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The Sound of ‘Housewives’ Everywhere
"'Vanderpump Rules' is a 'Real Housewives' spin-off that features a cast with lower ages, inhibitions and net worth, but a music mix with higher drum levels."
a:Caity-Weaver★★  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2018.10.20  w:3500  television  sound  process  from twitter
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Space Harrier – Developer Interview Collection
"The thing with Nakayama was, if he saw that the graphics were complete in your game, he would tell you it was done and it was time to release it. Nevertheless, we couldn’t just hide the game from him and show him nothing when he came by. So I rigged up a little switch underneath my desk... (laughs) When I pressed that switch it would wipe the color RAM. You could wipe the color RAM, and it wouldn’t affect the rest of the game—everything would keep running, just the colors would get all glitched. To a layperson, it would look like the game wasn’t complete yet. Well, one time we did this, and randomly, the colors of the sky looked extremely striking. Then I used our development tool ICE to stop the CPU and extract the color RAM data, and those became the colors we used for Space Harrier."
a:Blackoak  p:shmuplations  w:3500  games  color  from instapaper
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'Britney Spears wanted to be a star': An oral history of '...Baby One More Time'
"The public perception is that this is all created, that the record company created this — the artist, the music, the image. I have to tell you, if the record company could have created more than one Britney Spears, they would have done it, and they tried! And people, Mandy Moore is an actress."
a:Jessica-M-Goldstein  p:Entertainment-Weekly  d:2018.10.23  w:3500  oral-history  music  pop-culture  teens  from instapaper
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All In: The Hidden History of Poker and Crypto
"As you might imagine, most of these licenses are going to well-established organizations. In fact, many professional poker players I talked to think the whole point of the UIGEA was to bulldoze the industry, kicking out the first wave of innovators so that the big boys could eventually make their entry—the Caesars, the Harrahs, the MGMs. These powerhouses missed their opportunity in during the initial rise of online poker, and they are the ones who stood to gain the most with a hard regulatory reset."
a:Morgen-Peck  p:Breaker  d:2018.10.04  w:3500  Bitcoin  gambling  regulation  from instapaper
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Sperm Count Zero
"At the welcome dinner, I met Hagai Levine, the Israeli co-author of the Hebrew University/Mount Sinai meta-analysis. Levine, who is 40, told me we had reasons to worry. 'I'm saying that we should hope for the best and prepare for the worst,' he said. 'And that is the possibility that we will become extinct. That's a possibility we must seriously consider. I'm not saying it's going to happen. I'm not saying it's likely to happen. I'm not saying that's the prediction. I'm just saying we should be prepared for such a possibility. That's all. And we are not.'"
a:Daniel-Noah-Halpern  p:GQ★★  d:2018.09.04  w:3500  sex  biology  children  environment  future  from instapaper
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How Humanizing NBA Referees Underscores Their Craft And Labor
"[My dad] didn’t know anything refereeing, but he knew about people. And one thing he said to me that had anything to do with refereeing was, 'If people are doing what you’re asking them to do, then don’t worry about what they’re saying.' If I’m asking you, 'Hey, I need you to move off this corner and go over there,' they can m-f you all the way there, as long as they move off the corner, it doesn’t really matter what they say. If you ultimately have the final say on a subject, then you should give up the final word.'"
a:Spencer-Lund  p:RealGM  d:2018.08.14  w:3500  NBA  from instapaper
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Ballpark Boomtown
"Where there was only a convenience store and a liquor shop alone on a block of rubble, there are now 52 restaurants, with seven more opening this year. Where the waterfront was a ragtag jumble of fenced-off gravel pits and wretched piles of trash, there is now a sleek boardwalk with reflecting pools where children splash and lawns where families take in concerts and movies. Hardly anyone foresaw the area’s explosion in value. Even the team’s owners didn’t expect the stadium zone to morph so quickly into a thriving residential community. 'Back then, we thought the big economic impact would be jobs,' said Gregory McCarthy, the Nationals’ vice president for community engagement, who was Mayor Williams’s deputy chief of staff. 'But the ballpark made this more than an office zone.'"
a:Marc-Fisher  p:The-Washington-Post★★  d:2018.07.14  w:3500  DC  development  from instapaper
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See No Evil
"Modular systems manage complexity by 'black-boxing' information; that is, they separate code or information into discrete units. A programmer need only know about the module with which she is working, because managing the complexity of the entire system would be too much to ask of any single individual. Modularity is the method we’ve devised to manage complexity at a time when we’re drowning in information. How do you manage the complexity of a system that procures goods from a huge variety of locations? You make it modular: when you black-box each component, you don’t need to know anything about it except that it meets your specifications. Information about provenance, labor conditions, and environmental impact is unwieldy when the goal of your system is simply to procure and assemble goods quickly. 'You could imagine a different way of doing things, so that you do know all of that,' said Russell, 'so that your gaze is more immersive and continuous. But what that does is inhibit scale.' And scale, of course, is key to a globalized economy."
a:Miriam-Posner  p:Logic  d:2018  w:3500  logisitics  international-trade  manufacturing  infrastructure  software-design  from instapaper
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Fish Out of Water: How the Military Is an Impossible Place for Hackers, and What to Do About It
"Servicemembers are forced to uphold certain unwavering standards, including grooming, height and weight, and physical fitness. These standards further limit an already limited group of technical talent: The intersection of people who can run a 15-minute two mile and dissect a Windows kernel memory dump is vanishingly small. While a number of these unicorns do exist, DOPMA unfortuntely makes it extremely difficult for them to thrive. Career management inundates military professional education. Servicemembers are constantly reminded what key developmental jobs will make them competitive for promotions, what syntax their evaluation reports should follow, and what their timeline should look like. For military members wanting to climb the ranks, the map is laid out in front of them in 25 years of exquisite detail."
a:Josh-Lospinoso  p:War-on-the-Rocks  d:2018.07.12  w:3500  military  hacking  work  bureaucracy  from instapaper
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Black American Culture and the Racial Wealth Gap
"Is it racist to observe that whites are more likely to drive drunk than blacks are? Is it racist to assert that black immigrants in the UK outscore comparable white Britons on standardized tests? Is it racist to observe that black American culture has produced a higher number of musical icons than Asian-American culture has? And if it’s not racist to mention these facts, then why is it racist to mention the same kinds of facts when they run in the opposite direction? Moreover, cultural differences can even cause disparities between groups that belong to the same race, as with the aforementioned wealth disparities between black Americans and black Caribbeans living in Boston, or the nearly 4-to-1 income ratio between Taiwanese-Americans and Hmong-Americans. Discussing the different patterns of behavior that underlie such *intra*-racial disparities cannot be racist, by definition. Race and culture, though often correlated, are entirely different concepts."
a:Coleman-Hughes  p:Quillette  d:2018.07.19  w:3500  race  culture  personal-finance  from instapaper
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Customer Satisfaction at the Push of a Button
"A perennial challenge in polling is gathering responses from enough people to support meaningful conclusions. The challenge grows as the questions become more probing, since people who have the time and the inclination to fill out long, boring surveys aren’t necessarily representative customers. A single HappyOrNot terminal can register thousands of impressions in a day, from people who buy and people who don’t. The terminals are self-explanatory, and customers can use them without breaking stride. In the jargon of tech, giving feedback through HappyOrNot is 'frictionless'. And, although the responses are anonymous, they are time-stamped."
a:David-Owen★★  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2018.02.05  w:3500  customer-service  retail  happiness  surveillance  from instapaper
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Building games that can be understood at a glance
"This screenshot went around twitter before the game came out, and I think we can see why pretty easily. Anyone looking at it can immediately tell that it:
- Involves huge Mechs and giant city-sized bugs (the word mech is literally written on the screenshot)
- Is turn-based
- You have a number of units.
- These bugs are doing something bad to the cities and tanks.
