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Mapping Apple’s vast universe of space gray shades
"While subtle variations in material, texture, lighting, and even the shape of a product can play tricks on the eyes, every device Apple currently offers or has produced in space gray can be grouped into one of several loosely defined categories. Below, we’ve cataloged and categorized the vast universe of Apple’s recent dark material finishes in an attempt to unravel the mysteries of space gray."
a:Michael-Steeber  p:9to5Mac  d:2018.04.16  w:2000  color  Apple  manufacturing  iPod  iPhone  iPad  Mac  Apple-Watch  from iphone
june 2018 by bankbryan
Apple's secrets: How Apple's legal fight with Samsung revealed a gold mine of top-secret information
"Control of the iPhone team was given to Scott Forstall, with Steve Jobs giving Forstall free rein to hire anyone from any division within the company to the team. Jobs also told Forstall he couldn’t hire anyone from outside the company. When pitching the project to prospective team members, Forstall couldn’t even tell them what they’d be working on. Rather, Forstall cryptically told them that if they opted to join, they would have to 'work hard, give up nights, work weekends for years.' Not mincing words, Forstall also told prospective team members: 'If you choose to accept this role, you will work harder than you ever have in your entire life.'"
a:Yoni-Heisler  p:BGR  d:2015.12.07  w:2000  Apple  iPhone  iPad  work  from instapaper
december 2015 by bankbryan
What Goes Up
"What I don’t get is why Apple gets singled out for its singular success, but other companies don’t. 92 percent of Google’s revenue last year came from online advertising. And more importantly, I don’t get why Apple’s non-iPhone businesses are so quickly written off only because they’re so much smaller than the iPhone. Apple’s total revenue for last quarter was $51.5 billion. The iPhone accounted for $32.2 billion of that, which means Apple’s non-iPhone business generated about $19.3 billion in revenue. All of Microsoft in the same three months: around $21 billion. All of Google: $18.78 billion. Facebook: $4.5 billion. Take away every single iPhone sold — all of them — and Apple’s remaining business for the quarter was almost as big as Microsoft’s, bigger than Google’s, and more than four times the size of Facebook’s. And this is for the July-September quarter, not the October-December holiday quarter in which Apple is strongest. Nothing in the world compares to Apple’s iPhone business, including anything else Apple makes. But a multi-billion-per-quarter business here (Mac), a multi-billion-per-quarter business there (iPad), a 'Services' division that generates more revenue than Facebook, and an 'Other' category (Watch, Apple TV, Beats, iPod) that booked $3 billion in a non-holiday quarter — and it’s clear that Apple’s non-iPhone businesses, combined, amount to a massive enterprise."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2015.11.13  w:2000  Apple  iPhone  iPad  business  Apple-Watch  Apple-car  from iphone
november 2015 by bankbryan
Spot the hubris: A case of the pundit pot calling the Apple kettle black
"Much of Maxcer’s suggestions boil down to chasing the Kindle Fire and the Surface, devices that sell far more poorly than the iPad by ridiculous margins. Certainly that’s a winning strategy. The rest seems to involve trying to make the iPad an enterprise device. But the iPad already has something like 90 percent share in the enterprise. 'In fact, if Apple had just broken down and created a keyboard cover like Microsoft’s for the Surface Pro—no matter how embarrassing such a move would be—iPad sales would not have been down over the last few quarters. I firmly believe that. Why?' Because there’s a gas leak in your house? Because you ate that expired yogurt and now you hear voices?"
a:The-Macalope★★  p:Macworld  d:2014.10.25  w:1000  iPad  Kindle  from twitter
october 2014 by bankbryan
Apple iPad Air 2 review
"In moments when having an iPad does make sense, it’s missing things that would make it absolutely sing. My wife loves to borrow my iPad when she goes to the gym, but there’s no multiple-user support as with Android tablets or Amazon’s Kindle Fire line, so she can’t use it to check her email instead of mine. There’s no guest mode, so when I spent the weekend with friends passing the Air 2 around to pick songs from Spotify, I had to choose between telling everyone my passcode or just turning the lock off entirely. David Pierce had logged into his iCloud account on one of our Air 2 review units, and when I went outside to take photos with it I realized that I was shooting directly into his iCloud camera roll. I said it in last year’s iPad Air review and I’ll say it again: it feels like Apple is so content with its commanding lead in the tablet market that it’s willing to let the iPad’s superlative hardware sell itself instead of figuring out new places for it to go. For better or worse, Apple’s allowed the iPad to become the giant iPhone its critics have always insisted that it is, and in a world with giant iPhones that’s a tough spot to be in."
a:Nilay-Patel  p:The-Verge★  d:2014.10.21  w:2000  review  iPad  iPhone 
october 2014 by bankbryan
The iPad Air 2 (And a Few Cursory Words Regarding the iPad Mini 3)
"I also understand the product marketing angle. There are a lot of people who will look at the 16 GB models, see that they can get four times the storage for just $100 more, and buy the 64 GB model instead — when they would’ve bought the base model if it were 32 GB. I get it. There’s no doubt in my mind it’s good short-term business sense to go with a 16/64/128 lineup instead of 32/64/128. But Apple is not a short-term business. They’re a long-term business, built on a relationship of trust with repeat customers. 16 GB iPads work against the foundation of Apple’s brand, which is that they only make good products. Apple has long used three-tier pricing structures within individual product categories. They often used to label them 'Good', 'Better', and 'Best'. Now, with these 16 GB entry-level devices, it’s more like 'Are you sure?', 'Better', and 'Best'. Fine, keep the 16 GB models around for expert business and education buyers who know that they really don’t need more storage space. But don’t put devices on the tables in Apple retail stores that you wouldn’t recommend as a good product and good value to typical customers."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2014.10.21  w:3500  review  iPad  Apple 
october 2014 by bankbryan
Seeing Through the Illusion: Understanding Apple’s Mastery of the Media
"Just as the chart shows Apple expanding review hardware access, it also shows Apple subsequently taking away access. While Gizmodo reviewed the 2009 iPhone 3GS, the blog fell out of favor with Apple around the launch of the first iPad. The subsequent situation surrounding the lost iPhone 4 sealed Gizmodo‘s fate, and it never received early Apple hardware again. Macworld, previously an Apple trade show partner, has not received early hardware since the launch of the first Retina iPad. Also likely contributing to which publications get early access to products is the nature of pre-coverage — angles taken by writers during the product rumors cycle. As Brian Lam put it, 'Apple can already tell what a review is going to say from [a publication's] pre-coverage, and they’re not going to give you a review unit if you’re not going to play ball.' In other words, Apple feeds the writers who will do its bidding, and starves the ones who won’t follow its messaging."
a:Mark-Gurman  p:9to5Mac  d:2014.08.29  w:8000  marketing  Apple  iPhone  iPad  Steve-Jobs  Tim-Cook 
september 2014 by bankbryan
Steve Jobs email about Apple TV hints at subscriptions, apps, and a 'magic wand'
"- 2011: Year of the Cloud
- we invented Digital Hub concept
- PC as hub for all your digital assets - contacts, calendars, bookmarks, photos, music, videos
- digital hub (center of our universe) is moving from PC to cloud
- PC now just another client alongside iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, ...
