 2014 by barrybowen
Former missionary pleads guilty in Virginia
"A former Baptist missionary has pleaded guilty in Virginia to submitting fraudulent expense claims to his employer."
missionaries  fraud 
november 2014 by barrybowen

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