- Things are exciting and literally on fire
- The kind of tile you are standing on has a tactical effect (advance wars-style)
- It's science fiction and involves TIME PODS (also literally written on the screen, these guys are geniuses)"
a:Zach-Gage  p:Zach-Gage  d:2018  w:3500  talk  games  design  user-interface  from instapaper
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Remediating Fukushima—“When everything goes to hell, you go back to basics”
"The ultimate plan for stored water is unknown; tritium has a half life of a dozen years, so physics won’t clean up the water for us. Some kind of controlled, monitored discharge—the likes of which is typical within the nuclear industry—is possible, according to Barrett. Indeed, the International Atomic Energy Agency has endorsed such a plan, which was proposed by the Atomic Energy Society of Japan in 2013. The plan involved diluting tritiated water with seawater before releasing it at the legal discharge concentration of 0.06MBq/L and monitoring to ensure that normal background tritium levels of 10Bq/L aren’t exceeded. Discussions at both national and international levels would need to come first. Part of the difficulty here harkens back to societal dynamics surrounding risk and contamination: 'In nuclear there is no such thing as absolute zero—sensitivity goes down to the atom. This makes discussion about decontamination or levels of acceptable contamination difficult. There’s tritium in that water that’s traceable to the accident; it’s entirely safe, but for the time being, with the event still in recent memory, it’s not acceptable,' observed Barrett."
a:William-Steel  p:Ars-Technica★★  d:2018.05.11  w:3500  Japan  disaster  nuclear-energy  from twitter
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Declassified documents offer a new perspective on Yuri Gagarin’s flight
"The many problems that Gagarin faced on his mission were not necessarily due to poor design or bad engineering, I would argue, but instead a combination of haste and poor workmanship on the factory floor. Consider that the Vostok spacecraft consisted of 241 vacuum tubes, more than 6,000 transistors, 56 electric motors, and about 800 relays and switches connected by about 15 kilometers of cable. In addition, there were 880 plug connectors, each (on average) having 850 contact points. A total of 123 organizations, including 36 factories, contributed parts to the entire Vostok system. Despite redundancy in a large number of systems, human-rating such a spacecraft with absolute confidence was practically impossible. Yet, the way that Soviet engineers designed the system, it was meant to operate even at the blurry edges where parameters were pushed to the max. It is because of this that I would argue that the Vostok design was in fact excellent engineering if we define 'excellent engineering' as also being incredibly *robust*."
a:Asif-Siddiqi  p:The-Space-Review  d:2015.10.12  w:3500  space  engineering  Russia  from twitter
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How Fortnite Captured Teens’ Hearts and Minds
"In terms of fervor, compulsive behavior, and parental noncomprehension, the Fortnite craze has elements of Beatlemania, the opioid crisis, and the ingestion of Tide Pods. Parents speak of it as an addiction and swap tales of plunging grades and brazen screen-time abuse: under the desk at school, at a memorial service, in the bathroom at 4 a.m. They beg one another for solutions. A friend sent me a video he’d taken one afternoon while trying to stop his son from playing; there was a time when repeatedly calling one’s father a fucking asshole would have led to big trouble in Tomato Town."
a:Nick-Paumgarten★★  p:The-New-Yorker★★  d:2018.05.21  w:3500  games  teens  addiction  from twitter
august 2018 by bankbryan
This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World
"On Reed’s field we notice a lot of blue-spattered cotton plants, while the weeds next to them are untouched. The machine is getting confused because some of the cotton is runty and withered—not as healthy as the cotton See & Spray is programmed to recognize. The robot needs to be fed first hundreds, then thousands, and eventually millions of images of cotton to learn the many variations of the plant, how its leaves change shape and texture over time, how they look when they’re sickly and healthy, and during all stages of growth. The robot’s ability to draw from this image archive and make distinctions and decisions is 'deep learning'. The Blue River team built the memory of See & Spray by going to a cotton farm in Australia, hitching a video camera to a modified shopping cart, and spending three months pushing it around different fields, uploading about 100,000 images of cotton. But the Arkansas cotton, struggling in a wet, cold spring, isn’t looking enough like the Australian cotton for 100 percent accuracy. Each day for a fortnight, Heraud’s team will take tens of thousands of new cotton images, and each day the robot will become more accurate."
a:Amanda-Little  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2018.01.11  w:3500  robots  agriculture  machine-learning  from instapaper
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The Quest for the Next Billion-Dollar Color
"The world lacks a great all-around red. Always has. We’ve made do with alternatives that could be toxic or plain gross. The gladiators smeared their faces with mercury-based vermilion. Titian painted with an arsenic-based mineral called realgar. The British army’s red coats were infused with crushed cochineal beetles. For decades, red Lego bricks contained cadmium, a carcinogen. More than 200 natural and synthetic red pigments exist today, but each has issues with safety, stability, chromaticity, and/or opacity. Red 254, aka Ferrari red, for example, is safe and popular, but it’s also carbon-based, leaving it susceptible to fading in the rain or the heat. 'If we sit out in the sun, it’s not good for us,' says Narayan Khandekar, director of Harvard’s Straus Center for Conservation & Technical Studies and curator of the Forbes Pigment Collection. '“That’s the same for most organic systems.' One red is stable, nontoxic, and everlasting: iron oxide, or red ocher, the ruddy clay found in Paleolithic cave paintings. 'It’s just not bright in the way that people want,' Khandekar says."
a:Zach-Schonbrun  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2018.04.18  w:3500  color  safety  food  regulation  from twitter
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Abortion Is Not Murder
"But this was never really about babies. Criminalization of abortion doesn’t lead to fewer abortions. It leads to more women dying in unsafe procedures. I’m going to say that again, because a lot—a lot—of people will tell you that their objection to abortion is all about saving babies. Criminalization of abortion doesn’t lead to fewer abortions. It leads to more women dying in unsafe procedures. Studies from The Lancet have shown that the abortion rate is higher in countries where the procedure is banned than in countries where it’s allowed."
a:Jennifer-Wright  p:Harper's-Bazaar  d:2018.04.13  w:3500  abortion  from instapaper
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Why I’m Giving Up on Preventative Care
"Once I realized I was old enough to die, I decided that I was also old enough not to incur any more suffering, annoyance, or boredom in the pursuit of a longer life. I eat well, meaning I choose foods that taste good and that will stave off hunger for as long as possible, like protein, fiber, and fats. I exercise—not because it will make me live longer but because it feels good when I do. As for medical care: I will seek help for an urgent problem, but I am no longer interested in looking for problems that remain undetectable to me. Ideally, the determination of when one is old enough to die should be a personal decision, based on a judgment of the likely benefits, if any, of medical care and—just as important at a certain age—how we choose to spend the time that remains to us."
a:Barbara-Ehrenreich  p:Literary-Hub  d:2018.04.09  w:3500  medicine  aging  health  from instapaper
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LeBron's Free Agency: Debating Rockets, 76ers, Lakers and More
"If you don’t want to play with Leonard and/or LaMarcus Aldridge, have no fear: they can be liquidated in trades. We’ve got a few shooters we can bring back in Danny Green and Patty Mills, and we’ll gladly welcome any additional veteran shooters you want to bring aboard. Rudy Gay has agreed to let you refer to him as 'Jeff Green' if you like."
a:Ben-Golliver★  a:Mark-Bechtel  a:Jake-Fischer  a:Rohan-Nodkarni  a:Ben-Teitelbaum  a:Dan-Gartland  a:Kenny-Ducey  a:Rob-Mahoney★  a:Charlotte-Wilder  a:Jarrel-Harris  a:Mitch-Goldich  p:Sports-Illustrated/The-Crossover★★  d:2018.06.05  w:3500  LeBron-James  NBA  Cavs 
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The Last Conversation You’ll Need to Have on Eating Right: The Follow-ups
“Why do people keep telling me to eat chia seeds?”