- Apple is in danger of hanging on to old paradigm too long (innovator's dilemma)
- Google and Microsoft are further along on the technology, but haven't quite figured it out yet
- tie all of our products together, so we further lock customers into our ecosystem"
a:Josh-Lowensohn  a:Steve-Jobs  p:The-Verge★  d:2014.04.04  w:1000  Apple  strategy  iPhone  iPad  iOS  Mac  television  cloud-computing  from twitter
april 2014 by bankbryan
The Birth of the iPhone
"According to Walter Isaacson’s account in his authorized biography, Steve Jobs, Jony wanted to show the system to Jobs, but he was afraid his boss would pour cold water on it since it was still raw and unpolished. Jony reasoned that he had to show the work in progress to Jobs in private, with no one else around. 'Because Steve is so quick to give an opinion, I didn’t show him stuff in front of other people,' Jony said. 'He might say "This is shit," and snuff the idea. I feel that ideas are very fragile, so you have to be tender when they are in development. I realized that if he pissed on this, it would be so sad because I know it was so important.' Jony followed his instincts and showed Jobs the system in private. The gambit worked, and Jobs loved the idea. 'This is the future,' said Jobs."
a:Leander-Kahney  p:Book-Excerpts  d:2013.11.19  w:4500  iPhone  iPad  history  Steve-Jobs 
february 2014 by bankbryan
The Retina iPad Mini
"The iPad Air is an excellent year-over-year update over the iPad 4 — double the performance, and a serious reduction in size and weight. But the retina iPad Mini is an almost unbelievable year-over-year update — four times the performance, a retina display (which therefore means four times the pixels), and yet no appreciable difference in size or weight. This is the iPad Mini I expected to see next year, in 2014. But here it is today, in my hand."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2013.11.15  w:2000  review  iPad  time 
november 2013 by bankbryan
Thoughts and Observations Regarding This Week's Apple Event Introducing the iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini
"Apple’s accountants had as much to do with making Mavericks and these apps free of charge as did Apple’s product marketing team. This has been a years-long effort. As the price of Mac OS X updates dropped over the last few versions — after holding steady for many years at the hard-to-believe-today price of $129 — the goal was always to get to free. Remember all the stuff from a few years ago, when the iPhone first came out, and Apple used 'subscription-based accounting' for iPhone sales, because it was the only way it saw to comply with U.S. accounting regulations and also provide free software updates? That’s all in the past now. My understanding is that it’s been a long slog to get here — here being where these apps and all OS updates are available free of charge — the details of said slog being the sort of convoluted bean-counting that would put anyone who doesn’t wear a green eyeshade to sleep. But this too — I think — is why the iLife and iWork apps are only free with the purchase of a new device and for users of previous versions. Apple’s not trying to milk money from those customers ineligible for the free versions of these apps (although, of course, they will happily keep the money). It’s simply the fallout from Apple’s accounting guidelines that they cannot simply offer these apps free of charge to everyone."
a:John-Gruber★★★  d:2013.10.26  w:4500  accounting  Apple  pricing  software  hardware  iPad  p:Daring-Fireball★★★ 
october 2013 by bankbryan
iOS 7, thoroughly reviewed
"In one sense, iOS 7 changes nearly everything about iOS. A couple of wallpapers have made the jump, but otherwise you'd be hard-pressed to find anything in iOS 7 that looks quite like it did in iOS 6. In another sense, iOS 7 is the latest in a string of incremental updates. It adds a few new features and changes some existing ones, but this doesn't radically alter the way that you use the OS from day to day. Our in-depth review explores every nook and cranny of the new operating system to show you which additions actually improve iOS, and which ones are only skin deep."
a:Andrew-Cunningham  p:Ars-Technica★★  d:2013.09.18  w:15000  review  user-interface  iOS  iPhone  iPad  Apple  Google  from twitter
september 2013 by bankbryan
More on Nintendo and Handheld Gaming
"A kid asking 'What’s a Nintendo?' may sound preposterous to the ears of an adult weaned on Mario and Zelda, but trust me, put an iPad Mini and a 3DS on a table next to each other, and most kids today will reach, if not jump, for the iPad. If you don’t see that as an existential threat for Nintendo, there’s nothing I can say that will change your mind. A Nintendo that doesn’t make games for iOS is a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids; a Nintendo that doesn’t reach today’s kids is a Nintendo with no future. It’s a choice for Nintendo between playing the actual hand they’ve been dealt, crummy though it may be, or playing the hand they wish they held."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2013.09.06  w:1000  iPhone  iPad  games  future 
september 2013 by bankbryan
Reading devices
"Why call out the use-case of 'reading', specifically? What about gaming devices? Media players? Can I read on a laptop if I don’t use the tray table? If devices with keyboards aren’t allowed, would a Surface Pro be permitted? Are flight attendants prepared to enforce and keep up with these distinctions?"
a:Marco-Arment★★★★★★  d:2013.03.24  w:500  aviation  Kindle  iPad  reading  technology  policy  from twitter
march 2013 by bankbryan
What is a book in the age of the iPad? An interview with Craig Mod
"I'd love for Marco to do an A/B test and see what the conversions are like. My gut instinct tells me that having the full articles online would produce more conversions, because you'd be more inclined to link to things that are being written for The Magazine. Marco has frequently said that he wants to hire more high profile journalists, more 'real' journalists, pay the rates that 'real' journalists should be paid, and so if that's the case, then there will be these amazing articles living inside The Magazine's ecosystem. Having the full articles online is going to get ten times more links than having a truncated, three paragraph version. And I think people aren't paying for the content explicitly — what they're paying for is that package, what they're paying for is the convenience. They're paying for the fulfillment of a certain job that that app brings, which is this consolidated list. I as a user shouldn't have to think at all about ‘How do I get to content?’ ‘Where do I read it?’ ‘Do I have to go and grab new content?’ No, it's just going to be there. If The Magazine has a little badge on it, that means ‘Great! New candy for me.’"
a:Sam-Byford  a:Craig-Mod★  p:The-Verge★  d:2013.02.06  w:4500  interview  books  Kindle  Japan  The-Magazine  iPad  reading  from instapaper
march 2013 by bankbryan
"Find My Friends is often condemned for being too skeuomorphic. Mythbusted: Find My Friends uses standard iOS UI that is themed using custom graphics. The fine corinthian leather and stitching does not harken back to a day of fine corinthian leather products we used to use to find our friends."
