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A Vor Never Sleeps
"The experience taught the FBI a critical lesson about the difference between the La Cosa Nostra (LCN) and Russian organized crime: Russians are willing to cut a deal. 'In LCN, cooperators were shunned—there is no reentry to the LCN,' Penza said. But Russians happily flip—and then go back to work with the same partners. There appear to be few permanent grudges. 'It’s like, "You had to do the thing you did,"' he added."
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Can You Really Make Superiority Burgers at Home?
"So, can you make a Superiority Burger at home? The answer is yes. But let me tell you, after attempting it twice (I had all those ingredients!), I have never appreciated a restaurant more. It is amazing! They make these things every single day so people like me can just walk in and buy them. I don’t even have to spend several hours roasting my own tomatoes because they *do that right at the restaurant*."
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San Franciscans use a different voting system—and it’s way better. Here’s why.
"If you’re like me, you have strong political opinions that generally align with one party—but you also think that the political establishment gets a lot of stuff wrong. In the old voting system, fresh faces are scared to run, because they don’t want to pull votes away from establishment candidates, split the vote, and end up helping elect someone from the opposing party. Not a problem with RCV. People can run for office without hurting candidates they generally agree with. In fact, those candidates can cross-endorse each other—which basically means saying, 'Vote for me as your first-place candidate, and vote for my friend in the Democratic/Republican Party as your second-place choice.' In fact, this exact thing is happening in San Francisco’s mayoral race right now."
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Resistance Win: When One Of Her Students Wore A MAGA Hat To Class, This Incredible Teacher Stopped Having Sex With Him After School
"So. Epic. It’s not always easy to take a stand in a world where bigotry of all kinds has become the norm since Treasonous Trump took the reins, so it’s absolutely thrilling when someone like Amanda Higgins claps back by telling her Trump-supporting student that she’ll no longer be having sex with him in her car after he’s done with wrestling practice. That 15-year-old MAGA shithead just found out the hard way that actions have consequences."
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