“We have no idea. Are they people you know, or strangers?”
a:Mark-Bittman  a:David-L-Katz  p:Grub-Street★★  d:2018.05.01  w:3500  instructional  nutrition  food  vegetarianism  weight-loss  health  from twitter
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Space City: How Faith Fuels the Rockets' Explosive Offense
"Life in Space City seems pleasant. You can sleep in, because there are no morning shootarounds, and stay out, because someone is always planning dinner or bowling. You don’t have to pass, but you do get to shoot, and even if you miss 97 times, you can propose plays. Practices are 90 minutes, but don’t worry, you probably won’t have to deal with some manic rookie picking you up full-court. 'I’ll tell that guy to back off,' D’Antoni says. 'I want Chris and James to dominate, so they feel good. I don’t want anybody putting doubt in their mind.' The morning before the playoffs, Paul strolled into D’Antoni’s office with a plate of pancakes and plopped down at his oval wooden conference table. The 66-year-old coach was working on his USA Today crossword puzzle ('I gotta build my confidence, too; The New York Times would just tear it down')."
a:Lee-Jenkins★  p:Sports-Illustrated/The-Crossover★★  d:2018.05.01  w:3500  NBA  basketball  from instapaper
may 2018 by bankbryan
‘The Trains Are Slower Because They Slowed the Trains Down’
"In August of 2014, after Betheil’s internship had ended, the draft report languished in the organization’s digital innards. But now, more than three years later, the report, which was obtained by the Village Voice along with other internal documents, provides a radically different explanation for the subway’s declining performance than the one that MTA leadership has given the public. The root cause of the subway system’s decay, it turns out, isn’t budget cuts or overcrowding — rather, the collapse of the subway system appears to have been primarily self-inflicted by the authority itself, in response to a single accident two decades ago that set the transit system on a path to disaster."
a:Aaron-Gordon  p:The-Village-Voice  d:2018.03.13  w:3500  NYC  public-transit  from instapaper
march 2018 by bankbryan
Amid a sea of voices, Vox’s Carlos Maza breaks through
"I do spend a lot of time agonizing over the argument. But once I’m confident about that, let’s throw glitter, let’s make this interesting for people on the Metro where there might be a screaming baby. Let’s keep their attention, and the way I do that is by being as gay as humanly possible."
a:Justin-Ray  p:Columbia-Journalism-Review  d:2018.03.12  w:3500  gay  media  social-media  from twitter
march 2018 by bankbryan
The Story Behind the Chicago Newspaper That Bought a Bar
"We finally decided, you know what, I’m going to go to bartender school, because a) I’d learn bartending, and b) I’d learn about how you handle tips and taxes and find another angle from which to view the corruptions that might exist. It was a good bartending school; I learned how to make 85 drinks."
a:Andy-Wright  a:Pam-Zekman  a:Zay-N-Smith  a:Jim-Frost  a:Bill-Recktenwald  p:Topic  d:2018.01  w:3500  oral-history  journalism  corruption  Chicago  bars  from twitter
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‘Mallory Is Not Gone’: Daniel Mallory Ortberg on Coming Out As Trans The beloved internet writer talks to Heather Havrilesky about his new identity.
"I think especially in terms of transitioning one of the things that’s been on my mind is that there are elements of what I do that are very much who I am, and there are also parts that are a schtick. And there are aspects of my schtick that are just not going to carry over. The things that were fun, provocative, exciting, transgressive to do as a woman are not going to be the same."
a:Heather-Havrilesky★★  a:Mallory-Ortberg★★★  p:New-York-Magazine/The-Cut★  d:2018.03.13  w:3500  interview  transgender  gender  from twitter
march 2018 by bankbryan
My Taper’s Keeper: Inside the World of NBA Barbers
"Kobe was occasionally beat to work by a 5-foot-9 man from Toronto. Vince Garcia is a barber—one of the most famous in coveted NBA circles—and owner of Grey Matter, a shop on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood. He took care of two customers while we spoke there late one January afternoon. His clients had no problem with Garcia multitasking; they were just happy to be there. Garcia is a pro’s pro, considered by many in NBA circles to be one of the all-time greats. Player rankings are made by fans and media. NBA barber rankings are made by players."
a:Haley-O'Shaughnessy★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2018.02.27  w:3500  NBA  from instapaper
february 2018 by bankbryan
The Transparent Society
"Despite their similarities, these are very different cities. Disparate ways of life representing completely opposite relationships between citizens and their civic guardians. The reader may find both situations somewhat chilling. Both futures may seem undesirable. But can there be any doubt which city we'd rather live in, if these two make up our only choice?"
a:David-Brin  p:Wired★★  d:1996.12.01  w:3500  surveillance  transparency  law-enforcement  UK  future  privacy  from instapaper
january 2018 by bankbryan
Spies, Dossiers, and the Insane Lengths Restaurants Go to Track and Influence Food Critics
"'I heard "Papa Bear in the house", and it’s like a fire drill,' says a sous chef for one of Ashok Bajaj’s restaurants, which include Rasika and Bibiana. The sous chef was in the middle of butchering 150 pounds of salmon for a large banquet that night, but when the alert came in, sous chefs kicked line cooks off their stations and began preparing Sietsema’s lunch themselves. (In other kitchens, the executive chef might take over complete prep of a dish. That way, only one person is to blame if the review is terrible.) 'It is a huge wrench in the operation, because what you’re basically doing is interrupting the regular flow of service to stop and concentrate on one table and the other tables surrounding.' With the executive chef orchestrating, the sous chefs prepared triplicates of every component of every dish. Nerves, as always, ran high. 'I’ve burned more shit trying to cook something perfect for Tom Sietsema than I ever would have if I didn’t know that he was there,' the sous chef says."
a:Jessica-Sidman★★  p:Washingtonian★★  d:2017.12.06  w:3500  restaurants  DC  intelligence-gathering  from twitter
january 2018 by bankbryan
Trixie Mattel Is for Men (and Women and Kids) | GQ
"At Trixie's GQ photo shoot, I am permitted to try on her peach-colored, double-D, slightly cool and sticky breasts. The bib weighs about eight pounds. I, a person who lugs around a pair of breasts hovering somewhere between 'natural' and 'too perfect to be natural' 24/7, find Trixie's a great strain on my neck. 'It's a lot,' Firkus concedes. 'But it becomes a white noise of discomfort. I don't really feel my lashes because everything hurts so much. Everything hurts at once. Also, weirdly, it's that pain that makes you feel beautiful, because you know how impactful the imagery is. You're 6'4" with a waist that's'—he brings his palms toward each other, until they hover just an inch apart. 'You know that when you walk into the room, you take the air out of the room. In a good way. People are like, *Your waist is beautiful.* I'm like, *It feels beautiful. It feels like my ribs hurt if I sit down.*'"
a:Caity-Weaver★★  p:GQ★★  d:2017.11.29  w:3500  gay  fashion  gender  from twitter
january 2018 by bankbryan
A day with Hornets assistant coach — and NBA lifer — Stephen Silas
"Silas flips through the diagrams that run on for several pages detailing how the Cavaliers try to score: early offense, secondary offense, post-ups, corner, high posts, Hawk cuts, UCLA cuts, zippers, catch and shoot, loop action and spread, Princeton, dribble hand-off, step ups, horns, middle pick-and-roll, side pick-and-roll, side out of bounds, deep corner out of bounds, baseline out of bounds, ATOs, and crunch time plays. It’s literally everything you could ever want to know about how the Cavs run their offense in every conceivable situation. Even for someone who consumes a ton of NBA basketball, the diagrams look like hieroglyphics. For coaches, they’re an unspoken method of communication."
a:Paul-Flannery★  p:SB-Nation★★  d:2017.11.20  w:3500  NBA  basketball  process  from instapaper
january 2018 by bankbryan
The Secret (but Healthy!) Diet Powering Kyrie and the NBA
"Irving and Lillard aren't the only ones. Wilson Chandler, Al Jefferson, Garrett Temple, Enes Kanter, JaVale McGee and Jahlil Okafor have all made the switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet in the past year or so. The rise of plant-based diets in the NBA follows a worldwide uptick in meat-free meals. According to research firm GlobalData's report, 6 percent of U.S. consumers identify as vegan, up from just 1 percent in 2014. In the United Kingdom, veganism rose by 350 percent from 2006 to 2016, largely from the country's younger demographics."
a:Tom-Haberstroh★  p:Bleacher-Report★  d:2017.11.15  w:3500  nutrition  vegetarianism  veganism  NBA  Kyrie-Irving  food  from instapaper
january 2018 by bankbryan
Heat. Tempers. 13-hour Days. Line Cooks Function in an Intense and Brutal World.