a:Louie-Mantia★  p:Mantia  d:2013.02.13  w:1000  user-interface  iPhone  iPad  software-design 
february 2013 by bankbryan
Tim Cook’s Freshman Year: The Apple CEO Speaks
"He said, 'There has never been a professional transition at the CEO level in Apple.' He said, 'Our company has done a lot of great things, but has never done this one.' The last guy is always fired, and then somebody new comes in. And he goes, 'I want there to be a professional CEO transition, and I have decided, and I am recommending to the board that you be the CEO, and I’m going to be the chairman.' I asked him about different scenarios to understand how he wanted to be involved as chairman. He said, 'I want to make this clear. I saw what happened when Walt Disney passed away. People looked around, and they kept asking what Walt would have done.' He goes, 'The business was paralyzed, and people just sat around in meetings and talked about what Walt would have done.' He goes, 'I never want you to ask what I would have done. Just do what’s right.' He was very clear."
a:Josh-Tyrangiel  a:Tim-Cook★  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2012.12.06  w:8500  interview  Apple  leadership  friendship  transparency  innovation  iPad  Jony-Ive  from instapaper
january 2013 by bankbryan
Why 'The Daily' Failed
"That most existing iPad magazine apps are slow, badly-designed, can’t search, etc. does not mean iPad magazine apps cannot be fast, well-designed, and searchable. Salmon says 'This wasn’t The Daily’s fault' but he’s 180 degrees wrong. All of these problems were *entirely* The Daily’s fault. All impossible tasks have not been accomplished; but not all tasks that have not yet been accomplished are impossible."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2012.12.03  w:1500  journalism  iPad  from twitter
december 2012 by bankbryan
Subcompact Publishing
"The N360 was something an American car company would never dream of producing. You can’t blame them though: they had no incentive by which to dream such dreams. Unlike the American automotive industry, the Japanese automotive industry wasn't beholden to industry momentum or legacy. And when you’re not beholden to legacy, you can be excessively brazen. Honda was a nobody in the car industry. But they gained foothold and marketshare by building a car that was more appropriate for many consumers. They had built a subcompact. So I ask: where are our digital publishing subcompacts?"
a:Craig-Mod★  p:Craig-Mod  d:2012.11  w:6500  journalism  media  iPad  Marco-Arment  cars 
november 2012 by bankbryan
Seriously, Apple Is Doomed
"What you want is to be (1) right more often than wrong; (2) willing to recognize when you are wrong; and (3) able and willing to correct whatever is wrong. If you expect perfection, to be right all the time, you’re going to fail on all three of those — you will be wrong sometimes, that’s just human nature; you’ll be less willing or unwilling to recognize when you’re wrong because you’ve talked yourself into expecting perfection; and you won’t fix what’s wrong because you’ll have convinced yourself you weren’t wrong in the first place. The only way to come close to being right all the time is to be willing to change your mind and recognize mistakes — it’s never going to happen that you’re right all the time in the first place. Obviously it would have been better for Apple if Tim Cook had never hired John Browett in the first place. It might have been better too, if Cook, through the force of his own personality, had been able to get his other senior vice presidents to work alongside Scott Forstall, as Steve Jobs had been able to do. But Cook did hire Browett, and Forstall was no longer tolerated by his executive peers. So Cook did what you’d want to see done: he recognized a mistake and a problem and took decisive action."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2012.11.09  w:2000  Apple  management  iPhone  iPad  Tim-Cook  Steve-Jobs 
november 2012 by bankbryan
Flying with my toddler is easy
"Flying with a tiny child is actually not that hard, as long as you do not relax for a second and maintain the alertness of a ninja for 12 hours straight. No one likes flying to begin with. Your kid would rather be chewing the paint on the slide at her favorite park. Your seatmates aren’t happy to see you. Your job as a parent in flight is to act as a human sponge for any distress than might otherwise spill onto your child or your fellow passengers, and to offer an endless series of distractions to draw her attention from boredom and discomfort. Hungry? Here’s a Cheerio. Thinking about punching that seat? Here, let’s play patty cake. Bored? You ever seen a seat belt go clickety-clack? Well, let me blow your mind."
a:Corinne-Purtill  p:Salon★  d:2012.08.31  w:1500  travel  aviation  children  iPad  from instapaper
november 2012 by bankbryan
An alternate universe
"I asked about 3G options, which the Surface doesn’t have. He said it would restrict me from being able to use it anywhere (?), so I pushed a little further, and he said nobody wants two bills and you can just use tethering and why mess with the pesky 3G connection? He started selling me on the screen quality, saying it had a better screen than any other tablet. I asked, 'What do you mean? Which other tablets?' I couldn’t get him to say 'iPad', but he did say it was better than 'Retina screens'. I broke character slightly. 'I don’t know, I saw the Retina iPad upstairs and I can’t see the pixels at all on it. On here, I can see the pixels clearly.' 'No you can’t.'"
a:Marco-Arment★★★★★★  d:2012.10.26  w:2000  Microsoft  iPad  retail  marketing  from twitter
october 2012 by bankbryan
“It’s Math”
"Moore’s statement about HBO is correct. The math is not in favor of selling HBO access directly to consumers. But if we’re just thinking about this from a pure product perspective, I don’t think anyone would disagree that this is what we all want. HBO is choosing not to build the service we will love, they’re choosing the short-term money. The safe bet. The math."
a:MG-Siegler★  p:massive-greatness  d:2012.09.11  business  innovation  Apple  HBO  iPhone  iPod  iPad 
september 2012 by bankbryan
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: An Embarrassing, Lazy, Arrogant Money Grab
"That's a close-up of the back of the Note 10.1. I'm just lightly pressing on the back, right on top of the Samsung logo, and the back flexes up and down like a trampoline. It doesn't even feel like part of the device. The back flexes so much it feels closer to a free-floating skin than a rigid structural component, like how a 3rd party case has a little bit of give to it. The scary thing is that it only stops flexing when it touches the internal components. I somehow doubt the battery and motherboard were meant to be load-bearing. ... The hardware is pure, unadulterated garbage. The build quality is so bad, I think it gave me cancer."
a:Ron-Amadeo  p:Android-Police  d:2012.08.21  w:6000  review  iPad  hardware 
august 2012 by bankbryan
The Reason for the iPad Mini
"What will they do for the iPad? Well, we have already seen Apple apply the methodology of keeping old hardware on the market - they now sell the iPad 2 at $399. But, this isn't really eliminating the pricing umbrella, it just lowers it. In order to eliminate the pricing umbrella Apple needs to serve the $199 to $399 price range. ($199 is the bottom of the market until new technologies emerge, new price models emerge, or a company decides to sell the hardware at a loss to gain market share.)"
a:Ryan-Jones  p:iamconcise  d:2012.07.18  w:500  Apple  pricing  iPhone  iPod  iPad  future  strategy 
july 2012 by bankbryan
Apple's Icon Ecosystem or: Carrying the Quality All The Way Through
"The icons I looked at1 (over 100!) seemed to fall into four categories, and I have opinions about each as a whole. I will reserve judgement on the aesthetic qualities of *individual* icons insofar as I can contain myself, and will instead try to focus on the methods with which they brought their Mac icons to iOS."
