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Why is the night sky dark?
"When you look at a planet, star, or galaxy, you’re also receiving a message from the past, a message that tells you what the bright object was doing at the moment it sent the light to you. When you look at the sun (indirectly, of course), you’re seeing the light it emitted eight minutes ago. Jupiter appears as it was at least half an hour ago. Your journey into the past speeds up as you look past our solar system. Light from the second closest star (after the sun) takes more than four years to reach Earth, and spotting the most distant star visible to the eye takes you back 4,000 years. When astronomers study the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, they see it as it was 2.5 million years ago. If a cosmic disaster somehow erased it tomorrow, light wouldn’t carry that message to Earth for another 2.5 million years. The farther out into the universe you look, the farther back in time you see. 'Cosmologists are really lucky,' says Kinney. 'You can see the entire history of the universe laid out in a nice line.'"
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Dr. Elon & Mr. Musk: Life Inside Tesla's Production Hell
"On July 1—more than two years after opening reservations for the Model 3—Musk finally sent the jubilant email many employees had been waiting for. 'I think we just became a real car company,' he wrote. Tesla had manufactured 5,031 Model 3 vehicles during a seven-day period. They had hit their goal, six months late, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars and dozens of executive departures. 'What an incredible job by an amazing team,' Musk wrote. 'Couldn’t be more proud to work with you.' Employees inside the company also thought it was amazing, though some cite different reasons. 'For me, the fact that we were able to build at scale, amid all that craziness, that’s the real accomplishment,' one former engineering executive told me. 'Just think about it: We designed a car that is so simple and elegant you can build it in a tent. You can build it when your CEO is melting down. You can build it when everyone is quitting or getting fired. That’s a real accomplishment. That’s amazing.'"
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Meet the Safecracker of Last Resort
"I spent more than six months shadowing Santore because I wanted to know what the city looks like through the eyes of a safecracker, a person for whom no vault is an actual barrier and no safe is truly secure. There are a lot of safecrackers, I learned, but the good ones, like Santore, live in a state of magical realism, suspended somewhere between technology and superstition. The safecracker sees what everyone else has been hiding—the stashed cash and jewels, the embarrassing photographs. He is a kind of human X-ray revealing the true, naked secrets of a city."
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No coups occurred in 2018. Will next year be so stable?
"Coups can create a vicious cycle of political instability. Of the 12 African nations that have seen coup attempts since 2007, half – including Guinea Bissau and Burkina Faso – have had multiple coups. A long national history of military ousters makes nondemocratic transfers of power seem normal, leading to more coups."
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In The Courts: The State of NBA Betting
"Spillane believes it’s hard to imagine the NBA expands its injury-reporting policy to include injuries that might affect performance without 'hundreds of reports being filed constantly' by NBA teams. 'While it’s a fair question to raise, it’s not obvious how you would construct a rule that would require disclosure of that kind of thing without becoming all-encompassing and requiring a much more burdensome, intrusive and wide-range of disclosures than we have today,' Spillane says."
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Three-point revolution? LeBron's noticed
"During James' last four seasons in Cleveland, multiple Cavs sources put James' deep 3s in one of two categories: Either it was a sign of him being in a great groove, looking to land a dagger and light up the crowd, or it was just the opposite, LeBron launching from out there almost out of protest by how his teammates were approaching the game, as if to say, 'OK, you want to play that way? Fine, I'll just keep bombing from 30.' The result, according to one source: 'When he's pissed off, when he makes it, it's a great shot. When he misses it, he's mad anyway, so he doesn't care.'"
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