"There’s a fair share of needling and bullying in Ziebold’s kitchen. Cory calls it emotionally draining. 'No one has been fired but people have been forced out based on Eric’s treatment of them. He will demean you, belittle you in front of the whole kitchen during service, and just scream at you all day.' Cory says Ziebold forced out two co-workers, calling one of them pathetic. Sometimes, Ziebold says, he has to instill a sense of urgency in his cooks, but insists it isn’t personal."
a:Laura-Hayes  p:Washington-City-Paper/Young&Hungry★★  d:2017.11.16  w:3500  work  management  restaurants  DC  from instapaper
january 2018 by bankbryan
The 2017 Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog
"Please note that if you put ANYTHING other than nuts in your decorative nut bowl, whatever is inside turns to poison and everyone in the house dies. I don’t make the rules."
a:Drew-Magary★  p:Deadspin★★  d:2017.12.12  w:3500  satire  food  class  from twitter
december 2017 by bankbryan
Hey Siri: An On-device DNN-powered Voice Trigger for Apple’s Personal Assistant
"The 'Hey Siri' feature allows users to invoke Siri hands-free. A very small speech recognizer runs all the time and listens for just those two words. When it detects 'Hey Siri', the rest of Siri parses the following speech as a command or query. The 'Hey Siri' detector uses a Deep Neural Network (DNN) to convert the acoustic pattern of your voice at each instant into a probability distribution over speech sounds. It then uses a temporal integration process to compute a confidence score that the phrase you uttered was 'Hey Siri'. If the score is high enough, Siri wakes up."
p:Apple★  d:2017.10.01  w:3500  iOS  Siri  machine-learning  from instapaper
december 2017 by bankbryan
Operation Uproot
"I have always considered this evacuation from Czechoslovakia in 1939 an intelligence operation and a successful one. We succeeded in organizing in England an intelligence group that started work even before the war and continued to the end of it. It is not boasting to say that this group made an effective contribution to the Allied effort even when the war became a gigantic world affair. That was the purpose of the evacuation operation. If an intelligence organization leaves the country like this and starts to work abroad without a government, without a political center to which it is subordinated, it falls into great danger of becoming mercenary, and there is inevitably bound to be a moral decline. We were lucky in that soon after our arrival in London President Benes came there from the United States, and his provisional Czechoslovak government was recognized by the Allies immediately after the outbreak of war. That gave to our activities a political, legal, and moral background."
a:Frantisek-Moravec  p:CIA★  d:1993.09.22  w:3500  war  intelligence-gathering  security  logistics  World-War-II  from instapaper
december 2017 by bankbryan
No One at the Wheel: What Will Driverless Cars Do to Real Estate?
"Real estate is atwitter about driverless cars, with both doomsaying and unbridled optimism—at least on the surface—on show in equal measure. 'It’s like, this weird time where it’s obvious this is going to be a transformative moment in real estate,' said Brandon Huffman of real estate investment manager Rubenstein Partners. 'There are all types of theoretical social impacts, including job loss across the board.'"
a:Guelda-Voien  a:Brady-Dale  p:Commercial-Observer  d:2017.10.17  w:3500  self-driving-cars  real-estate  parking  development  Uber  traffic-congestion  public-transit  basic-income  from instapaper
december 2017 by bankbryan
Meet Alex, the Russian Casino Hacker Who Makes Millions Targeting Slot Machines
"By tracing those jokey references back, Ackley found that those exact numbers had also been used in a PRNG featured in SpaceOut, a 1988 program for the X Window System that simulated travel through a star field. When I contacted the author of SpaceOut, he recalled that he had cribbed his PRNG from the second volume of Donald Knuth’s The Art of Computer Programming, a classic of the discipline. I was able to locate that PRNG in the edition of the book that was published in 1981, though it may also appear in the original edition from a dozen years earlier. This coincidence raises at least two possibilities. The first is that Alex sent Aristocrat a fake proof full of mathematical in-jokes and wagered that the company’s engineers would be too dense to realize that he was putting them on. The second is that Aristocrat has been basing some of its PRNGs, at least in part, on an algorithm that is at least 36 years old and which has long been in the public domain."
a:Brendan-Koerner  p:Wired★★  d:2017.08.05  w:3500  gambling  hacking  from instapaper
november 2017 by bankbryan
The Poisoning
"A year after that summer trip to Cambodia, I stood in the lobby of an ancient Florentine hotel, all marble and crimson velvet, and met my first Negroni cart, three shelves tall, bristling with bottles—each shelf devoted to the components, with different gins, bitters, and vermouths. The bartender invited me to choose each component, and after my first, I asked her to make me one she would prefer. The drink’s mastery of my imagination was complete. I now dream of having my own Negroni cart."
a:Alexander-Chee★  p:TinHouse  d:2017.07.25  w:3500  alcohol  bars  academia  relationships  from instapaper
november 2017 by bankbryan
Hunting for Antibiotics in the World’s Dirtiest Places
"When I ask how much these resources might accelerate his search for a new drug, he corrects me. 'We don’t need just one,' he says. 'Or five. If we get just a few, we’re still just playing leapfrog. We need a thousand new drugs, so that clinicians can go to the cupboard and say, "Right, in this decade, we’re using these 200, and we’re saving the other 800 for when the usefulness of these runs out. I think that is achievable. But it’s going to take a massive amount of work.'"
a:Maryn-McKenna  p:The-Atlantic★★  d:2017.07  w:3500  medicine  future  from instapaper
november 2017 by bankbryan
Each Game of Thrones character's season 7 strategy, ranked by political science
"Later in the season, after losing most of her main allies, she became obsessed with winning Jon’s loyalty — leading to the precise opposite problem. She put her dragons at too much risk, sending them to rescue Jon in a situation where the enemy’s military capability was not well known. She managed to save Jon and win his loyalty, just as Lyall’s theory would predict — but also handed a weapon of mass destruction to a power bent on literally extinguishing all human life. This was revisionism at its most incompetent."
a:Zack-Beauchamp★  p:Vox★★  d:2017.08.28  w:3500  list  Game-of-Thrones  politics  military  strategy  power  from instapaper
august 2017 by bankbryan
The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching.