a:Chris-Sauve  p:pxldot  d:2012.07.02  w:3000  analysis  Mac  iOS  apps  graphic-design  iPhone  iPad 
july 2012 by bankbryan
"It will take at least a decade before anything on the internet will come even close to 'killing Hollywood'. The driving force behind Hollywood is extremely well-produced, expensive content, with a ~50% success rate. Hollywood is a network of financial underwriters tied inextricably to the content they produce. No web startup can replace this fundamental need. And I’m not sure what disruption would look like; I hope it does not include a reduction in production quality. Netflix, YouTube, and HBO are the ones to watch here. (Hulu is going to end up dead or bought; it is owned by the very interests it needs to destroy.)"
a:Dustin-Curtis★  p:dcurtis★  d:2012.06.29  w:1000  list  future  iPad  Amazon  Google  search  television  business  Netflix  mobile  Facebook  infrastructure  e-book  Kindle  disruption 
july 2012 by bankbryan
How 100 iPads saved Greece $140 billion
"'I watched hundreds of millions of bonds being "slam dunked" as these guys were running down the halls,' says Apfel. 'Split-second decisions were made that couldn't have been made without the data platform.' When last deal finally closed on April 25, $270 billion of Greek debt had been reduced to $130 billion. 'It was the largest financial transaction in the history of the world,' says Apfel. 'And we couldn't have done it without the iPad.'"
a:Philip-Elmer-DeWit  p:Fortune★  d:2012.05.22  w:500  Great-Recession  iPad  time  finance  from twitter
may 2012 by bankbryan
Apple's War on Android
"People familiar with the situation note that top-level executives at both Apple and Samsung have communicated lately about potential settlement options. Apple CEO Tim Cook does not seem to share his predecessor’s passion about laying all foes to waste. Cook appears to view litigation as a necessary evil, not a vehicle of cosmic revenge."
a:Paul-M-Barrett  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2012.03.29  w:4500  Apple  patents  law  Steve-Jobs  Tim-Cook  iPhone  iPad  from twitter
may 2012 by bankbryan
Time and taste
"Improving poor taste in upper leadership is almost as difficult as treating severe paranoia: people who don’t value taste and design will rarely recognize these shortcomings or seek to improve them. With very few exceptions, companies that put out tasteless, poorly designed products will usually never change course."
a:Marco-Arment★★★★★★  d:2012.04.20  w:500  Apple  Amazon  Google  Microsoft  business  design  iPhone  iPad 
april 2012 by bankbryan
Carriers Whine: We Wuz Robbed!
"Back in this reality, carriers complain about excessive subsidies and threats of disintermediation, of attempts to make them 'dumb pipes'. But nowhere do we see a discussion of the ratio between the cost of an additional cell tower and the new revenue it generates. We can be sure carriers know this number, but they’re not sharing. It must be a good one: We now see carriers eager to offer their new LTE infrastructure as data pipes for the (unsubsidized) new iPad."
a:Jean-Louis-Gassée  p:Monday-Note  d:2012.03.11  w:1500  Apple  mobile  iPhone  analysis  business  iPad 
april 2012 by bankbryan
Fools of the Year
"Appearing at the number ten spot, The Atlantic Wire’s Rebecca Greenfield is a rising star in the field of extreme Apple jerkery. Greenfield thinks that because the iPhone 4S and new iPad weren’t grand redesigns that Apple must be done innovating. It doesn’t really bother the Macalope that she thinks Microsoft is 'the hippest tech company' around. It’s her opinion that Apple’s on the downslide—because of a logo she doesn’t like and because people keep pretending it’s the only company that uses Chinese manufacturing—that bothers him. Keep up the bad work, Rebecca! The Earth’s core is the limit!"
a:The-Macalope★★  p:Macworld  d:2012.04.01  w:1500  list  journalism  Apple  iPhone  iPad  from twitter
april 2012 by bankbryan
B.S. Report Transcript: Barack Obama
"The mythology of sports is just — it's deeply embedded in us. I remember I visited Iraq as a senator, and I think at that point I had already started running for president, but I can’t remember. Anyway, they invited me to go into this gym, and there were like 3,000 of our troops there. And somebody just handed me a ball and said, 'Come on, Mr. President, take a shot.' And I said, OK, and I shot it and swished it from the 3-point line. And the amount of excitement that those folks had was surprising to me."
a:Bill-Simmons★★★  a:Barack-Obama  p:Grantland★★  d:2012.03.01  w:4500  interview  Barack-Obama  iPad  9/11  George-W-Bush  children  gender  sports  basketball  football  baseball  NBA 
march 2012 by bankbryan
The parable of Nintendo
"The lesson here is that a company that disrupts does not necessarily survive. Long term survival depends on the ability for serial disruption. Serial disruption is an uncomfortable state for an organization to exist in. As the story above shows, disruptions are usually enabled by 'desperate' necessity. Desperation is not something management is trained to aspire for."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.03.26  w:500  analysis  business  iPad  iPhone  games  disruption 
march 2012 by bankbryan
Microsoft's Biggest Miss
"Microsoft’s biggest miss is not the lack of a smartphone, or tablet, or Office apps for iOS and Android. Like the curtain finally falling from the Wizard of Oz to find just a small, frail, man pretending to be far more powerful and relevant than he really was. Microsoft’s biggest miss was allowing the world to finally see the truth behind the big lie — they were not needed to get real work done. Or anything done, really. And that will be what ultimately kills them."
a:Patrick-Rhone  p:Minimal-Mac  d:2012.02.17  w:500  Microsoft  strategy  Apple  Android  iPhone  iPad 
march 2012 by bankbryan
iPad (3)
"23 months later, I have in my hands today exactly what my heart ached for then. Except instead of paying MacBook Pro prices for it, I simply had to wait two years to buy it at the same prices as the original iPad. My hypothetical dream iPad from 2010 is today the just-plain real-life iPad."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2012.03.14  w:2000  review  iPad 
march 2012 by bankbryan
"Much continues to be made of the fact that we now have Star Trek pads, ubiquitous, available, and to be honest, better than those on the show, which showed piles of them required to convey basic ship business. But more than the pads, in fifteen years or so, we've leapfrogged the social norms of Star Trek on the back of the Internet. It's amazing to me just how quick the transition was--of course we're still in it--and that more recent Star Treks have not and probably will not engage with this new reality either. Star Trek is a butterfly in a glass. It is no longer meant to predict or exhibit the future, but to quietly stand for the world of the past, as much as the Shire ever was."
a:Cat-Valente★  p:Charlie's-Diary  d:2012.02.07  w:2000  future  time  internet  Star-Trek  reading  technology  Twitter  iPad  communication  social-interactionsocial-media 
march 2012 by bankbryan
AP: 'New iPad Expected to Have Modest Upgrades'
"I suspect this is a prelude to much of tomorrow’s post-event coverage, echoing the initial tech press reaction to the iPhone 4S. But if a faster processor, more RAM, a double-the-resolution retina display, a better camera, and maybe even LTE networking make for a 'modest' update, then what would it take for the iPad 3 to be deemed an immodest update? A fusion energy source? Teleportation? A camera that sees into the future?"
