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Black conservative professor slams ‘sad, pathetic’ Vanderbilt students demanding her ouster
"Carol Swain, a professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, is under fire for posting materials of interest to “Christian conservatives” on the Internet, EAG News reported."
november 2015 by barrybowen
Changing the hearts of prisoners through the word of God
"Since 1996, inmates in Angola, most of which are serving life, have been opening their hearts to God and pursuing their Bachelor of Arts degrees from inside prison walls at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary."
prisonministry  highereducation  seminary 
november 2015 by barrybowen
Survey: 49% of College Students Feel ‘Intimidated’ When Expressing Beliefs Different From Professors
"However, despite their strong support for free speech, a majority (51 percent) of students favor on-campus speech codes even though only one in 10 believes that colleges should regulate speech even more than they do now."
highereducation  freespeech  censorship 
october 2015 by barrybowen

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