"When I asked Mr. van Wingerden if it was unsettling to live in a waterfront city mostly below sea level, he said: 'It seems to us less dangerous than living on the San Andreas Fault. At least when we flood, we’ll have some warning before our feet get wet.' To the Dutch, what’s truly incomprehensible, he added, is New York after Hurricane Sandy, where too little has been done to prepare for the next disaster. People in the Netherlands believe that the places with the most people and the most to lose economically should get the most protection. The idea that a global economic hub like Lower Manhattan flooded during Hurricane Sandy, costing the public billions of dollars, yet still has so few protections, leaves climate experts here dumbfounded. Mr. Molenaar, Rotterdam’s climate chief, summed up the Dutch view: 'We have been able to put climate change adaptation high on the public agenda without suffering a disaster in many years because we have shown the benefits of improving public space — the added economic value of investing in resilience. It’s in our genes. Water managers were the first rulers of the land. Designing the city to deal with water was the first task of survival here and it remains our defining job."
a:Michael-Kimmelman  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.06.15  w:3500  climate-change  engineering  disaster  from twitter
august 2017 by bankbryan
The Juiced Ball Is Back
"There’s no indication that any of the balls Lichtman had tested fall outside of MLB’s allowable ranges, but some of those ranges are laughably large, leaving a lot of leeway for legal variation with major effects on the field. As an earlier ball-testing report by the Baseball Research Center that was publicly released in 2000 acknowledged, 'two baseballs could meet MLB specifications for construction but one ball could be theoretically hit 49.1 feet further.'"
a:Ben-Lindbergh★  a:Mitchel-Lichtman  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.06.14  w:3500  analysis  baseball  from instapaper
august 2017 by bankbryan
Your Robot Car Should Ignore You
"Like a growing kitty in the middle of an all-night poker game, there’s a lot of money sitting on the table. Former University of Michigan professor and GM executive Larry Burns explains that there’s a gold mine tucked into the 3 trillion miles a year that people drive each year (in the United States). He said, 'If a first-mover captures a 10 percent share of the 3 trillion miles per year and makes 10 cents per mile, then the annual profit is $30 billion, which is on par with Apple and ExxonMobil in good years.' Car companies and Google are like gigantic tankers on a collision course, both slowly cruising toward a common destination: to wring the most profits from the next generation of automated cars. Car companies favor an evolutionary approach, to develop driver-assist modules to the point where they can take over the wheel for extended periods of time. In contrast, Google’s strategy aims to dive directly into full autonomy."
a:Hod-Lipson  a:Melba-Kurman  p:Nautilus★  d:2017.05.11  w:3500  self-driving-cars  safety  cars  from instapaper
august 2017 by bankbryan
The Thieves Who Steal Sunken Warships, Right Down to the Bolts
"Probably, the salvagers would have either placed explosives around the wrecks or used a multiton wrecking ball, just like one you might see tearing down an inner-city building. Either technique would have taken a lot of time and created a lot of detritus. Denlay says he can’t figure out why no one reported such a massive undertaking. Or why there appears to be nothing left on the ocean floor. 'In my experience in Asian waters, that’s very unusual. Usually, at least a skeleton of sorts is left. In this instance, all that appears to be left is a big imprint where a wreck once was. That’s what is so surprising.' It’s not clear who is buying all this scrap or even whether the buyers know the metal has been illegally gleaned. Chatterton doubts that matters in regional markets. 'Nobody’s going to give a shit,' he says. 'They’re going to take it and melt it down, and no one’s going to be wiser. Steel is steel.'"
a:Kathryn-Miles  p:Outside★★  d:2017.05.02  w:3500  war  crime  disaster  from instapaper
august 2017 by bankbryan
This voting reform solves 2 of America’s biggest political problems
"The emergence of so many 'safe' Congressional seats, a byproduct of the single-seat winner-take-all system, has hugely consequential effects on national politics. It has spawned a strange duality in American politics. Overwhelmingly, congressional districts and most states are safe for one party or the other. At the same time, in almost every national election the balance of power in Washington is up for grabs. The result of that state of affairs is that the winning party always sees its majority as threatened; correspondingly, the losing party perpetually views itself as one 'wave' election away from unified party government. Since partisans of each side are uninterested in compromise, each party’s ability to win depends on casting the other party as too extreme, too terrible, too corrupt, too evil, too un-American — whatever parade of horribles resonates. As a result, 'negative partisanship' — partisans hating the other party — is now the most consequential force in American politics."
a:Lee-Drutman  p:Vox★★  d:2017.04.26  w:3500  voting  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan
Cars and second order consequences
"Perhaps the most useful way to think about this is that, just as on-demand erodes the difference between marked and mechanically metered taxis and car-services, so it also erodes the difference between both of those and buses. What exactly are the differences in traffic dynamics between a Lyft Line shuttle with 5 passengers and a municipal bus with an off-peak load of 10? Recall, too, that buses weren't always municipal, and there are parallel commercial alternatives today - see Chariot, or matutus. The point here is not remotely to suggest that it is inherently good or desirable to replace public transport with cars, but that it now becomes possible to do so, if we want, and that it might be cheaper and more efficient in some circumstances. And, indeed, that the distinction between 'car' and 'bus' might break down."
a:Benedict-Evans★  p:Benedict-Evans★  d:2017.03.20  w:3500  cars  self-driving-cars  future  taxes  energy  roads  traffic-congestion  parking  public-transit  cities  surveillance  congestion-pricing  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan
Steve Jobs’ liver—and the quest for a better organ algorithm
"'When I first heard about OrganJet I said oh my goodness they are going to shame the OPTN into acting,' says Gentry, 'because if you hear about a system like that it sounds wrong. It sounds like something that shouldn’t exist. It’s obviously making clear an error or a distortion of the system that such an arrangement would be helpful for people.' 'In a perfect world, I should not exist at all,' agrees Tayur. But until then, he’s going to keep working on ways to get there. 'I don’t need UNOS support. I don’t need congressional change. I don’t need reports. I don’t need arguments. I am a very simple man who thinks that let not our lack of imagination come in the way of creating an answer,' he says."
a:Mallory-Locklear  p:Ars-Technica★★  d:2017.03.15  w:3500  medicine  algorithms  ethics  from instapaper
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The Last Days of the Point God
"My favorite Clippers season happened in 2008–09, when they finished 19–63 and Baron Davis looked six months pregnant. Tim Thomas did everything short of screaming, 'I don’t give a shit!' after he bricked 3s. They brought in Zach Randolph AND Ricky Davis, right before Z-Bo turned his career around, as we wondered if they were secretly filming an HBO dramedy about an insane basketball team."
a:Bill-Simmons★★★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.04.27  w:3500  NBA  from instapaper
july 2017 by bankbryan
‘The Jordan Rules’ Was the Mother of All Woj Bombs
"Long before it became conventional wisdom, Smith wrote that Jordan’s dickishness was inextricable from his competitiveness. He was willing himself to be so great that he couldn’t understand how his teammates could be so bad. Jordan called the bumbling center Will Perdue 'Will Vanderbilt' — because 'he doesn’t deserve to be named after a Big Ten school.' Then, when Perdue set a hard screen on him in practice, Jordan punched him twice in the head. 'Why the hell don’t you ever set a pick like that in a game?' he yelled."
a:Bryan-Curtis★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2017.06.09  w:3500  journalism  NBA  from instapaper
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Between LaVar Ball and LaVar-ology
"LaVar has heard the comparisons to the maniacal sports parents who have come before him. Let them compare all they want, he says—after all, look at where their kids ended up. 'You thought Tiger Woods’ dad was crazy. You thought Michael Jackson’s dad was crazy. Venus and Serena’s dad was crazy. I’m on the right path! If I’m not crazy, they’re not good enough.' You could quibble with his methods. Just not his results. Anyway, neither Earl Woods nor Joe Jackson nor Richard Williams had vision like LaVar Ball has, says LaVar Ball. Did any of them, for instance, have their own clothing line? He gestures at the pool table and the clothing that’s piled on top of it. A $495 Lonzo Ball signature shoe, the soon-to-be-infamous ZO2, will debut in May. But the brand is already strong. 'Eighty dollars for a T-shirt—that’s how you know the brand is good. My hat, my leather hat, $100! 'Tina stands next to him, mouthing each word before he says it."