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2012.03.06  iPad  media 
march 2012 by bankbryan
What to Expect at Apple’s Event Tomorrow
"No matter what Apple releases, the enthusiast blogs will call It the greatest thing ever. (Dollars to Pesos says we'll be among them.) They (we) will stroke and caress its lines and note how much better it is—in both overt and subtle ways—than the last iteration. They will extol the genius of Jon Ive (love that guy) for making this corner just so and that edge just not. Some of them will actually masturbate, in a literal sense, but they won't reveal that to you because it is shameful."
a:Mat-Honan★  p:Gizmodo★  d:2012.03.06  w:1000  Apple  iPad  future  journalism  from twitter
march 2012 by bankbryan
Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs it sold in 28 years
"Tim Cook on the 55 million iPads sold to date: 'This 55 is something no one would have guessed. Including us. To put it in context, it took us 22 years to sell 55 million Macs. It took us about 5 years to sell 22 million iPods, and it took us about 3 years to sell that many iPhones. And so, this thing is, as you said, it’s on a trajectory that’s off the charts.' That gave me an idea. Here is a plot of each major computing product Apple sold throughout its history shown as a cumulative total since product launch."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.02.16  analysis  Apple  visualization  iPhone  iPad  Mac 
february 2012 by bankbryan
Price competition
"The evidence I see is that Apple does not change pricing but rather stakes out a specific price point as resonating with consumers given their positioning. They then doggedly stick to it. Competitors tend to exploit open price points or try to position with specs on the same spots Apple occupies. That’s not a game I observe being played by Apple."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2012.01.26  w:500  analysis  pricing  Apple  iPad  iPhone  Mac  iPod 
january 2012 by bankbryan
Apple's Secret Plan to Steal Your Doctor's Heart
"Right now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration seems set on regulating the software that runs on the iPad, not the device itself, but if the FDA were to decide that Apple is marketing the iPad for regulated medical uses, it could unleash a regulatory nightmare on the company. Apple has to carefully watch what it says when it talks about the iPad in medicine, says Bradley Thompson, a partner with the law firm Epstein Becker Green and an expert on FDA regulations. As long as they promote it as a general-use computing device, Apple should be fine. But 'if they were promoting it for specific medical device uses,' he says, 'they would cross a line.'"
a:Robert-McMillan  p:Wired★★  d:2011.12.05  w:2500  Apple  iPad  medicine  marketing 
january 2012 by bankbryan
A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design
"Hands do two things. They are two utterly amazing things, and you rely on them every moment of the day, and most Future Interaction Concepts completely ignore both of them. Hands feel things, and hands manipulate things. Go ahead and pick up a book. Open it up to some page. Notice how you know where you are in the book by the distribution of weight in each hand, and the thickness of the page stacks between your fingers. Turn a page, and notice how you would know if you grabbed two pages together, by how they would slip apart when you rub them against each other. Go ahead and pick up a glass of water. Take a sip. Notice how you know how much water is left, by how the weight shifts in response to you tipping it. Almost every object in the world offers this sort of feedback. It's so taken for granted that we're usually not even aware of it. Take a moment to pick up the objects around you. Use them as you normally would, and sense their tactile response — their texture, pliability, temperature; their distribution of weight; their edges, curves, and ridges; how they respond in your hand as you use them. There's a reason that our fingertips have some of the densest areas of nerve endings on the body. This is how we experience the world close-up. This is how our tools talk to us. The sense of touch is essential to everything that humans have called 'work' for millions of years."
a:Bret-Victor  p:Bret-Victor  d:2011.11.08  w:1500  user-interface  future  iPhone  work  iPad 
january 2012 by bankbryan
Amazon Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2
"Automatic Shutoff Feature: Yes (Sleeps automatically when idle or if you rest the bottom edge on a table or your pants or pretty much anything)"
a:Marco-Arment★★★★★★  d:2011.12.19  w:500  review  iPad  Kindle 
december 2011 by bankbryan
Why Apple is cheap
"Apple’s fiscal year just ended and they reported their performance. You’re an analyst whose job includes forecasting the company’s performance for next year. This is a weighty responsibility. Your forecast will be blended with those of your peers and used as a 'consensus' average. That consensus for the next year will be used to measure the current value of the shares in a ratio called the forward PEG or Price/Earnings/annual earnings Growth. You are supplying the earnings and hence growth forecast while the market offers a price. As a stock is meant to measure future earnings, your forecast is a crucial and frequently cited figure about whether a stock is priced fairly. There is some comfort in knowing that there will be many others who will offer such a forecast and your contribution is thus not the only way investors can calibrate the price. However, you should think hard about what you are predicting as it also will reflect your skill in predicting such a visible company. ... As the following chart shows, look ahead one year accuracy has not been all that great, but you are at least consistent. In any case, everything you based your decisions on showed remarkable consistency with consensus. You’re just reflecting common sense."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2011.12.15  w:1000  Apple  finance  iPad  iPhone  iPod  analysis 
december 2011 by bankbryan
Steve Jobs
"As always there are those who reveal their asininity (as they did throughout his career) with ascriptions like 'salesman', 'showman' or the giveaway blunder 'triumph of style over substance'. The use of that last phrase, 'style over substance' has always been, as Oscar Wilde observed, a marvellous and instant indicator of a fool. If the unprecedented and phenomenal success of Steve Jobs at Apple proves anything it is that those commentators and tech-bloggers and 'experts' who sneered at him for producing sleek, shiny, well-designed products or who denigrated the man because he was not an inventor or originator of technology himself missed the point in such a fantastically stupid way that any employer would surely question the purpose of having such people on their payroll, writing for their magazines or indeed making any decisions on which lives, destinies or fortunes depended."
a:Stephen-Fry★  p:The-New-Adventures-of-Stephen-Fry  d:2011.10.06  w:2500  Steve-Jobs  iPad  design  death  story 
december 2011 by bankbryan
"All this money flows in and out of, and between, households, corporations, and governments. This process is complicated."
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2011.11.21  visualization  infographic  2012-election  housing  2010-election  2008-election  2004-election  2000-election  food  class  work  film  economics  politics  business  taxes  disaster  Hurricane-Katrina  9/11  roads  war  Iraq  Afghanistan  public-transit  NYC  space  infrastructure  mobile  Apple  iPhone  iPad  medicine  money  cars 
november 2011 by bankbryan
A human review of the Kindle Fire
"I expected the Kindle Fire to be a compelling iPad alternative, but I can’t call it delightful, fun, or pleasant to use. Quite the opposite, actually: using the Fire is frustrating and unpleasant, and it feels like work. For most people, every other computer in their life feels like work, and they don’t need another one. It’s not an iPad competitor or alternative. It’s not the same kind of device at all. And, whatever it is, it’s a bad version of it."
a:Marco-Arment★★★★★★  d:2011.11.17  w:2000  review  Kindle  iPad  reading  from twitter
november 2011 by bankbryan
The Great Tech War Of 2012
"The four American companies that have come to define 21st-century information technology and entertainment are on the verge of war. Over the next two years, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google will increasingly collide in the markets for mobile phones and tablets, mobile apps, social networking, and more. This competition will be intense. Each of the four has shown competitive excellence, strategic genius, and superb execution that have left the rest of the world in the dust."
a:Farhad-Manjoo★  p:Fast-Company  d:2011.10.19  w:7500  business  future  Apple  Amazon  Facebook  Google  Jeff-Bezos  Mark-Zuckerberg  Steve-Jobs  mobile  technology  media  Kindle  iPad  iPhone  data-mining  Android  Tim-Cook  television  Larry-Page  Google-Plus  search  patents  Microsoft  social-media  Warren-Buffett  payments 
november 2011 by bankbryan
Apple’s Income Statement at a glance
"This is the cascading view of Apple’s financial performance in the third calendar quarter. It only includes information that is already in the income statement but shows the relative growth of the individual product lines, their cost structures and the relationship between fixed (Operating) expenses and their variable (cost of sales) expenses at a glance."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2011.11.07  w:500  infographic  visualization  business  Apple  iPhone  iPad  Mac 
november 2011 by bankbryan
Apple's Supply-Chain Secret? Hoard Lasers
"Apple’s control reaches its crescendo in the leadup to one of its famed product unveilings, a tightly orchestrated process that has been refined over years of Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad debuts. For weeks in advance of the announcement, factories work overtime to build hundreds of thousands of devices. To track efficiency and ensure pre-launch secrecy, Apple places electronic monitors in some boxes of parts that allow observers in Cupertino to track them through Chinese factories, an effort meant to discourage leaks. At least once, the company shipped products in tomato boxes to avoid detection, says the consultant who has worked with Apple. When the iPad 2 debuted, the finished devices were packed in plain boxes and Apple employees monitored every handoff point—loading dock, airport, truck depot, and distribution center—to make sure each unit was accounted for. Apple’s retail stores give it a final operational advantage. Once a product goes on sale, the company can track demand by the store and by the hour, and adjust production forecasts daily. If it becomes clear a given part will run out, teams are deployed and given approval to spend millions of dollars on extra equipment to get around the bottleneck."
a:Adam-Satariano  a:Peter-Burrows  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2011.11.03  w:1500  Apple  logistics  business  iPad  iPhone  efficiency  hardware  China  from twitter
november 2011 by bankbryan
Amazon, the Company That Ate the World
"Tablets represent a huge opportunity for Bezos, not only to sell a new kind of device but also to entice people to buy more stuff. Even with only 28.7 million iPads sold, e-commerce sites say they see an increasing amount of traffic coming from tablets. Forrester Research reported this summer that online purchases made on tablets now account for 20 percent of all mobile e-commerce sales, and that nearly 60 percent of tablet owners have used them to shop. Bezos says tablets 'are a huge tailwind for our business.' Amazon once saw spikes in traffic during the workday lunch hours. Now traffic is more evenly distributed as people pick up their tablets anytime of the week, buying the books and albums they see on television and making impulsive decisions about replacing their dishwashers. The Kindle Fire (internal code name: Otter) is designed to ensure that even more of those purchases go to Amazon."
a:Brad-Stone  p:Bloomberg-Businessweek★★  d:2011.09.28  w:4500  Amazon  Kindle  Apple  iPad  Jeff-Bezos 
october 2011 by bankbryan
Some responses to the magazine counterarguments
"Are incredibly complex and expensive-to-develop iPad apps necessary, or would simpler ones suffice? Are enough customers really demanding the expensive features — especially those with big per-issue costs, like all of the multimedia “extras” — to make them worth their costs, or would most of the readership still pay the same amount for just the text and a few optional photos in a nice, reusable template? That’s how most websites publish their content, and we’re all fine with it. In many ways, such a structure could result in much better apps: adjustable fonts, text selection, highlighting, and many other reader-friendly features become much simpler to implement in such an environment. Higher quality, lower cost. (And this is a business that I can speak authoritatively on.) With a smaller staff, and with most resources allocated to content generation, how much management and support staff could be cut? And would the huge offices in prime Manhattan locations still be necessary?"
a:Marco-Arment★★★★★★  d:2011.10.29  w:1000  business  media  advertising  pricing  iPad 
october 2011 by bankbryan
Entrepreneurs Who Go It Alone — By Choice
"A few years back something like Instapaper would have been dismissed by venture capitalists as a mere 'feature,' not a stand-alone product — let alone a profitable business. 'But it turns out people will pay for features,' says Paul Kedrosky, senior fellow at the Kansas City, Missouri-based Kauffman Foundation, which fosters entrepreneurship. 'The tools required to run a company, and how expensive it is to market it, have all declined so dramatically in the last decade that there is a real hope for people who declare themselves one-man organizations to stay this way.' The recession saw an increase in the number of new businesses started, but a decrease in the number of those that hire employees. 'The data show a rise of sole proprietorships,' says Kedrosky. 'But the data also show that the cost of running a small business has never been lower so more can operate profitably without taking investment or without hiring employees.' Just ask Maciej Ceglowski, 36, founder of the website Pinboard, a paid social-bookmarking service that lets subscribers archive web links with annotations and share them with friends. ("'f Instapaper is the beautiful reading room, I'm the dusty attic,' he says.)"
a:Kristina-Dell  a:Maciej-Ceglowski★★★  p:TIME★  d:2011.10.24  w:1500  Instapaper  Pinboard  Marco-Arment  business  reading  iPad  work 
october 2011 by bankbryan
The Just-Buy-Our-Devices Model
"I think Bajarin is correct that Siri is a huge deal, and that if it truly thrives, it *will* adversely affect traditional web search like Google and Bing. But I can’t see Apple monetizing it through advertising. That’s tacky. I see Apple 'monetizing' Siri simply as a way to sell more devices — more iPhones now, more iPads (and who knows, maybe Macs?) in the future. Siri could be the interface to future products, like tiny little Nano-sized devices, or home entertainment systems. Google’s ad-driven model disrupted Microsoft’s pay-for-software-licenses model. Apple’s just-buy-our-devices-and-look-at-all-the-cool-shit-you-get-with-them model could disrupt Google’s ad-driven model."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2011.10.25  w:500  search  Apple  Microsoft  business  Siri  iPhone  iPad  Mac  disruption 
october 2011 by bankbryan
Steve Jobs: Making a dent in the universe
"If you made a movie of Steve Jobs’s life, nobody would believe it. Think of how many amazing creations have come from a Steve Jobs-managed company. The Apple II, the world’s first mass-produced personal computer. The Macintosh, the basis for almost every single personal computer interface on the planet today. Pixar, one of the most successful movie studios of all time. The iPod and iTunes, which transformed the music industry and changed how we listen to music. The iPhone, which upended the stagnant cellphone industry and created the concept of a modern smartphone. And the iPad, which defines a category and pays off the original Mac’s promise of being a 'computer for the rest of us.' This is legendary stuff. I’m still trying to process it, to give it some time and not just start chanting santo subito, but it’s hard not to look at that list and imagine that Steve Jobs will go down in the history of business and industry as a legendary figure like Thomas Edison or Henry Ford."