a:Zach-Baron★★  p:GQ★★  d:2017.06.21  w:3500  NBA  family  from instapaper
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The Compost King of New York
"Michael Reali, Regal’s vice president, told me the city paid him about $80 a ton to receive this material, and then he paid truckers to transport the waste upstate and a permitted composter $35 per ton to receive it. Sometimes the load was clean, sometimes not. Reali pivoted away from the school waste and gestured toward a 20-foot mound shoved against the opposite wall. Collected from two fruit wholesalers, the pile was almost 100 percent mangoes and avocados, with very little extraneous material. (And it smelled great.) I was starting to understand that compost, like oil, has different grades. Pure commercial streams like this one were akin to West Texas light crude: clean and easy to process. School and residential streams were like tar sands: dirty and expensive to upgrade."
a:Elizabeth-Royte  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2017.02.15  w:3500  NYC  food  energy  recycling  from twitter
june 2017 by bankbryan
The Trash Heap Has Spoken
"I take second helpings, thirds. I order appetizers and desserts. I get excited about homemade pasta and pork belly and chocolate cake and dirty martinis and bowls of pickled things. Sometimes when I talk about food, people around me laugh with surprise. Subconsciously, I think, they’re not expecting it; they’re expecting restraint, apology. I refuse to give it to them. For years, societal judgments about femme-style beauty hid my grandmother’s lesson from me. Makeup is necessary as concealment but too much is deceptive, we are told. Jewelry and clothing exist to distract from our flaws. Our outsides must reflect our insides: ashamed. My grandmother’s gaudy style drew attention to what it should have been hiding. But now, when I paint my lips poison-red, or noose myself in pearls and rhinestones, or hook a heavy earring into the punctum of my pierced ear, I think about her. When I walk outside in sequins or faux fur, or dab perfume below my ear, I think about her. She did what she was told she did not deserve to do, and I love her for that: she sat at a vanity and looked at herself and defiantly made herself *more*."
a:Carmen-Maria-Machado  p:Guernica  d:2017.02.13  w:3500  gender  clothing  film  television  weight-loss  from instapaper
june 2017 by bankbryan
How Perfume Genius Grew Up And Started Thriving
"'Sobriety doesn’t solve everything,' Alan tells me. 'Recovery is hard, and it’s really uncomfortable all the time. Some people think, I’m going to quit drinking and all my problems will be solved. But when you quit drinking, all your problems are actually pretty glaring. You have to stop, you have to repair your relationships, you have to think about your health, and paying bills, and being an adult.'"
a:Alex-Frank  p:Fader  d:2017.02.21  w:3500  Perfume-Genius  addiction  relationships  from instapaper
june 2017 by bankbryan
The Rap Pact: How Jay Z and Hot 97 Combined Forces to Take Over Hip-Hop
"At the time, Jay Z was best known for his cameo on his mentor Jaz-O’s goofy 1989 single 'Hawaiian Sophie.' On most of his early records, Jay didn’t stand out lyrically and rhymed in double-time flows with an unearned confidence. Like some rap fans, Flex, who just happened to be the most influential DJ on the most influential rap radio station in the world, was unimpressed. 'I had no faith in Jay Z,' he says. 'I did not think he was going to be a hill of beans.' Still, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash hounded Flex whenever they crossed paths. 'You know you’re fucking sleeping, right?' Dash would tell him. He never asked Flex for his opinion on the music. 'He spoke to me like a loan shark,' Flex remembers. 'It was like, "Bro, this is going to fucking happen—whether you’re on board is going to be your fucking choice."'"
a:Thomas-Golianopoulos  p:Pitchfork★★  d:2017.02.14  w:3500  hip-hop  Jay-Z  from instapaper
june 2017 by bankbryan
Bombshell: Initial Thoughts on the Washington Post’s Game-Changing Story
"Trump’s alleged screw-up with the Russians reveals yet again what we have learned many times in the last four months: The successful operation of our government assumes a minimally competent Chief Executive that we now lack. Everyone else in the Executive Branch can be disciplined or fired or worse when they screw up by, say, revealing classified information or lying about some important public policy issue. But the President cannot be fired; we are stuck with him for 3-1/2 more years unless he is impeached, which remains a long-shot. The Post reports: '"It is all kind of shocking," said a former senior U.S. official who is close to current administration officials. "Trump seems to be very reckless and doesn’t grasp the gravity of the things he’s dealing with, especially when it comes to intelligence and national security."'
Bottom line: It matters who we have running the most powerful institution in the world."
a:Jack-Goldsmith  a:Susan-Hennessey  a:Quinta-Jurecic  a:Matthew-Kahn  a:Benjamin-Wittes  a:Elishe-Julian-Wittes  p:Lawfare  d:2017.05.15  w:3500  law  government  Donald-Trump  Russia  intelligence-gathering  from instapaper
may 2017 by bankbryan
CBC Drink Diary: Jace Gonnerman
"DC’s grey market laws make weeks like this an open canvas for a beer program. All you need is a 'yes' from a brewery and a way to get their beer here."
a:Jace-Gonnerman  p:BrightestYoungThings★  d:2017.04.20  w:3500  beer  DC  bars  from instapaper
april 2017 by bankbryan
The Least Important Writers of 2016
"Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
This year, Peggy—a jewel box containing Ronald Reagan’s ashes—talked to her chauffeur, talked to a black person, and talked to a cab driver. Little wonder she is considered one of America’s foremost political experts. We wouldn’t have it any other way, haha *gunshot*."
p:Deadspin★★  d:2016.12.22  w:3500  list  media  journalism  from instapaper
april 2017 by bankbryan
There's a Massive Restaurant Industry Bubble, and It's About to Burst
"Opening a sit-down restaurant is like walking into one of those machines in roller rinks where you have 30 seconds to grab as much money as you can, except all the money is fake, minus one lottery ticket taped to the bottom of one of those dollars. And that one lottery ticket is a restaurant unicorn like State Bird Provisions or Momofuku Ssäm Bar or Rose's Luxury or Au Cheval. And if you happen to be the lucky owner of that ticket, you cash it in and head back to the restaurant casino and buy more chips and take them to a higher-limit table and keep betting on yourself and your food and your people and you hope that your wherewithal and previous luck and skill keep it all going, and you become a place like Zuni Cafe or The Spotted Pig or, hell, Commander's Palace and you're able to last into paying off investors and actually making a living and becoming the nostalgia pick, the place everyone goes to recall that feeling they had when they walked in and discovered that the food you make is art, and you are a national treasure. And then your lease runs out, your landlord sells to a developer, and they triple your rent."
a:Kevin-Alexander  p:Thrillist  d:2016.12.30  w:3500  restaurants  business  gentrification  from instapaper
april 2017 by bankbryan
‘How Much Suffering Can You Take?’
"That triple deca is considered the outer limit of physical performance. (One athlete recently claimed to have done 50 Ironmans in 50 days, but with some of that mileage done on an elliptical machine, traditionalists have scoffed.) One of the more popular races is the Quintuple Anvil, which grew to 16 competitors this year from seven in 2013, its inaugural year. Double and triple versions are held at the same time. (By the time you consider a quadruple, you might as well just do a quintuple. That is the mentality here.)"
a:Randal-C-Archibold  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2016.11.01  w:3500  sports  from twitter
march 2017 by bankbryan
A game ball's road to the NBA Finals
"The crew chief then brings all three balls to the court during the warm-up period. The officials work with a player from each team -- it doesn't have to be a captain -- to select the game ball. Each player tests the balls, and if both players agree on one, that ball is used. 'I used to pick the game ball all the time,' Barnett said. 'I was very meticulous about that. I didn't want a ball that was too new. I wanted it to be a little softer.' However, if the players cannot agree and each pick a different ball, then the officials select the third ball. The other two balls are kept at the scorer's table in case the game ball is damaged."
a:Baxter-Holmes★  p:ESPN★★  d:2015.06.08  w:3500  NBA  manufacturing  process  from instapaper
march 2017 by bankbryan
The rapid rise of Anthony Davis
"He is listed at 6' 10", 220 pounds, with a wingspan longer than Yao Ming stands and a gait that can cover the floor in a dozen cartoonish strides. He is the invention of a God who already built Kevin Durant and decided to get more creative. Teammates compare Davis to a Gumby doll, a pogo stick and a variety of other outlandish toys, all elastic or spring-loaded."