a:Jason-Snell★  p:Macworld  d:2011.10.06  w:2000  Steve-Jobs  Apple  iPhone  iPad  iPod  iTunes  future  music  technology  business  Mac 
october 2011 by bankbryan
Amazon's New Kindles
"Attack from a position of strength. Build on your previous successes. That’s what Apple does. That’s what Amazon is doing here. The other guys — the Samsungs, HTCs, Motorolas, RIMs — can’t match Apple’s hardware design, don’t even try to match Apple in terms of original and differentiated software, and struggle to match Apple’s prices because they don’t have the economy of scale advantages Apple does. Those guys can’t match Amazon either, because they have no content to sell. Amazon can give away the razor because they’re already in the business of selling blades. The other guys don’t even have blades to sell."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2011.09.28  w:1500  Apple  Amazon  Kindle  iPad  business  reading 
september 2011 by bankbryan
Secretly Nimble
"Steve Jobs once admitted (at D8?) that their tablet was a work in progress, but they decided to release their phone first. By not announcing either, Apple didn’t precommit and was able to deliver whatever made the most sense. Releases as snapshots is very 'agile', something us software developers aspire to do. By always having a product that is shippable, a team can pull the trigger when it makes most sense. Much less risky than the traditional Big Bang, waterfall, Hail Mary Pass product management strategy."
a:Jason-Osgood  p:Jason-Osgood  d:2011.09.16  w:500  Apple  business  iPad  iPhone  hardware  marketing 
september 2011 by bankbryan
All His Life Has He Looked Away, to the Future, to the Horizon. Never His Mind on Where He Was. What He Was Doing.
"What strikes me about Thurrott’s tweet is that the two companies have attracted the writers they deserve. Me? I’d be appalled if Apple were to unveil something in the half- (if that) finished state of Windows 8 for tablets. I enjoy writing about what’s real. And no matter how good the demo, I’d be wary of predicting success *a year in advance* against a technically outstanding and phenomenally popular product like the iPad."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2011.09.13  w:1000  Apple  Microsoft  iPad  future  Metro 
september 2011 by bankbryan
Executive summary
"Translation: I have no interest in investigating how lousy Flash is on other mobile devices because Forbes doesn’t care if this piece is accurate. They paid for a screed and a screed they shall have!"
a:The-Macalope★★  p:Macworld  d:2011.09.10  w:2000  translation  Apple  iPhone  iPad  religion 
september 2011 by bankbryan
The New Apple Advantage
"Traditionally, the benefit from Apple’s lesser degree of configurability has been the 'it just works' factor — better integration of software and hardware. That with support for fewer components, like, say video cards, the Mac OS needs fewer drivers, and the drivers it does have are less likely to result in unusual conflicts. But now that Apple’s products are more popular, we’re beginning to see another benefit to Apple’s lesser degree of configurability: greater scalability. Apple needs larger quantities of fewer different components to manufacture the same number of computers as other companies. It’s not just the economies of scale that all companies get when they sell 3 or 4 million laptops in a quarter — it’s greater, because Apple’s 3 or 4 million laptops sold share a larger number of the exact same components."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2011.09.09  w:1000  hardware  iPhone  iPad  design  business 
september 2011 by bankbryan
Steve Jobs and the Eureka Myth
"Apple would love us to believe it's all 'Eureka.' But Apple produces 10 pixel-perfect prototypes for each feature. They compete — and are winnowed down to three, then one, resulting in a highly evolved winner. Because Apple knows the more you compete inside, the less you'll have to compete outside."
a:Adrian-Slywotzky  p:Harvard-Business-Review  d:2011.08.29  w:500  Apple  business  engineering  iPhone  iPad  marketing 
september 2011 by bankbryan
Exclusive: Tim Cook e-mails Apple employees: "Apple is not going to change"
"In person, Cook is gruff and assertive, but in a way that makes people feel secure—this is no doubt part of the reason why Apple has slowly been introducing Cook to the public via Apple keynotes over the last few years. In the public's eye, Cook has become the Riker to Jobs' Picard—and people generally like Riker."
a:Jacqui-Cheng  p:Ars-Technica★★  d:2011.08.25  w:500  Apple  Tim-Cook  Steve-Jobs  iPad  letter  from twitter
august 2011 by bankbryan
"It is time to stop looking and, like HP, face a simple truth – you can’t win playing the iPad game. Because it is not the tablet game. It is the iPad game. And you can’t make those. You can’t even manage to make something as good as those, at least not at that price. Apple has the channel locked up price wise. Tim Cook saw to that. You will never be able to build at the same cost they do and produce anything even close. And let’s just skip the whole integrated end-to-end platform discussion because you guys are just not built that way. Oh, Google, sit down and shut the eff up because I’m talking to you too. You are the company that names your beta builds after candy, ice cream, and sugared cereals. Apple names their betas after things that will eat your things along with the tasty human wrapper that eats that crap. Do you honestly think anyone can take you seriously?"
a:Patrick-Rhone  p:Minimal-Mac  d:2011.08.19  w:1000  iPad  hardware  instructional  Google  business  Microsoft  Apple  disruption 
august 2011 by bankbryan
HP’s decade-long departure
"That’s the nature of unforeseeable growth: you cannot foresee what will happen and plans never work out. Data and planning don’t help. The lesson is that you need to plan for that which cannot be planned. When you are at your peak you must assume failure is imminent and when you are at the trough you must assume success is inevitable."
a:Horace-Dediu★  p:asymco★  d:2011.08.19  w:500  Apple  iPod  iPhone  iPad  hardware  business  future 
august 2011 by bankbryan
Sales of obscure game consoles vs. non-iPad tablets
"HP hasn’t released any sales figures for the TouchPad yet. I wonder if it will outsell the Virtual Boy this year."
a:Marco-Arment★★★★★★  d:2011.08.12  iPad  games  from twitter
august 2011 by bankbryan
How the Editor of Windows Magazine Became an Apple Fanboy
"But my story should be a cautionary tale for the entire industry. At this particular moment, Apple has struck upon a devastating strategy for taking control of the consumer electronics industry and mainstream computing: Build simple, elegant, functional and beautiful devices at all points in the consumer electronics chain. The cheap little devices like iPods and iPhones charm people, and build trust and affinity for Apple, predisposing them to choose Apple for the bigger-ticket items. If Apple can turn the editor of Windows Magazine into a fanboy, no one is safe."