a:Lee-Jenkins★  p:Sports-Illustrated★★  d:2014.12.05  w:3500  basketball  Kevin-Durant  NBA  from instapaper
march 2017 by bankbryan
How Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey Lost Its Way
"There were at least some younger drinkers. Indeed, John F. Kennedy appears to have been one: When he was in Nashville in 1963, the owner of a local liquor emporium later recalled, he sent a man around asking specifically for a bottle of Overholt. If so, he was in a rare minority. By then, rye drinkers were getting truly scarce. NDP stopped advertising Overholt nationally around that time, sticking to the Pennsylvania market. In 1963, it adopted a still-lighter formula ('today’s Old Overholt is lighter, milder, smoother,' proclaimed the desperate ad that announced the change). The next year, it dropped the proof to 86. There has been no official bonded Old Overholt since. Some time around then, NDP began bottling the brand in Cincinnati, although the small quantities needed were still being made in Pennsylvania. At this point, it was the only nationally-distributed straight rye whiskey, such as it was."
a:David-Wondrich  p:The-Daily-Beast★  d:2016.09.12  w:3500  alcohol  manufacturing  history  from instapaper
january 2017 by bankbryan
Run the Jewels’ Universal Theory of Not Giving a Fuck
"KM: We’re Americans still. We’re not a fucking nation of pussies. We’re just not. We have endured the best and the worst from outside and in. We’ll be OK. White folks acting scared—I’m not used to white people acting scared, man. Got to turn it up. We got Russia to worry about.
El-P: Well, you know, I’m just going to rap a lot. I’m going to do a lot of rapping.
KM: We are an American cultural export to the world. You have nothing to worry about."
a:Jeff-Weiss  a:El-P  a:Killer-Mike  p:Pitchfork★★  d:2017.01.05  w:3500  interview  hip-hop  race  2016-election  friendship  Bernie-Sanders  politics  from twitter
january 2017 by bankbryan
Highlights From the Opening of the Second Avenue Subway
"Another train enthusiast at the station, Marvin Loja Espinoza, 17, a senior at Aviation High School, was waiting to get on the first train leaving there. Originally from Ecuador, he discovered his love for trains when he moved to the United States in 2005. His hometown had no trains, he said. Struggling to make friends in a new place, he spent his lunches in the library studying train maps, he said. His knowledge of the subway lines is so extensive that his friends call him 'M.T.A. Savage'."
a:Emma-G-Fitzsimmons  a:Emily-Palmer  a:Noah-Remnick  a:Daniel-E-Slotnik  a:Jonathan-Wolfe  p:The-New-York-Times★★  d:2017.01.01  w:3500  public-transit  NYC  from instapaper
january 2017 by bankbryan
Understanding Basketball Footwork
"As DeRozan’s footwork has continued to evolve, so has his body. When DeRozan first entered the pros, he lacked the bulk to establish prime positioning. Now his body has fully matured and he’s 'got a booty game now', according to Farr, which allows him to get to his high-percentage spot on the floor, like he does to Stephen Curry in the clip above. 'It’s almost like a great running back bouncing off a tackle. It’s all in the footwork when he takes the hit and it doesn’t move him anymore,' Farr said.
Farr says the key to getting DeRozan to this level was building muscle memory by repeating moves over and over again at game speed. DeRozan brings his cousin Shaun to their summer workouts, and Farr said Shaun helps by 'putting some Compton hands on him'— fouling and roughing DeMar up. 'The more physical they get, the better his footwork gets because they’re hitting him one way, and then he counters,' Farr explained."
a:Kevin-O'Connor★  p:The-Ringer★★  d:2016.12.13  w:3500  basketball  fitness  NBA 
december 2016 by bankbryan
The Power Vegetables Pantry
"If vegetables were superheroes, they’d get their power from a mysterious triad: fat, salt, and acid. Whenever you are cooking vegetables from this book, from outside of this book, or for your teething infant, remember the triad. Taste what you’re cooking and literally quiz yourself: Is there enough fat, is there enough acid, is there enough salt? It is rare, or should be, that the answer is: YES, THIS IS PERFECT I AM A GENIUS LET’S EAT. You can do better than that."
a:Peter-Meehan★★  p:Lucky-Peach★★  d:2016.11  w:3500  list  instructional  cooking  vegetarianism 
december 2016 by bankbryan
The Definitive Guide to NBA Team Names, Part 2
"The common shorthand, Knicks, works beautifully, and has the nice symmetry of the two K‘s. Problem: It’s hard to derive a mascot from a name that basically means 'person from this region'; the Knicks don’t have an in-arena mascot. And what would it be? A Wall Street trader being led to minimum-security prison in handcuffs and a $10,000 suit? A walking yellow cab? An angry subway rider, furious that PEOPLE WON’T STEP INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING TRAIN and that some jackass is playing his iPod so loudly the whole car can hear? A life-size rat? A person trying to fit a bed in a closet and yet somehow paying $1,000 per month for the privilege? Sorry, I lost control for a minute there. The Knicks have a great name!"
a:Zach-Lowe★★  p:Grantland★★  d:2013.08.20  w:3500  list  NBA  naming  NYC 
november 2016 by bankbryan
Feet In Smoke: A Story About Electrified Near-Death
"Another of the nurses, when I asked her if he'd ever be normal again, said, 'Maybe, but wouldn't it be wonderful just to have him like this?' She was right; she humbled me. I can't imagine anything more hopeful or hilarious than having a seat at the spectacle of my brother's brain while it reconstructed reality. Like a lot of people, I'd always assumed, in a sort of cut-rate Hobbesian way, that the center of the brain, if you could ever find it, would inevitably be a pretty dark place, that whatever is good or beautiful about being human is a result of our struggles against everything innate, against physical nature. My brother changed my mind about all that. Here was a consciousness reduced to its matter, to a ball of crackling synapses—words that he knew how to use but couldn't connect to the right things; strange new objects for which he had to invent names; unfamiliar people who approached and receded like energy fields—and it was a good place to be, you might even say a poetic place. He had touched death, or death had touched him, but he seemed to find life no less interesting for having done so."
a:John-Jeremiah-Sullivan★★  p:Deadspin★★  d:2012.02.01  w:3500  story  death  from twitter
november 2016 by bankbryan
Life in Circadia
"There are two possible strategic approaches to timing. In cancer, for example, the best time to target a tumour – when its cells are proliferating the most rapidly – does not always coincide exactly with the time when the side effects of the drug are minimised. If one opts for the maximum-efficacy approach, attacking the tumour at its most vulnerable, the short-run effects can be dramatically forceful. Unfortunately, what follows is a bizarre conundrum. When anti-cancer drugs are administered at a more toxic time, not only do patients suffer from damage to their healthy tissue, but their circadian clocks are also disrupted. Of course, when internal rhythms are out of whack, timed medicine becomes harder and generally less effective. So the best long-term approach seems also to be the gentlest, letting the drugs be unobtrusive guests quietly ushering out disease, without a counterproductive attack on the timing system itself."
a:Jessa-Gamble  p:aeon★★  d:2016.06.02  w:3500  time  health  medicine  pharmaceuticals  future  biology  sleep  microbiome  nutrition  from instapaper
september 2016 by bankbryan
The Man with His Head in the Clouds
"The limitations on how high these structures can go sometimes lodge themselves in the smaller components. Take the elevators. 'The cables are massive, created at record lengths,' says Smith. 'There’s not enough room to coil them at the top of the elevator shaft. When Burj Khalifa was designed, 423 meters was the highest one elevator could go.' The solution devised since then? A flat cable that coils tighter. 'It’s made of carbon fiber and stuff—you know, new materials,' Smith says. 'In the Jeddah Tower, a single elevator can run 575 meters.' But this, in turn, creates new issues. Though the flat cable is lighter, it still represents a massive weight at that length. This demands the development of a new wheel, pulley system, and motor. These all must be engineered. And there will be something like 57 elevators in the Jeddah Tower. 'If everybody were building these megatalls, there might be warehouses full of what we need,' says Smith. 'But these buildings are so infrequent that firms don’t really want to invest in the R&D to create new elevator motors specific to the project.'"