Apple  Microsoft  Windows  hardware  iPod  iPhone  iPad  design  a:Mike-Elgan  p:Cult-of-Mac 
july 2011 by bankbryan
Beyond the iPhone 5: The future of Apple's mobile devices
"Now it’s really up to a set of factors to determine when that happens. Among those is how successful Apple will be negotiating data-only deals for iPod touch 3Gs, the growth and maturity of 4G LTE networks and Apple’s ability to produce enough product for consumer demand. Once Apple breaks that ice, don’t be surprised to see other manufacturers jump on the boat. They’re not going to let the second big revolution to hit the mobile business in the last decade pass them by. Apple’s next couple of years are going to be absolutely fascinating and stand to impact all users of mobile devices, regardless of platform."
Apple  iPhone  iPod  iPad  business  analysis  future  hardware  a:Matthew-Panzarino  p:The-Next-Web 
july 2011 by bankbryan
Pogue on the Samsung Chromebook
"Would everyone have praised Apple for its 'noble experiment' if the $500 iPad had been too big and heavy, felt like it was worth only $180, and was 'a 3.3-pound paperweight' when offline? Fuck that. This is the big leagues. There is no credit for trying."
a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★  d:2011.06.16  Apple  Google  hardware  Chrome  iPad  business  from twitter
june 2011 by bankbryan
Ice Water Enthusiast
"The best sentence I ever wrote about the iPad was this one, a year ago: 'The iPad is a far slower machine than a modern MacBook in terms of raw hardware performance, but it feels faster in many ways, because you never have to wait for it.' You do have to wait for things on Windows — and Mac OS X — because that’s how those systems were designed. Newman is saying it’d be nice to have it both ways. I’m saying you can’t have it both ways. He’s definitely right — it would be nice. But I’m pretty sure I’m right, too — that it can’t be done."
iPad  Windows  a:John-Gruber★★★  p:Daring-Fireball★★★ 
june 2011 by bankbryan
Motorola Xoom
"This is the point where I stopped testing out the Xoom."
review  iPad  a:Philip-Greenspun★★  p:Philip-Greenspun 
may 2011 by bankbryan
Ghost of Kindle yet to come
"You know, it’s funny—I feel a real rooting interest for this company, and I think it’s largely based on spillover sentiment from two services:
- Amazon Prime, which continues to make random everyday purchases feel basically like magic.
- Amazon EC2 and the rest of the Amazon Web Services family, which have become such an amazing engine of growth and experimentation. You might not realize it, but half the new-ish web services you use and enjoy are running on EC2. Apple has nothing like it; they’re not participating in the modern internet ecosystem in any remotely comparable way."
Amazon  Apple  web  infrastructure  Kindle  iPad  a:Robin-Sloan★★  p:Snarkmarket 
april 2011 by bankbryan
How did a British polytechnic graduate become the design genius behind £200billion Apple?
"Ive could be defined by his devotion to detail. When Apple boss Steve Jobs asked him in the late Nineties to create colourful, cheap cathode-ray-tube computers – what would become the first iMac – Ive spent hours in a sweet factory to get inspiration for the colours that would tell the world this wasn’t just a machine for work: it was for fun, too. And so it has been for nearly 14 years – the time Ive has been Apple’s star designer, a fact little known and less publicised in his native Britain due to the obsessive culture of secrecy at Apple. (His laboratory remains sealed off even from the rest of Apple’s leafy corporate ‘campus’ in San Francisco.) The impact of the 44-year-old, Essex-born, Staffordshire-raised graduate of Newcastle Polytechnic has been incalculable. He is worth hundreds of millions of pounds to the company, which is itself currently valued at a staggering £200 billion. The last decade has belonged to him: his designs for the Californian company have revolutionised everything from music and television to mobile phones and hand-held computers."
Apple  design  iPhone  iPad  Steve-Jobs  iPod  Jony-Ive  a:Rob-Waugh  p:Daily-Mail 
april 2011 by bankbryan Boss Bob Bowman on Android Owners, Facebook Video and Apple's Subscription Rules
"So you’re selling via Apple’s new in-app subscription rules. But you’ve decided you can live with them?" "We’ve been living by them since March 1st. We don’t view them as a dramatic change from where they’ve been in the past. We’re hopeful that over time, the margin will fall from 30 percent, but we don’t know if it will. But make no mistake about it, Apple’s been a great partner. Last I checked, they created the iPhone and the iPad."
interview  Apple  iPad  iPhone  business  Android  a:Peter-Kafka  a:Bob-Bowman  p:AllThingsD  baseball 
april 2011 by bankbryan
Review: The Mead Spiral 100 College-Ruled Notebook.
"At its core, the Mead 100 is equipped with a metal spiral binding and 100 pages of chemically pulped memory, partitioned into standard college rule. Although we found 100 pages suitable for typical use, business and power users should consider upgrading to the Mead 150. We were impressed by the boot time of the Mead 100, and on our test model startup was literally as fast as opening up the cover, although we did find that subsequent performance lagged as users struggled to find their last page of writing. The display is a bleached white post-recycled paper, which isn't as bright and welcoming to the eye as higher end acid-free displays, but is acceptable for everyday use. Some users reported performance issues in low-light conditions. The tablet can be held vertically or horizontally, and receives high marks for producing a noticeable lack of heat or fan noise, even after many hours of use."
review  satire  iPad  writing  technology  a:Zach-Miller★  p:McSweeney's★★★ 
march 2011 by bankbryan
10 years of the iPod
"Apple's MP3 player was neither the first nor the cheapest nor the largest capacity device on the market. At that point it was only compatible with Macs – the majority of people used PCs. What's more, it had a silly name. Technology bloggers soon decided iPod must stand for "Idiots Price Our Devices", "I Pretend It's An Original Device" or "I'd Prefer Owning Disks". But within five years, via its iTunes Store, Apple would go on to become the number one music provider in the world – all but taking over the music business. After the introduction of iTunes video in 2007, it would quickly become the world's most popular video store. Now, in 2011, Apple is set to become the world's most valuable company full stop, overtaking the current leader, oil multinational ExxonMobil."
Apple  iPod  iPhone  iPad  iTunes  Steve-Jobs  music  design  a:Johnny-Davis  p:The-Guardian★★ 
march 2011 by bankbryan
Chris Rock: The ESQ+A
"It's the weather, dude. I can't believe no one's written that article. If Dwyane Wade played in Milwaukee, LeBron would not be in fucking Milwaukee."
interview  comedy  iPad  LeBron-James  weather  Barack-Obama  film  race  Conan-O'Brien  a:Chris-Rock★★  p:Esquire★★  a:Scott-Raab 
march 2011 by bankbryan
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