a:Tom-Chiarella★  p:Chicago  d:2016.06  w:3500  architecture  engineering  Chicago  Saudi-Arabia  from instapaper
september 2016 by bankbryan
How Intel Makes a Chip
"Another way to make a chip faster is to add special circuits that only do one thing, but do it extremely quickly. Roughly 25 percent of the E5’s circuits are specialized for, among other tasks, compressing video and encrypting data. There are other special circuits on the E5, but Intel can’t talk about those because they’re created for its largest customers, the so-called Super 7: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. Those companies buy—and often assemble for themselves—Xeon-powered servers by the hundreds of thousands. If you buy an off-the-shelf Xeon server from Dell or HP, the Xeon inside will contain technology that’s off-limits to you. 'We’ll integrate [a cloud customer’s] unique feature into the product, as long as it doesn’t make the die so much bigger that it becomes a cost burden for everyone else,' says Bryant. 'When we ship it to Customer A, he’ll see it. Customer B has no idea that feature is there.'"
a:Max-Chafkin★  a:Ian-King  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2016.06  w:3500  manufacturing  hardware  from twitter
september 2016 by bankbryan
Finding the Cleveland Misery Tipping Point
"Quick background: The 35-year-old Cockroft converted only 33 of his 55 field goal attempts in 1979 and 1980, then would retire after this game. In a 2006 interview, Cockroft admitted that he was battling two herniated discs and had four epidurals during the 1980 season. Yes, I learned this from Red Right 88’s Wikipedia page. And yes, you know something awful happened when a sporting event has its own Wikipedia page. But four epidurals? Is that even legal? Remember the days when the NFL didn’t care about player safety, unlike now? (Hold on, I’m going to wait until you finish guffawing.) In that Raiders game, Cockroft made two field goals (both from 30 yards), missed two more (from 47 and 30 yards) and shanked an extra point. So he wasn’t exactly lights-out. And it was 2 degrees and windy and freezing. And the field was basically a skating rink. And again: FOUR EPIDURALS. Nope, you can’t blame the Browns for wanting to inch a little bit closer. Especially when they didn’t know that God hated Cleveland yet."
a:Bill-Simmons★★★  p:Grantland/The-Triangle★  d:2014.12.19  w:3500  analysis  Cleveland  LeBron-James  weather  Cavs  football  baseball  sports  Browns  Indians  from instapaper
june 2016 by bankbryan
A Hacker’s Guide to Bending the Universe
"There’s more to life than hacks, of course. Hacks are seductive, but they need to be exceptions, rather than norm. Many better engineers I’ve worked with taught me the value of hard, methodical work; writing code that’s simple to understand and easy to maintain, be it days or decades later. But that first little assembly program put in my mind a very powerful notion: that there’s always a way out."
a:Marcin-Wichary  p:Backchannel  d:2016.03.28  w:3500  technology  programming  hacking  from twitter
june 2016 by bankbryan
How Aerial Surveillance Has Changed Policing — and Crime — in Los Angeles
"Even the region’s flight paths have come to influence how criminals use the city. The heavily restricted airspace around Los Angeles International Airport, Burdette pointed out, has transformed the surrounding area into a well-known hiding spot for criminals trying to flee by car. Los Angeles police helicopters cannot always approach the airport because of air-traffic-control safety concerns. Indeed, all those planes, with their otherwise-invisible approach patterns across the Southern California sky, have come to exert a kind of sculptural effect on local crimes across the city: Their lines of flight limit the effectiveness of police helicopter patrols and thus alter the preferred getaway routes."
a:Geoff-Manaugh★★  p:The-New-York-Times-Magazine★★  d:2016.03.23  w:3500  crime  law-enforcement  aviation  Los-Angeles  geography  surveillance  from twitter
june 2016 by bankbryan
Death of a Mannequin: Marco Rubio's Last Day
"On climate change, the noted astronomer from parts of Florida that will be underwater during the New American Century observed that 'America is not a planet.' Nice one. This is the 'What can I do!' theory of intervention that says, 'If you come upon someone trying to kill another person, and nobody else in the crowd is intervening, just hang back and see what happens.' Besides, alternate energy plans would only increase Americans' energy costs, because there's no bargain like moving Americans from disappearing coastal cities and fighting the global destabilization of hundreds of millions of refugees. The intellectual engine of the Rubio campaign was something that could have come out of any Tenth Amendment-humping geriatric on Capitol Hill. All Marco would have had to do was open his mouth and leave it there while a 40-year-old tape loop played, periodically interrupted by a new overdub saying the word 'Uber.'
a:Jeb-Lund  p:Rolling-Stone★★  d:2016.03.18  w:3500  2016-election  Republicans  climate-change  from twitter
may 2016 by bankbryan
The Epic Story of Dropbox’s Exodus From the Amazon Cloud Empire
"Whether it creates the kind of business Dropbox is hoping to build, or it just ends up as a huge engineering high, the company now has its own invention. Dropbox has built its own box. This represents an attitude that began with Google and has gradually spread across Silicon Valley. Google was so successful not just because it built a pretty good Internet search engine, but because it built the underlying technology needed to run that search engine—and so many other services—at an enormous scale. Facebook, which recruited countless ex-Googlers, did much the same. And so did Twitter and its ex-Googlers. And, now, so has Dropbox. To become a giant, you may have to stand on the shoulders of others. But once you become your own giant, you start to feel like you need to build a home that’s just right for you."
a:Cade-Metz  p:Wired★★  d:2016.03.14  w:3500  cloud-computing  Amazon  hardware  startups  Google  Facebook  infrastructure  from instapaper
may 2016 by bankbryan
What Happened to Google Maps?
"Let's try a quick experiment. First, we'll take Google Maps as it is today. Now, let's add all of the cities from the 1960s road map. Next, let's discard all of the roads that weren't on the 1960s map. We'll keep the freeways, since many of them weren't built yet — but let's get rid of everything else. It doesn't feel as though we're missing much with all those unlabeled roads gone. And the individual roads are now so much easier to follow, especially above Chicago. You can actually trace each one with your eyes. Put another way: every line now has a station. And every station has a line. There's one problem, though: we still don't have labels on most of the remaining roads. Let's rectify that by adding most of the shield icons from the 1960s map and see what we get. Nearly every road is now labeled, and the map is more useful. Let's take one last look at the map we started with and compare it to the map we ended up with. If I were lost in this area, I know which map I would want to use."
a:Justin-O'Beirne★★  p:Justin-O'Beirne★★  d:2016.04  w:3500  maps  Google-Maps  roads  experiment  from twitter
may 2016 by bankbryan
Expedia Thinks It Can Help You Find the Dream Vacation You Didn’t Know You Wanted
"Khosrowshahi asked Diller what it meant for the travel industry, and the two started talking about Sept. 11. The attacks, along with everything else they wrought, caused people to stop traveling almost entirely for months. Diller was closing the purchase of Expedia at the time, and he and Khosrowshahi had debated whether to back out. 'We sat around and talked,' Diller said into his microphone, 'and I don’t remember, you may remember who it was who said, "If there’s life, there’s travel."' 'I think that was you,' Khosrowshahi interrupted. 'Oh,' Diller said. 'So nice to hear. I’ve always given credit to someone else.'"
a:Drake-Bennett★  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2016.02.25  w:3500  travel  9/11  user-interface  from twitter
may 2016 by bankbryan
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